Liz cheney will reveal the names of republican friends who requested presidential pardons following the january 6 riot

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Trump Pardons Reps Andy Biggs and Mo Brooks House Select Committee

In the middle of the ongoing investigation into President Donald Trump's pardon of GOP Reps Andy Biggs of Arizona and Mo Brooks of Alabama‚ Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania questioned why Perry would refuse to testify before a House Select Committee. Rep. Scott Perry denied the allegation during a June 9 hearing. He said he wanted to hear testimony from the other Republicans‚ but Perry refused.

Rep. Liz Cheney (Vice Chair of the House Select Committee on Investigating the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol) and Committee Chair Bennie Thompson take their places during the fifth hearing on Thursday.Win McNamee/Getty Images Former White House aides stated that Donald Trump had helped them to reverse the 2020 election. They were asked by former White House aides Mat Gaetz‚ Mo Brooks‚ Andy Biggs‚ Scott Perry‚ and Mo Brooks in Florida to ask for their forgiveness. John McEntee and Cassidy Hutchinson of the Trump White House Aids mapped how four House legislators -- many of whom were already subpoenaed in the select committee's investigation -- requested legal protection from future prosecutions. This was done using a series of clips that the Jan 6 select committee played at its fifth public hearing. The image was posted by committee staff and shows Brooks' email to administration officials. Its subject is Pardons. Jan 6: Select committee staff showed an image of Rep. Mo Brooks‚ Alabama's email that he allegedly sent to the White House asking for presidential pardons. This was during Thursday's fifth public hearing. Brooks states that he is writing for Gaetz and asks Trump to pardon the following people: All members of Congress and Senators who rejected the Arizona and Pennsylvania electoral college votes submissions. Hutchinson was the former chief of staff to President Obama‚ Mark Meadows. She testified that Perry‚ Brooks and Perry had all requested pardons. Hutchinson said that Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio was open to pardons but had never requested one. Hutchinson also suggested that she believed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene‚ a Georgian representative‚ may have approached Trump White House Counsel Patrick Philbin for a pardon. However she was not certain about this. Jan 6th‚ Liz Cheney‚ co-chair of the select committee promised to close the fifth panel's public hearing. She would name the names of congressional Republicans that allegedly wanted Trump to protect them from the consequences of the attack against the US Capitol. We will be able to see the video testimony of three White House staff members at the end of today's hearing. The Wyoming Republican stated Thursday that they will be identifying certain congressional members who reached out to the White House in January seeking presidential pardons. Cheney said that investigators found evidence that sitting Congressmen had lobbyed the former president to exonerate them from any wrongdoing. The petitioners included Rep. Scott Perry‚ Pennsylvania. Perry was subpoenaed to testify by the committee about his interactions with Jeff Clark (ex-Justice Department official)‚ but he denied this accusation. Perry‚ on social media‚ reveals that Perry is denying the notion of me seeking a Presidential pardon to myself and other members of Congress. Trump's failed attempt to make Clark his acting attorney general to help him with his bogus campaign fraud strategy will be the focus of the Thursday hearing about the ex-presidents attempts to manipulate the DOJ. Read the original article on. Business insider