Logan Mwangi mother, stepfather and unnamed teen found guilty of

Thursday, April 21, 2022
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Logan Mwangi's Stepfather and Mother Found Guilty of Murder

After Logan Mwangi's stepfather and mother were found guilty of murder‚ the family paid tribute to their son. Logan's father Ben Mwangi said he was proud of his son‚ but also felt guilty. In the witness box‚ Williamson insisted that she was telling the truth‚ and said she had nothing to lose. Her son had died two days earlier‚ alone in his bed‚ from his horrific head injuries.

Logan Mwangi's father Ben Mwangi pays tribute to his son

After hearing the verdict of the murder trial‚ Logan Mwangi's father‚ Ben Mwangi‚ has paid tribute to his son. It was the first time he had spoken publicly since the young boy was tragically drowned. At his Cardiff Crown Court trial‚ Ben Mwangi recalled the time he met his son in hospital and spoke of his love for him. He said the world has become a darker place without Logan. Our son was a bright boy who loved to play with his classmates‚ said Mwangi. The boy also loved pretending to be superheroes and was known to have been disruptive. Logan's father was a former teacher at Tondu primary school and paid tribute to his son in a video. While Logan's death is tragic‚ it is the aftermath of a complex web of lies and deceit that is troubling. His death has shocked the community. His body was discovered in a river just a few hundred metres from his home. It had undergone a horrifying ordeal. His injuries were 'catastrophic‚' like those of a high-speed road accident or a fall from a high-rise. He suffered severe internal and external injuries. His death has left his father and other family members broken and distraught. In the wake of Logan's death‚ his father and stepfather‚ John Cole‚ have appeared at Cardiff Crown Court to pay tribute to their dead son. Angharad Williamson and Ben Mwangi's mother‚ Angharad Mwangi‚ have been at the centre of the media's coverage. They have denied committing a crime that was not related to Logan's death.

Williamson denied involvement in son's death

Logan Mwangi‚ five‚ was found dead in the River Ogmore‚ a few miles from his home‚ in July 2016. The death of the toddler‚ a non-verbal toddler‚ has been the subject of speculation and a trial. Williamson‚ his girlfriend‚ and their 14-year-old son‚ John Cole‚ denied involvement. A forensic autopsy revealed a fractured arm and burns to the neck. Panoyan‚ who was not injured in the robbery‚ had been terrified of the killer‚ and did not immediately identify Williamson as his assailant. In fact‚ he had suspected Williamson for some time‚ but Panoyan came forward after learning that Williamson had been involved in the murder. Despite the fact that Williamson was initially accused of the killing‚ he was eventually released on his own recognizance 18 months later. CCTV footage of the scene showed that Williamson had been awake when Logan was found dead. A co-accused‚ a teenage boy‚ was also present at the scene. Despite Williamson's denials‚ the prosecution was able to show that she was aware of her son's death‚ and that she had sent another youth to hide Logan's body. This evidence suggests that Williamson knew about his son's death and tried to cover up his crime by washing the bed linen that was soaked with blood. Panoyan was held at gunpoint by the Williamsons. The brothers allegedly demanded money and drugs from Panoyan and threatened his family. Panoyan's family complied‚ but Williamson's brother threatened to rape‚ torture‚ and even kill Panoyan's family if the drugs and money were not found. Panoyan said he did not have money and was worried about Williamson's reputation.

Williamson denied perverting the course of justice

The prosecution claimed that the foster father and teen were not at fault. The two teens hid the dead boy's body in their home after a week of abuse by Logan. But the foster family said that Logan made their life hell and was a threat to them. The foster father also said that Logan chanted about killing people and said that he wanted to punch his lights out. The prosecution argued that Cole's 'dehumanising' term 'Coco Pop' demonstrated 'deeply held racist views' towards Logan Mwangi. But the judge dismissed the prosecution's evidence‚ ruling that his motive for using it was inadmissible at trial. The prosecution also claimed that Cole had long-standing racist views‚ and that he tried to prevent Logan from meeting his real father and his grandmother. The prosecution claimed that Williamson did not tell the police about the death of Logan until the fifth interview. But police found evidence that Williamson had a plan with the unnamed teen and his partner to dispose of Logan's body. She said she wanted justice for Logan. The prosecutor said Williamson and Cole had discussed how to dispose of Logan‚ saying it was a freak accident. Despite the prosecutors' stance‚ the jury was left unaffected by the verdict. Despite the verdict‚ Williamson denied perverting the course of justice for Logan Mwangi mother stepfather and unnamed teen found guilty of murder. The verdict was unanimous in a trial where the two accused were found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

Williamson denied causing or permitting a child's death

As a parent‚ you'd expect to have some guilt when you cause or permit a child's death. But Williamson didn't. During the trial‚ he pleaded not guilty to two charges‚ including murder and perverting the course of justice. In court‚ he said: I didn't cause or permit Logan's death; I'm not guilty of any crime. But the court rejected his claim and ruled that Williamson and Cole were not guilty of any of the charges. The jury heard testimony from a neighbour of the two accused: Kevin Gorman. He said Williamson called Logan a 'f***ing d***head' and once made him face a concrete wall for 30 minutes. This evidence gave a window into the miserable life of Logan Williamson. When he was shown the body of the young boy‚ Williamson did not cry and seemed frightened to touch it. Cole Dawson‚ Logan's father‚ denies causing or permitting his son's death. Although Cole's legal team says he took Logan's body to the river‚ the two of them denied causing or permitting Logan's death. In addition‚ Cole's lawyers argue that they had no evidence that he hurt the boy. Their defence team pointed to a previous incident when Logan broke his arm and was not taken to the hospital. They blamed Logan's youth for the injury. During the trial‚ both Cole and Williamson pleaded not guilty to both charges. Although Cole admitted perverting the course of justice‚ he denied causing or permitting Logan's death. They were convicted of perverting the course of justice by hiding the evidence from the child's parents. Nevertheless‚ the trial revealed that both accused were guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice.