Logan Pauls Wrestlemania Win Has Brother Jake Gloating Bow

Sunday, April 3, 2022
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While his antics have brought him into the headlines in the past‚ he was a surprisingly good choice to win Wrestlemania. The victory made him an instant star‚ but it has also brought him a lot of bad press. After claiming that he lost millions of dollars in Pokemon cards earlier this year‚ Paul has become a household name again. While he is still in the spotlight‚ his brother Jake is getting some unwanted attention. The Miz turned on Paul during their match and took him out with a skull-crushing finale. After Paul's win‚ his brother Jake‚ who is a popular Disney Channel star‚ congratulated him. He even joked that WWE fans should bow in honor of his brother. The pair also shared a controversial message. The Miz's takedown on Logan Paul was compared to Will Smith's slap on comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. After the match‚ Jake Paul and Logan Paul became social media stars‚ and he shared a video of Jake and Logan's family celebrating the win. However‚ Jake also commented that his brother was not receiving a warm welcome. A crowd of 25‚000 cheered for his brothers. As a result‚ they were booed by their fans. Despite the cheers from the fans‚ the Miz and his brother got a brutal fall at the hands of The Miz. The Miz and his brother teamed up with The Miz for the match at Wrestlemania 38. Although the crowd cheered for their brother‚ the two will face off for the championship. In the match‚ The Miz faced off in Game 3. While Paul was booed in the ring‚ he hit Dominik Mysterio with a bulldog from the top ropes before finishing with a splash. Despite the boos from his fans‚ Jake Paul has remained a social media star. During the event‚ he teamed up with The Miz to face the Miz and Rey. While the crowd booed him during the match‚ the two were booed loudly and Logan Paul ended up winning by hitting his rival with a power snap and a bulldog from the top ropes. While The Miz was happy to see his brother win the Wrestlemania match‚ the Miz was upset by his brother. The Miz turned on Paul after winning the match and took him out with a skull-crushing finish. After the match‚ Jake Paul applauded his brother. His father‚ Jake‚ a former Disney Channel star turned professional boxer‚ joking that WWE fans had to show respect to his brother's performance. Jake Paul made his Wrestlemania debut on Saturday at Wrestlemania 38.

logan pauls wrestlemania win has brother jake gloating bow
Image source : staticgsp

He was a teammate with The Miz and he and Rey faced Dominik Mysterio. The crowd booed him for his appearance in the ring and then the two matched. After the match‚ the Miz knocked out Paul with a Stunner and picked up The Miz for a skull-crushing finish. After winning the Wrestlemania match‚ Paul became a social media sensation. However‚ he was also beaten by The Miz congratulated him on the win. Despite being a popular social media star‚ he was no match for The Miz. After the match‚ The Miz turned on Paul and put him through a skull-crushing finale. Afterwards‚ he and his brother shared a scathing message to the infamous freaks and compared it to Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. After the match‚ the Miz turned on Logan Paul and beat him. Both wrestlers had a good moment with each other. During the match‚ The Miz were greeted with boos. The following day‚ Xavier Woods and Jake Paul congratulated the winner. After the match‚ The Miz praised the winner with a Stunner and then slapped the other man in the ring.