Long-standing MEC for Education Debbie Schäfer resigns to take up

Friday, April 22, 2022
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Long Standing MEC for Education Debbie Schafer Resigns to Take Up DA Post

Former Magistrates Commission representative and education MEC Debbie Schafer resigns to take over DA post. She has a long and distinguished political career. Most recently‚ she was elected as the provincial MEC for Education and is serving her second term in this position. But there is plenty of controversy surrounding her decision. Here are some of her controversial moves. Firstly‚ she did not include special needs schools in the provincial equivalence share. Secondly‚ her resignation will not affect the DA's plans to reform the Magistrates Commission.

Debbie Schafer resigns as Western Cape education MEC

Winde's announcement that Debbie Schafer will step down from her post as education MEC has provoked mixed reactions. While some have hailed her as a great loss‚ the majority of social media commenters viewed her departure with disappointment. Despite the positive comments‚ some wished her well‚ while others said they felt sorry for the legal sector in the UK. In any case‚ the move to a new post will be a significant change. The Western Cape MEC for Education‚ Deborah Schafer‚ has resigned to take up a new post in the United Kingdom. She has been involved in politics for almost two decades and has served in three spheres of government. After serving as an MP in the National Assembly‚ she was appointed to the cabinet of Premier Helen Zille in 2014. In 2009‚ she was elected to the Cape Town City Council as councillor for ward 73. In 2014‚ she was appointed MEC for Education. The changes come after Albert Fritz's dismissal from the cabinet on sexual misconduct allegations. After more than two decades in politics‚ the Premier has also axed Albert Fritz from his cabinet post. David Maynier will now take up the position of Education MEC. Tertius Simmers will take over as MEC for Infrastructure. The changes to the Western Cape cabinet are expected to be made on Friday.

She will take up a DA post

The resignation of Long standing MEC for Education Debbie Schafer has been widely reported. During her tenure in the National Assembly‚ she was also a representative on the Magistrates Commission. Schafer has had an illustrious political career. She was elected as Provincial Minister for Education in 2014 and is currently serving her second term. She will remain a member of the DA. The resignation of the Western Cape's MEC for Education Debbie Schafer comes as a surprise to many. The Western Cape premier has accepted her resignation and Debbie Schafer has already handed in her resignation. The two leaders issued a joint statement confirming that she is stepping down. In the statement‚ she said she had served the Western Cape for 20 years‚ and she left the department in a better state than she found it. She was a prominent figure in the Democratic Alliance‚ and served as the party's Shadow Deputy Minister of Police and Justice from 2010-2014. Winde will announce changes to the cabinet on Friday. In addition to reassigning Education MEC Debbie Schafer to the DA‚ the Premier also dismissed Albert Fritz because of allegations of sexual misconduct. In his announcement‚ Winde said the changes would improve service delivery within limited resources. The new cabinet will be led by Winde. It's a major shakeup of Western Cape politics.

Special needs schools not included in provincial equivalence share

When it comes to funding special needs education‚ governments are often hesitant to offer more money than they already have. However‚ in Canada‚ more than half of all public school dollars go to special schools. That's because special schools provide individualized instruction‚ and the student-teacher ratio is often close to 6 to 1. In addition‚ special needs schools may offer facilities such as sensory rooms and swimming pools.

Community safety post will go to DA MPL Dan Plato

As part of a string of bold cabinet changes announced by Premier Alan Winde at the weekend‚ the Community Safety MEC post may soon go to DA MPL Dan Plato. EFF provincial chairperson Melikhaya Xego predicted that Dan Plato would take over from Acting Community Safety Minister Anroux Marais. However‚ local activists have been calling for a long-term replacement for Marais. The DA has been waiting for the right time to appoint Plato. In fact‚ Mjongile recently toured the Nyanga police station with the aim of highlighting the plight of residents in the area. She said Plato was implicated in drug dealing and had met with known gangsters. Despite these claims‚ Mjongile is sticking by his choice. While Patricia de Lille will no longer hold the post of Community Safety‚ DA MPL Dan Plato will take it over. Plato has served as mayor of Cape Town before‚ and will now focus on improving service delivery by applying his expertise in the Community Safety portfolio. However‚ he is keen to make a change. A new term for Patricia de Lille will be a test for Dan Plato. It was only a matter of time before the DA made a glaring blunder. After all‚ a former police commissioner was appointed to the post of community safety. Lennit Max left the legislature for Cele in a year-long contract‚ but remained a DA member. This is a clear sign that the DA has no intention of solving crime.