Look for a man missing while swimming in the marion County with his children

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Marion County Deputies Find Missing Man and Two Children Dead in Lake Weir

If you've ever tried swimming in Lake Weir‚ you've probably wondered how many children were in a row. Thankfully‚ that's no longer an issue‚ as a missing man and two of his children were found dead on Thursday. The Marion County Sheriff's Office says it's not releasing the man's identity until he's been identified by his family. Cruz‚ an Orlando resident‚ left the boat with two of his children to go swimming. One child remained in the boat‚ and retrieved it. The other child then returned to the swimming area‚ but when they went to look for Cruz‚ the boat had drifted away. When they returned‚ they discovered the missing man had vanished. The cause of Cruz's death is not yet known‚ but preliminary findings suggest he drowned.

Marion County authorities are looking for the missing man after he went swimming in Lake Weir. WATCH: Andrew Gillum‚ an ex-Florida governor candidate was indicted for 21 charges including fraud conspiracy According to Deputies‚ they were summoned Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 pm for information about a boat drifting on the lake.

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Three children and one man were sitting on a boat at the bottom of the lake when the two children decided to go swimming together with their adult. Photos: We are searching for a man that drowned while swimming with his children. Deputies stated that the boat drifted off from swimmers‚ and one child swam up to the boat in order to retrieve the boy and man still in the water. READ: Parade Of Planets: When can you see five planets lined up in the sky? Officials stated that the man disappeared when the boy returned with his boat to the pool. This is being treated as possible drowning by the deputies.

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Search teams are searching for him. WATCH: Orlando Production Company is evicted following a 2-year struggle with its landlord Deputies have asked the public not to go there due to an increased presence of law enforcement officers. Click here Download the WFTV weather and news apps for free. click here You can watch all the most recent news on your Smart TV.