Lost Ark Early Access: Time, Release Date and Founder Skins

Monday, February 7, 2022
author picture Daniel Marino
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The developer of the upcoming MMO/ARPG has announced the release date for Lost Ark early access. The game will launch on February 11 and will be free to play. The Founders Pack will give players access to three days of early access. This Founders pack will contain Founder skins, which will allow players to customize their character. Regardless of whether you bought a 'Founder's Pack or not, you can get a head start on playing the game. The Founder's Packs are exclusive to the Founder's Edition of Lost Ark. Founder's Packs are bonuses that come with the game, ranging from bronze to platinum. These Founder's Packs contain rare items and in-game items that can be unlocked only by purchasing them in-game. Those who purchase these packs will also receive Founder's Skins for each of the characters that they own. The Founder's Packs are available in different price ranges.

The Bronze Founder's Pack includes 30 Days of Crystalline Aura (a bonus that provides gameplay benefits for three months), a 'Founder's Exclusive Title,'and a 'Founder's Pet'. The 'Founder's'Pack also includes Founder's Boost, a unique skill, and a 'Founder's'exclusive pet.