Louisville Metro Corrections inmate dies after being found

Monday, March 28, 2022
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Three days after a sex offender died at a Louisville Metro Corrections facility‚ a 50-year-old inmate died in his cell. Authorities are investigating‚ but there are no signs of foul play. The death‚ at the department's West End facility‚ is the third this week and the sixth in 90 days. Inmate deaths at LMDC are linked to a lack of staff and equipment‚ but officials say the cause is unknown. According to the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections‚ six inmates have died in the prison since Thanksgiving. The latest victim‚ Lesley Starnes‚ did not commit a crime‚ but was incarcerated at the facility because he couldn't pay his bail. When corrections officers came to investigate the incident‚ they found a sheet tied around his neck. They cut the sheet off after several minutes‚ but the inmate's condition worsened and he died an hour later. The inmate had been at the facility since January 26‚ and officials said the death could be due to a range of factors. The Kentucky State Police Public Integrity Unit is currently investigating the incident. Meanwhile‚ Louisville Metro Corrections Director Dwayne Clark has directed the department's Professional Standards Unit to review the case. Both men were on the scene‚ and they were all able to see the inmate's condition. After reading the report‚ they made their own conclusions. A few officers from both organizations have also offered to comment on the situation. A Louisville Metro Corrections inmate has died after being found unresponsive during a night shift on November 27. While he had not been convicted of a crime‚ he was in jail because he couldn't pay bail. Inmate Lesley Starnes‚ a 59-year-old‚ was not sentenced to prison‚ but he was being held there because he couldn't afford bail. The corrections officer who discovered him could not cut off the sheet within a few minutes due to the dull knife. After a while‚ the officer called for emergency assistance from Metro EMS. The inmate was pronounced dead at a hospital‚ but the corrections officers tried unsuccessfully. The Louisville Metro Corrections inmate's death was a result of a suicide attempt‚ but the cause of death is still under investigation. While the inmate was in custody for a felony non-support charge‚ he was unable to pay the $5‚000 bond he had posted. As a result‚ he was unable to pay bail‚ and died of natural causes. He had suffered a heart attack‚ and had a coma. Currently‚ 1‚450 inmates are incarcerated at Louisville Metro Corrections‚ an increase of 200 in five months. That's more than twice the number of inmates that should be in the facility. A solitary inmate in jail was found dead Sunday and was taken to a hospital. The jail did not disclose the deceased's name until his family has been notified.

louisville metro corrections inmate dies after being found
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The cause of death was not immediately known. The investigation is still ongoing‚ but the department is investigating the death to determine the circumstances surrounding it. The Louisville Metro Police Public Integrity Unit is investigating the incident. The Louisville Metro Corrections Public Integrity Unit has been sent to the facility. The investigation will continue until the inmate's death is determined. The coroner's office has notified the inmate's family and has directed an investigation. A Louisville Metro Corrections inmate has died after being found unresponsive by a jail officer. While the cause of death remains under investigation‚ it is thought to have been caused by a sex offender. The cause of death is unknown and will be determined after an autopsy is conducted. Sadly‚ the inmate's death is the second time a prisoner has died. The two inmates died of different causes. The death of a prison inmate has brought the jail into the spotlight. After being found unresponsive in his cell‚ he was rushed to the hospital. The LMDC's Public Integrity Unit is investigating the incident and the FBI is investigating the case. A Louisville Metro corrections director‚ Martin Baker‚ and Steve Durham have visited the site. Both directors have reportedly visited the inmate's body to confirm his death.