Lowest approval of Biden's presidency: an ap-norc survey

Saturday, May 21, 2022
author picture Mia Chevalier
president joe biden manuel morales approval rating lowest of biden s presidency an ap norc survey

A new poll has shown that President Joe Biden's approval ratings fell to their lowest level in May. This was due to a deepening sense of pessimism among his Democratic Party members. According to a poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research only 39% Americans approve of Biden as President. This is a drop from the negative rating a month ago. Only 2 out 10 Americans think the U.S. economy is moving in the right direction‚ a drop of 3 percent from a month ago. These drops concentrated in Democrats with only 33% of the party's president saying that the country is heading in the right direction. This was down from 49% in April. Biden's approval rating among Democrats is 73% which represents a significant drop in popularity since his time as president. Biden's approval ratings among Democrats have never fallen below 82% in AP-NORC polls from 2021.

President Joe Biden Arrives in South Korea

Joe Biden will open his South Korean trip with an emphasis on America's tech sector. He is scheduled to visit a Samsung plant for computer chips on Friday. During the five-day trip‚ he will also travel to Japan. (May 20) These findings show a general feeling of frustration in a country that is facing many challenges‚ including inflation‚ gun violence and sudden shortages of formula for babies. Pandemic. Milan Ramsey (a 29-year old high school counselor and Democrat from Santa Monica‚ California) said that she doesn't know what can happen. She had to live with her husband in their parents house as they were raising their son. Ramsey believes that Biden is not responsible for Ramsey's economic problems‚ which have made it impossible to buy the house she used to live in. She is alarmed that Biden hasn't made ambitious plans to combat climate change and fix health care. None of his promises have been kept. Ramsey spoke of Biden saying that he feels like the stimulus checks were issued and that it was his last victory. He seems tired‚ and that is not surprising considering his career. Biden has not won the support of Republicans for quite some time. Although less than one in 10 Americans approve of President Obama's economic management‚ that is the same as last month. Gerry Toranzo is a Chicago Republican and nurse. He blames Biden because he has been forced to cut back on gas mileage by driving more slowly to save fuel after the skyrocketing prices. Toranzo (46)‚ said that Biden's policies were destroying America's economy. He blamed him for stopping Keystone XL to Canada‚ and hindering national energy production. This is a vicious circle of price rises. Two-thirds disapprove overall of Biden’s economic management. This rating has remained largely the same over the past few months but it is slightly higher than the previous two months. There are indications that dissatisfaction about Biden's policies on the economy is growing. Only 18% Americans believe that Biden's economic policies did more to benefit than harm the economy. This is a slight decrease from 24% who said so in March. 50 percent of Americans say that they did more harm than good‚ and 30% agree. While the percentage of Democrats saying Biden's policies did more to help has fallen from 45% and 37%‚ only 18% said they had done more for hurt while 44% stated they made no difference. Inflation is blamed by some Democrats‚ according to certain Democrats. Manuel Morales is an internet technician from Moline in Illinois who believes that the pandemic has already begun. War in Ukraine They have had an even greater impact than Biden's policies. The 58-year old Democrat now questions the merits of Biden's greatest legislative accomplishment‚ the American Rescue Plan and its stimulus checks. Although it helped many people‚ Morales stated that people didn't want to return to work. Morales criticizes Biden in another area that is a persistent weakness for the president‚ immigration. Morales was disappointed to see the migrants crossing the border at their southern border. Only 38% voted for Biden. Morales is himself a Mexican-American immigrant and believes the U.S. must tighten its borders to allow for legalization of deserving immigrants who have been illegally infiltrating the country. Morales also said that there must be limitations. He said that it was impossible for all of Central America or Mexico to be brought into the country.

president joe biden manuel morales approval rating lowest of biden s presidency an ap norc survey

Morales also faults Biden in the war against Ukraine‚ though mildly. Morales stated that we are spending large amounts of money on Ukraine‚ and the surplus is the result. Overall‚ 45% Americans are satisfied with Biden's management of U.S. relations with Russia. 54% disagree. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine‚ this has remained steady month after month. 73% of Democrats approve‚ and 15% percent of Republicans agree. Only 21% Americans believe Biden can handle Ukraine's situation well‚ while 39% and 39% respectively say that they are somewhat confident. Charles Penn is a former factory worker from Huntington‚ Indiana who was satisfied with Biden's work on Ukraine. Penn‚ 68 said that he believes he has done well. However‚ Penn is an independent Republican who feels disappointed in Biden and blames him to for the rising costs that have squeezed his retirement. In the end‚ Democrats have caused havoc by pushing higher wages. Penn stated that the Democrats would like to see the minimum wage go up from $7 per hour to $15‚ and Penn cited the Biden push for an increase in federal income tax. Another side is that‚ if Republicans were around‚ they would cut my Social Security. Penn believes that Biden must pay the political cost. Penn stated that he was captain of the vessel‚ and therefore responsible for the actions of his president. ___ The AP/NORC poll was taken of 1‚172 adults between May 12 and 16‚ using a random sample from NORC’s probabilistic AmeriSpeak Panel. This panel is meant to represent the U.S. populace. All respondents have a margin of sampling error equal to or less 4.0 percentage points.