Mackenzie Dern Lands On Top With Split Decision Victory At UFC 273

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Mackenzie Dern Lands On Top With Split Decision Victory At UFC 273

The grappling match that opened up UFC 273 was an intriguing one. Dern started out swinging punches‚ while Torres countered and landed punches of her own. Both fighters ended up in the clinch at one point. But when they got to the mat‚ Dern couldn't get a takedown‚ and Torres found a way to wrest control of the fight back‚ relying on leg kicks and staying elusive with her footwork. The clinch was an area of contention for both fighters‚ and both women were having trouble gaining control of the fight. Eventually‚ though‚ Dern began to let her hands go and Torres resorted to side kicks to take the fight to the ground.

Mackenzie Dern's grappling ability

Despite her age‚ Mackenzie Dern showed off some of the most impressive grappling abilities in UFC history at UFC 273 in New York City. Dern‚ a multi-time BJJ world champion‚ is a world-class grappler. Although she hasn't fought in the UFC since 2010‚ she's already got her sights set on a bigger goal: wresting the title of UFC Most Submissions from current lightweight champ Charles Oliveira. Dern's grappling was particularly impressive in the second round. She locked up a kimura with Torres' arm behind her back‚ but couldn't find the angle to finish. Dern then moved to the legs and almost finished a knee bar and toe hold. Her grappling prowess continued to pay dividends in the second round‚ where she dominated for most of the round. The difference between Dern and Rodriguez's striking is the latter's size and experience. Dern has a greater wrestling base than Rodriguez‚ but she still has to learn how to capitalize on open space. While she has a superior striker‚ she's still far from ready for a matchup with Rodriguez. In fact‚ the oddsmakers are overwhelmingly in favor of Dern.

Mackenzie Dern's three-fight win streak

It's not surprising that Mackenzie Dern was on the top of many people's predictions heading into this fight. The UFC has been known to give women's bantamweight title shots‚ and she looks like she could be one of them. However‚ in this fight‚ Dern has shown that she's far from a sure thing. The UFC welterweight title is currently held by a woman‚ but there are still plenty of other women to look out for. After losing her last fight‚ Dern underwent her fourth knee surgery. She then waited until UFC 270 to fight again. Tecia Torres‚ who is currently ranked 7th in the strawweight division‚ won the last three fights she has fought. Dern won her last three by way of submission. After a split decision‚ she locked in a kimura in the second round to stop the fight. While Dern is a top striker‚ she's not as accurate as her opponent. Despite the fact that she was the aggressor in the first two rounds‚ her right hand lands the most powerful shot. The fight ends with a takedown by Dern. Mackenzie Dern's three-fight win streak at UFC 273 was made even better by her three-fight winning streak against Torres.

Mackenzie Dern's win over Tecia Torres

The decision to give Mackenzie Dern a win over Tecia Torres at U FC 273 was expected‚ but how did the fight end? This is a fight that should go to the judges‚ and the outcome is likely to be decided in the final round. The decision was based on a couple of factors‚ including the strength of Dern's striking and the ability to counter Torres' kicks. To begin the fight‚ Mackenzie Dern throws a leaping left and Tecia Torres counters with a right hook and a nice right hand. Dern goes up for the takedown‚ but Tecia Torres stuffs the takedown attempt. The two women continue to clinch‚ and Mackenzie lands a hard left hand. During the fight‚ both women work the jab and get down to the ground. Both fighters have a hard time controlling the distance‚ so they trade shots. Mackenzie Dern lands a big right hand and a nice left hand‚ but Tecia Torres refuses to tap out. The fight started off a little slow‚ but the fight grew on the spectators' radar quickly. Dern backed Torres against the cage early‚ and looked for an arm-bar to lock in the takedown. However‚ Torres fought out of the arm-bar and ended up standing. This forced Dern to look for a tap‚ but she eventually made it out with a leg-bar.

Aleksei Oleinik's win over Vinc Pichel

After beating Vinc Pichel at UFC 273‚ Aleksei Oleinik is celebrating his 60th career win. The Russian dominated the fight‚ forcing him to tap in the first round. Oleinik now has seven submission wins in 16 pro fights since signing with the UFC. The win was the UFC veteran's sixth straight submission win. While a win over Vinc Pichel will hardly raise the MMA ladder‚ the win was nonetheless important. The Russian landed a ton of leg kicks and took advantage of his opponent's mistakes to take him down. While he didn't score any strikes‚ he did have an advantage when it came to grappling. In addition to the leg kicks‚ Madsen also dominated Pichel on the ground. The fight lasted a mere three minutes. Although the bout was not televised‚ it was streamed on ESPN+‚ and it's available to watch live on the Internet. UFC 273 will be broadcast on ESPN+. The preliminary card begins at 8:00 PM EST‚ with an early preliminary card beginning at 6:00 PM. The full lineup of fighters is listed below.

Mark O. Madsen's win over Vinc Pichel

The end of the first round was not what I expected‚ as Madsen began to utilize his calf kicks‚ which were a key part of his offense. But Pichel responded with a takedown attempt of his own and Madsen slipped out of it. Despite being gassed‚ Pichel managed to recover from the takedown attempt and continue to pepper Madsen's legs. In the second round‚ though‚ Madsen began to use his range with his hands. He also stayed on top for several minutes‚ ensuring a clean finish. Madsen has won seven of his last eight fights‚ which has increased his winning percentage to 12-0 in MMA. He's a former Greco-Roman wrestler and has been working on his striking. In this fight‚ he showed that he can land leg kicks while maintaining an upright position‚ which could be a big advantage in the long run. In the ring‚ Madsen continued his winning streak at UFC 273 with a unanimous decision win. Vince Pichel gave Madsen all he could handle‚ but the veteran wrestled his way through three rounds and moved up to 12-0 in his career. In the other fight‚ Alexander Volkanovski defeated Chan Sung Jung‚ and UFC 273 was a big night for him.

Ian Garry's win over Darian Weeks

In a battle of the welterweights‚ Ian Garry won on points over Darian Weeks at UFC 273. In a close fight‚ the Irishman used technical striking‚ intelligent movement and sound takedown defense to finish the welterweight veteran in Jacksonville‚ Fla. All three judges scored the bout in Garry's favor. Weeks' only knockdown came in Round 1‚ when he was caught by a massive right hand from Garry. In a close fight‚ Garry and Weeks are very similar in their styles. While Weeks is the younger and more developed fighter‚ Garry is the more accomplished and well-rounded fighter. Weeks tends to land shots from range and bother opponents with volume. Once distance is created‚ Weeks will often shoot for a takedown. Weeks landed four of five shots on Garry in his debut‚ though‚ and he used dirty boxing to get a takedown. The biggest gap between the two fighters is Weeks' striking decision-making and offensive grappling. The UFC made Ian Garry's win over Darian week's debut all the more impressive. Garry is now nine-0 and is confident that he can continue his streak of victories. In a heated atmosphere‚ he has much to prove against a highly touted opponent. But he will be pushed to do so‚ as Weeks was unable to withstand Ian's devastating kicks and was left stunned in the final minutes.

Alexander Volkanovski's featherweight title defense

Alexander Volkanovski's featherweight championship defense at UFC 273 was a dominant performance. He quickly dropped Jung with a leg kick and dominated the fight early on. Jung couldn't react and Volkanovski was able to land big combos throughout the first three rounds. He dominated the second and third rounds‚ landing nearly every combo he threw at Jung. By the time the fight reached the fourth round‚ Volkanovski had won the fight. The fight card for UFC 273 was impressive overall. The event was built around the top three bouts and had a good set of fights. The two title contenders are slated to go a long way towards defending their belts at UFC 273‚ so look for them to go head to head and earn high-profile titles. However‚ this card isn't without its blemishes. In his last fight‚ Alexander Volkanovski won the featherweight title in the first round by dominating Brian Ortega. His third title defense has been successful. In his most recent fight‚ he beat former featherweight titlist Max Holloway in December and defended the title against Ortega in a unanimous decision. If Volkanovski wins at UFC 273‚ he could move up to the lightweight division. He may fight lightweight champion Charles Oliveira or Justin Gaethje. In addition‚ he's left the door open for a third fight with Holloway.