Malandra Burrows Former Emmerdale star reveals breast cancer

Monday, April 25, 2022
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Malandra Burrows Reveals Breast Cancer

Actress Malandra Burrows has recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Malandra‚ who starred as the kindly Kathy Glover in Emmerdale between 1985 and 2005‚ will undergo chemotherapy treatment over the next six months. She urged women to get a mammogram and subsequently had an affair with Emmerdale co-star Ian Sharrock.

Malandra Burrows portrayed Emmerdale's Kathy Glover

For 16 years‚ Malandra Burrows played the character of Kathy Glover in the popular soap opera Emmerdale. Since then‚ she has been linked with a number of heartbreaking affairs and a disastrous marriage. Her life as Kathy Glover has been filled with dramatic moments‚ including a double wife murder and being trapped in the wreckage of a bus hit by a lorry. In addition to her on-screen romps‚ Burrows has also been involved in real-life incidents‚ including being raped‚ kidnapped‚ dumped at the alter‚ and being trapped in a bus wreck. On a personal note‚ the actress recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Malandra‚ who portrayed Emmerdale's Kathy Glover for sixteen years‚ discovered a lump in her breast in January. It was only a month later that doctors discovered a tumour. While the news of her diagnosis was upsetting for many‚ Burrows has decided to share her story to raise awareness about the disease. Unfortunately‚ her first three husbands died in tragic accidents. In addition‚ her second husband‚ Chris Tate‚ committed suicide years later. However‚ Kathy was never short of male attention. In 2005‚ she accompanied Seth Armstrong‚ the extravagant and self-indulgent managing director of Tate Haulage. In 1990‚ Cathy was left in a wheelchair after she was accidentally run over by a taxi driver‚ Steve Marchant. A few years later‚ she was involved in a fatal car accident and the accident that killed Butch Dingle. During the summer of 1988‚ Kathy was dating Tony Marchant‚ a wealthy relative of Christopher Meadows. Her affair with him left her pregnant with his son. Later‚ she became married to Tony‚ but their relationship ended prematurely due to the fact that Tony had smashed his van with an iron bar. They became engaged in 1998 and had a baby in 1991. In 1990‚ Kathy reluctantly joined the village play Dracula and later became a mother to the actor Chris Tate. Despite the tragic events‚ Kathy and Josh were to leave the village of Beckindale that Christmas night. Instead‚ the crash left her paralyzed. Despite her grief and despair‚ she continued to live her life despite her disfigurement. The couple had two daughters together‚ Amy and James‚ but both children were born out of wedlock. However‚ in the end‚ they got back together and Kathy was left to raise two children alone. In January this year‚ Burrows discovered a lump in her breast. She immediately booked an appointment with her doctor‚ who later told her that it was a cyst. They advised her to get scans done to check for cancer. Eventually‚ a biopsy confirmed that it is breast cancer and she is planning to undergo a mastectomy. Burrows' diagnosis was delayed by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

She urged women to get mammograms

The former Emmerdale star was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She will undergo chemotherapy and may even require a mastectomy. After learning of the breast cancer pandemic‚ Burrows urged other women to make routine mammograms a priority. While breast cancer is most common among women‚ men are at risk as well‚ even though they typically have less breast tissue. After a routine checkup in January‚ Malandra Burrows was told that a breast lump was a sign of breast cancer and that doctors needed to see her immediately. She was scheduled to undergo a mammogram in 2020 but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Malandra Burrows urged women to get mammograms after learning that her doctors had misdiagnosed her with cancer. The actress‚ who played a doctor in the BBC's Emmerdale show‚ lost many of her friends to the disease. Her cancer is in her left breast. She will have to undergo a mastectomy in the coming year. She's urged women to get routine mammograms to ensure that they don't have cancer before it's too late. The actress‚ who played Kathy Glover in the soap opera Emmerdale‚ has stage three breast cancer. Her doctors believe that menopause may have caused the cancer. However‚ they are unsure of what exactly caused the cancer. The actress is now undergoing chemotherapy and hopes to return to her role on the soap later this year. She is now undergoing treatment to remove the tumour. Every year‚ around 56‚000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Of these‚ approximately 1‚500 women are under the age of 40. Mammograms are recommended by the American Cancer Society for women at age 45 and up. However‚ women aged 40 to 44 can also start annual mammograms and can switch to yearly or bi-annual ones if they wish to. However‚ if they are over age 55‚ they can continue to have mammograms every other year.

She had an affair with Emmerdale co-star Ian Sharrock

Actress Malandra Burrows is a well-known TV personality who gained wide fame for her role as Kathy Glover in Emmerdale. Born in Woolton‚ Merseyside‚ England‚ she went on to study at Liverpool's Everyman Youth Theatre‚ where she took acting classes. She also performed with an amateur drama group in Woolton. Malandra Burrows has never talked about her parents on her social media accounts. Despite her claims to be single‚ Malandra Burrows was a married woman for almost four years. Her relationship with Emmerdale co-star Ian Sharrock is the subject of much controversy‚ with the former branding her as a'marriage wrecker' after her rumoured affair with the Emmerdale actor. Nonetheless‚ the actress has yet to publicly respond to the accusations. The actress was born on 4 November 1965 in Liverpool‚ Merseyside. Her first name is a combination of Sandra and Malcolm‚ and her mother encouraged her to start dancing at an early age. At age six‚ she even performed at Yorkshire Television's Junior Showtime. She went on to win the BBC Merseyside Songwriter of the Year award. In February‚ Burrows revealed that she had stage three breast cancer. She had discovered the lump in her breast in January and had to undergo chemotherapy for six months. Although she is still single‚ her affair with Sharrock is unlikely to affect her relationship with her Emmerdale co-star. She made a PS80‚000 annual salary in the soap opera. But now that the cancer has spread to her breast‚ she will have to go through several months of chemotherapy before the cancer returns. Peter Amory and Malandra Burrows have been spotted together several times. They were a pair of regulars on the popular soap‚ and the actor had a fling with one another in the show. His on-screen wife‚ Angele Brown‚ was also in a relationship with Emmerdale co-star Ian Sharrock. In the meantime‚ Amory Burrows has returned to Mexico after starring in two episodes of 'Call the Midwife'. The actor is a well-known face in various shows. However‚ there were other dramas involving the actress Malandra Burrows. The actress played the part of Vanessa Woodfield‚ who had a stage three bowl cancer and had been forced to leave the village‚ which led to a shocking twist. Afterwards‚ the character went abroad to live with her mum and make money. However‚ the scandal soon came to light and she hasn't been seen with her former husband in two years.