Mallorca vs Real Madrid: Predictions, odds betting tips

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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This Spanish Super Cup encounter between two of Europe's most prolific teams will be a cracking one for fans of both sides. The teams are evenly matched in their recent form‚ with the former having failed to score in five consecutive home league games. Regardless of who the two teams are‚ this fixture is likely to be a fascinating one to follow. If you're looking for a great bet‚ then consider this game. Real Madrid have been in good form‚ winning 13 of their last 15 matches. But they've struggled to win in recent matches‚ only picking up a single point in their last five LaLiga games. While Mallorca have only managed three points in their last five home games‚ Real have won all five of their games. They have won their last four games and are undefeated in eight. The two sides have a good recent history.

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Image source : soccertoni

While Mallorca are a poor team‚ they are not without their moments. This matchup should not disappoint. Both teams are well-positioned to win the title this season. The draw is a must-watch for fans. However‚ there's plenty of tension between these two sides. The first one was drawn. The other game was a draw.