Manchester Citys tunnel clash with Atletico Madrid leads to police

Thursday, April 14, 2022
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Manchester City's Tunnel Clash With Atletico Madrid Leads to Police Intervention

Manchester Citys tunnel clash with Atletico continues as a team of two rivals battle it out for a Champions League spot. The clash erupted after a headbutt exchange between Atletico Madrid players Sergio Ramos and Stefan Savic. The headbutt appeared to be aimed at Leroy Sane and City defender Martin Vrsaljko. The clash was eventually halted by police.

Manchester City's clash with Atletico Madrid leads to police intervention

Manchester City players get into a row in the tunnel after the game against Atletico Madrid. The players began to argue‚ and several players on both sides began to pull each other's hair. Atletico's coach called the police after one of their players slapped another. The incident is a blot on the City team's good reputation. In addition‚ the players at Atletico were angry with the tactics used by Manchester City and they were quick to call for police intervention. A brawl broke out between players after the match in the tunnel after both teams had won the game. Diego Simeone‚ head coach of Atletico‚ and Manchester City manager Joao Cancelo were involved. Sime Vrsaljko and two members of Atletico Madrid's backroom staff were also involved‚ with Sime Vrsaljko throwing an object at a Manchester City player and two members of the Atletico backroom team. Police were forced to intervene and hold back both sides. During the post-match incident‚ Kyle Walker was also restrained after getting injured. After the game‚ the two teams had a heated rivalry. Stefan Savic and Jack Grealish fought in the tunnel and spitting at each other. The two also argued about the ball. After the game‚ the players argued again‚ with Grealish being the victim of a headbutt. The two players then threw a bib towards each other‚ and it was a heated exchange between them. Despite the fact that the match ended in a nil-nil draw‚ the incident caused police intervention. The incident escalated after Atletico's Felipe challenged Phil Foden on the ground and later headbutted him. In addition‚ Atletico's Stefan Savic appeared to headbutt Raheem Sterling. Atletico's Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling also exchanged words before clashing‚ with Savic pulling the latter's hair. The fans of Atletico also booed both players after the match and as the confrontation continued‚ police had to intervene. After the game‚ problems continued in the tunnel‚ with several players involved in the fight. The players needed to be separated and thrown objects‚ and the police had to intervene. As a result‚ UEFA is likely to take action. During the match‚ a foul tackle by Felipe on City's Phil Foden sparked the trouble. Several players also appeared to headbutt Sterling‚ while Stefan Savic pulled Foden's hair. Rio Ferdinand ripped Atletico's tactics and called for a police investigation. Rio Ferdinand‚ meanwhile‚ condemned the tactics used by the Spanish club. In the first leg‚ Atletico lost the first leg. However‚ a physical approach has also been used by both sides‚ and Atleti goalkeeper Felipe escaped a red card. After the match‚ Atleti fans were angry with City for trying to run down the clock‚ but Simeone was not able to stop his players from snatching the ball away from the opposition.

Atletico Madrid's Stefan Savic appears to aim a headbutt at Vrsaljko

A post-match melee between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City saw players from both teams erupt‚ with Atletico's Stefan Savic appearing to aim a headbutt at Sime Vrsaljko. The brawl was sparked by Felipe's challenge on Phil Foden in the 89th minute‚ and images of the mass confrontation have emerged. Atletico's Stefan Savic appears to aim a headbutt at Manchester City's Sime Vrsaljko‚ while Manchester City's Sime Vrssaljko is also caught in the broadcast footage. The clash was only exacerbated by the fact that the game ended 0-0. The first leg‚ played in England‚ had been marred by a Nazi salute. Both teams were aiming to reach the semi-finals for the first time in five years‚ but the clash continued in the tunnel after the match. Atletico Madrid had ten men on the field‚ including Diego Simeone‚ who was booked for violent conduct. The incident was also spotted in the tunnel‚ with the city defender Kyle Walker being restrained by the visiting team. The incident was caught on camera by UEFA‚ which will now investigate the incident. Pep Guardiola did not want to stoke tensions‚ and therefore did not wish to inflame them. The match continued to be fraught with tension as Atletico failed to penetrate City's backline. After the incident‚ Atletico's Felipe was sent off for kicking an opponent‚ and Stefan Savic appeared to attempt to lift Phil Foden up. He then headed butted Sterling‚ and pulled the hair of Jack Grealish. Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone responded to the criticisms by saying that he does not need to comment on the criticisms of his team. He also claimed that he has no reason to comment on the criticisms as people with a wide vocabulary can praise him with disdain. However‚ he did not seem to like the criticisms aimed at him‚ and continued to defend his team. After a foul by Phil Foden‚ Atletico's Stefan Savic tried to drag him to the ground. He then headbutted Raheem Sterling‚ then grabbed the hair of Jack Grealish. Throughout the match‚ both teams attempted to recover from the incident. During the break‚ Atletico players gathered together to discuss what happened and what should be done to prevent it. The incident erupted after the match‚ with Manchester City holding on for a 1-1 draw. Afterwards‚ the two players were involved in an altercation in the tunnel. RMC Sport's video shows Grealish and Savic's tempers spiking and a scuffle resulting in Savic being led off the field. Thereafter‚ another group of players formed. Earlier‚ Atletico's Felipe was sent off after a dangerous challenge on Foden. Stefan Savic was also booked for his headbutt on Raheem Sterling‚ but was spared a straight red card for it. The incident has prompted Simeone to become increasingly animated on the touchline. Foden looked over to Simeone‚ and the City bench started to giggle.

Atletico Madrid's Sergio Ramos appears to aim a headbutt at Leroy Sane

In a shocking incident at the weekend‚ Atletico Madrid's Sergio Ramas appeared to aim a headbutt at Manchester United's Leroy Sane. The incident was captured on video by a television reporter and has since gone viral on social media. Ramos was dismissed from the team but the incident has since been a topic of discussion in the Spanish media. Although both teams are shadows of their former selves‚ it was still thrilling to watch this season's Champions League final. It was like a clash of two sides who were once the undisputed champions against a young‚ rising liver. In terms of the two squads' respective form‚ it was impossible to predict which will emerge as the top dog. The Spanish champions have a formidable European record and their home ground is a huge advantage. They are five points behind Barcelona and looking to go five points clear to get to the final. Meanwhile‚ Manchester City are aiming to move closer to a title with a win. Both clubs have been in contact with each other in the past but have yet to sign a deal. The Spanish champions are also keen on signing a striker to bolster their attacking ranks. Emre Can's contract with Real Madrid is on the rocks as Chelsea have made it clear they are not interested in signing the former Barcelona goalkeeper. But he has rejected the possibility of moving from Chelsea for the player. A move to Real Madrid could be in the cards for both sides. A new deal would give both teams a fresh lease on life. Real Madrid's 1-0 lead came courtesy of a Cristiano Ronaldo pass to Benzema‚ who slotted the ball past Kepa Arrizabalaga. But the first half of the match was a heated affair with Dani Carvajal and Casemiro being booked for violent conduct. Leroy Sane's equaliser was headed past Keylor Navas with a close-range header.