Marc Anthony, 53, is engaged to model Nadia Ferreira, 23

Saturday, May 14, 2022
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Marc Anthony 53 is Engaged to Model Nadia Ferreira 23

Following the rumors of love between the two stars‚ Marc Anthony‚ 53‚ and model Nadia Ferreira‚ 23‚ we've got all the details about their engagement. From their lavish dinner to their $500‚000 engagement rings‚ we'll tell you about their relationship. The engagement rings are reportedly the biggest ticket item on their list. But what about their whirlwind romance? And why are their rumors so rampant?

Marc Anthony's engagement to model Nadia Ferreira

Following the news that Marc Anthony was engaged to model Nadia Ferreira‚ we're flooded with questions. First‚ what is Nadia's age? She was born on 10 May 1999‚ 30 years younger than her future husband-to-be. Also‚ she is a national model in her country and an illustrious citizen of the Guaira department in Paraguay. She began her career on television at age 15 and has amassed over one million Instagram followers. Currently‚ the singer is dating 23-year-old Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira‚ who is a former Miss Universe contestant. Ferreira revealed the news on her Instagram Story‚ sharing a photo of her engagement ring. Ferreira's left ring finger has a tattoo of Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are engaged and celebrated their engagement on Thursday in Miami. Nadia was born in Villarrica‚ Paraguay‚ but is currently based in Mexico. The couple first hinted at their engagement in an Instagram post on March 19. Ferreira captioned the photo with May God multiply the good things you wish us. The two had previously been linked by Twitter and Ferreira's Instagram account‚ and both confirmed the news. However‚ it is unclear if they'll marry‚ despite their close friendship. Ferreira has also been linked to singer Anthony De Lima's ex-wife Shannon De Lima. The couple's relationship dates back to 1997‚ when Anthony was engaged to former actress Claudette Lali. In March‚ Marc Anthony made his relationship with Nadia Ferreira public after taking her to Disney World for her 23rd birthday. During the trip‚ Nadia showed off the ring she was given on the plane and the famous Disney castle. Nadia Ferreira has yet to share a close-up look at the engagement diamond‚ but her Instagram page has been abuzz with photos of the party.

Their relationship sparked romance rumors

While Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are relatively new to the public eye‚ their secretive relationship has been causing rumors ever since they shared a picture of themselves on social media. Ferreira and Anthony are both very photogenic‚ and Nadia even accompanied Marc to the Oscars in Mexico with his band. She also accompanied Marc with a singer‚ Sebastian Yatra. They were also spotted together breaking plates during the red carpet. The couple's romance was officially confirmed on March 19 after the former Miss Universe contestant posted an Instagram story revealing her engagement ring. The two made their relationship official by sharing a photo of themselves on a luxury yacht. Ferreira responded by writing in Spanish: Mr. Marc‚ I love you! The couple's romantic relationship has been fueled by rumors of an engagement. Ferreira's engagement ring was posted on Instagram‚ and Marc Anthony's black tattoo on his ring finger is still prominent. Ferreira and Anthony met while competing in the Miss Universe competition. The couple has two children together. A third child is expected in 2019. Nadia Ferreira is a successful businesswoman and a Miss Universe. She has a net worth of $80 million. Her relationship with Anthony has been rumored since his marriage to Jennifer Lopez in 2014. She is also the CEO of the NF Foundation‚ which provides sustainable development programs for women who have suffered domestic violence. Her relationship with Anthony is a major step for her as she's been linked with several other women. The model Nadia Ferreira has a large following on Twitter and has a popular TikTok account with over two million fans. The two are similar in height‚ with Ferreira standing at 1.75 metres while Marc is one and a half metres tall. Their engagement ring resembles that of Jennifer Lopez. That same ring was valued at $4 million. Affleck and Lopez became engaged in 2002. They were later divorced.

Their engagement rings are estimated to cost $500‚000

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira's engagement rings are estimated to cost $50‚000 each. Both ring pieces feature at least ten carats of diamond. According to The Diamond Pro's Mike Fried‚ the engagement rings were designed by him. The news is not surprising‚ considering that the couple first sparked romance speculation earlier this year‚ when the two were spotted together in Mexico City. The pair went on to make their relationship official on Instagram. It was not clear whether the engagement rings are real or fake‚ but Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira's ring was posted online by Nadia Ferreira. However‚ a ring-snap revealed the diamonds' true price‚ which is more than five times more expensive than Ferreira's engagement ring. The two celebrities were spotted holding hands in Miami when Marc Anthony proposed to them. Ferreira's ring was visible in the picture‚ but Anthony did not respond to her request for details. The couple's engagement ring was revealed on Ferreira's Instagram account on Sunday. She shared a picture of herself holding Marc's hand on top of hers with a diamond ring. She captioned the photo with an emoji of a diamond ring. Ferreira's Instagram story showed her celebrating with her friends in Miami. A birthday party was also held for Ferreira‚ which was celebrated at Sexy Fish in Miami. Lopez and Anthony are already parents to twins‚ Emme and Max. They are the first two children of their parents. Their relationship is said to have lasted five years‚ with Jennifer Lopez sharing one of the twins with Anthony. The couple divorced in 2014 and reunited in 2015.

Their lavish dinner

Marc Anthony 53 is engaged to model Nadia Fereira‚ 23. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram on March 19 in a photo of them on a private jet in Miami. Ferreira's Instagram account showed a picture of her wearing a large diamond engagement ring and a tattoo of her beau Marc Anthony on her left ring finger. The couple has been together for seven years. They were previously engaged to actress Claudette Lali‚ but called off their relationship after only a few months of dating. Nadia shared a photo of herself on Instagram with the engagement ring and captioned it in Spanish. The couple were enjoying a day together before the big event. Nadia also shared a photo of the engagement ring with friends on her Instagram page. The couple appeared to be enjoying life in a big way. Nadia has reportedly reacted positively to the news and has praised her new fiance. The couple's relationship was first rumored in December‚ when the former Miss Universe won her first competition. They began dating in March and went Instagram official the next month. Ferreira's engagement ring is a diamond and black band‚ while Marc's is a stunning rock. Nadia's engagement ring is an example of their relationship status. Marc Anthony's ring supposedly costs a whopping $200‚000‚ according to Nadia's website. While this new relationship is very exciting‚ the couple's past is a mixed bag. Ferreira's ex-wife‚ Jennifer Lopez‚ was also engaged to another celebrity‚ Ben Affleck. Besides Ferreira‚ Anthony had previously been engaged to Dayanara Torres. Ferreira is the latest in a string of relationships involving the star. However‚ before Nadia Ferreira‚ Anthony was married three times. His first marriage‚ in 2000‚ was to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. The couple welcomed two sons before splitting. Then‚ he was married to Jennifer Lopez in 2004 and Shannon De Lima in 2014-17. All three of these relationships have produced six children between them.

Their tattooed ring finger

The former singer and actor Marc Anthony‚ who has four children with previous wives J Lo and Dayanara Torres‚ is engaged to model Nadia Ferreira‚ 23‚ on Instagram. The couple first confirmed their romance on March 19‚ when Marc posted a picture of the two on a plane. He captioned the image in Spanish‚ so it's safe to assume that they're officially engaged. Nadia has a younger sister than Marc's two daughters‚ so this engagement is even more sweet. The two met in 2016 when Nadia Ferreira was crowned first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant‚ and they have been romantically linked ever since. Ferreira revealed the news of her engagement on her Instagram Story on Thursday. The model‚ who is a former Miss Universe contestant‚ also showed off a beautiful diamond engagement ring on the day of the celebration. Despite Marc Anthony's tattooed ring finger‚ Nadia's ring finger is covered with a stunning square diamond. The ring is worth at least $500‚000‚ according to Mike Fried‚ CEO of Diamond Pro. Ferreira's new engagement ring is said to be 10 carats‚ but the exact carat weight is unknown. It is thought that Ferreira designed the ring herself. The couple's engagement was first rumored in October 2017‚ and the couple reportedly rekindled their romance in March. Ferreira's previous relationship with Affleck ended in 1998‚ when they posed together at a wedding ceremony in Mexico City. A few days after their engagement announcement‚ the couple enjoyed a lavish dinner on a yacht in Miami. The couple remained close throughout the evening‚ hugging each other and enjoying each other's company. Afterward‚ the newly-engaged couple shared a picture of the engagement ring on Instagram with the caption‚ Engagement Partyyy!