March Madness St. Peters Beats Purdue to Reach the Elite

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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Despite having a tough schedule‚ Saint Peters won its regional final game 52-51. The Peacocks blew out Kentucky in a dramatic fashion at the Spectrum‚ with fans driving 93 miles from Manhattan to cheer on the team. Earlier in the season‚ Saint Pete's had finished seventh in the Big Ten. In its first NCAA tournament game‚ the Peacocks were down nine points with less than five minutes left. During the second half‚ Saint PIers led 53-51 with a late three-pointer from Jaden Ivey. Later in the game‚ Edert sank two free-throw shots to seal the victory for the team. After the Peacocks' upset‚ Saint Peters beat Purdue 67-64 in a thrilling NCAA tournament game. Despite the loss‚ Saint Peters is now one of the top seeds in the East Region. The team will face North Carolina in the Elite Eight final on Sunday. The upset was a sweet relief for college basketball fans across the Hudson River. The Peacocks' upset of Purdue made them the first 15-seed to advance to the Elite Eight. They will now face either UCLA or North Carolina in the East Region final. In case you were not paying attention‚ the Peacocks had a crowded Wells Fargo Center from the start of the game. Towards the end‚ Zach Edey hit a turnaround jumper for the Peacocks to tie the game. The Peacocks‚ who were seeded 15 in the East Region‚ stunned Kentucky in the regional final at the Spectrum. While the Peacocks did not have the talent of other teams‚ they found a way to play to their strengths. They won three out of four games against top-tier opponents and are now headed to the Final Four at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. The Saint Peters Peacocks' defense was stout in the first half. They held Purdue scoreless for five minutes and 48 minutes. The Peacocks jumped on the press table after the game and saluted the fans in the front rows. They gathered around the basket after the game and were greeted by a crowd of more than one thousand people. Banks led the way with 14 points‚ while Clarence Rupert and Edert each had 10 points. The game was tied at 46-46 at halftime‚ but the Peacocks were able to win by making free-throws with two minutes left to seal it. The victory was historic for both teams. The win was the first for a No. 15 seed in the NCAA tournament‚ and it was a big win for the team. While Purdue was a 12-1/2 seed‚ Saint Peters was an underdog and the fans were on its side.

march madness st peters beats purdue to reach the elite 8 st
Image source : theguardia

However‚ the crowd cheered for their team‚ and the crowd was enthralled by the effort and intensity. The Saint Peters fans were on the side of their team from tip-off‚ and the Peacocks kept their composure throughout the game. They held off a Purdue team that tried to bully them inside. The Saints fans cheered for the Peacocks at the final buzzer. They had the upper hand‚ as they remained on the winning side at the end of the game. The Peacocks' fans were on their side from the start. Banks made a turnaround jumper and drove to the basket with 2:17 left to make it 60-57. The Peacocks kept their composure and held off a Purdue team with 16 points. While this was a tough win for the Peacocks‚ it was an incredible victory for the school. The Peacocks are now in the Elite Eight after defeating the Boilermakers. The Peacocks are the first 15th-seeded team to reach the Elite Eight in March Madness. The team will face either North Carolina or UCLA in the East Region final on Sunday. While the crowd is large‚ Saint Peters has a great chance to take the title.