Marina Ovsyannikova: Russian journalist fined after live broadcast

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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In a recent live broadcast from Moscow‚ Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova called for peace in Ukraine and Russia and urged Russian civilians to stop the madness. She was then arrested and taken to a police station. A Kremlin spokesman dismissed her actions as hooliganism. However‚ her arrest and fine do not mean she will be shut up‚ but they do indicate that she may be facing the consequences. Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova has been fined by a court for causing a ruckus by calling for peaceful peace in Ukraine. The Russian government says the fine is not enough and is a punishment for organising an anti-war protest. A human rights lawyer said she had been missing for several hours before being brought before the court. Several hours later‚ a photo of Ovsyannikova and her lawyer emerged. The court found that the journalist's actions violated the law against the opposition movement‚ but Ovsyannikova's attorney says the charge is a misunderstanding and she pleaded not guilty.

marina ovsyannikova russian journalist fined after live broadcast ovsyannikova
Image source : uksports