Mariupol troops gave up. They are now registered in prison colonies as pows

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Russian Defense Ministry Mariupol

Russia's annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 has resulted in the detention of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian military has claimed that they seized nearly 2‚500 Ukrainian fighters from the Azovstal steel plant‚ the last holdout in Mariupol. Ukrainian officials have said that the city's prewar population has been reduced by about 35 percent. Some of the families of the Ukrainian soldiers have pleaded for their rights as prisoners of war and their eventual return. Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk recently stated that the country is determined to get back every prisoner‚ no matter the cost.

LONDON -- The Russian Defense Ministry announced Thursday that more than 1000 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to the Russian Defense Ministry in the area of Mariupol. 1 730 soldiers‚ which were trapped in the‚ have been freed. According to the UN‚ about 900 Ukrainian soldiers were sent. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson To a 55-mile north of the port‚ it was a former prison colony. According to the Defense Ministry of the Kremlin‚ the surrendered soldiers were receiving treatment in Russian hospitals at Donetsk or Novoazovsk. The international committee of the red cross a humanitarian agency called. It claimed that it collected personal data from soldiers to register them as prisoners-of-war as soon as they left the steelworks. To ensure they received humane treatment‚ this was done. The ICRC stated that the soldiers were not being transported to their final destination‚ but it said that all prisoners of war must be immediately accessible to them. After being evacuated from Mariupol's Azovstal steel factory in Ukraine‚ Ukrainian servicemen boarded a bus. (Alexei Alexandrov/AP) There are also concerns about how soldiers will be treated after they have been placed under Russian command. The International Committee of the Red Cross should immediately be able to provide access for prisoners of war who are not subject to torture or other ill-treatment. Denis Krivosheev Amnesty International's assistant director for Eastern Europe‚ Central Asia. All relevant authorities are required to respect prisoners of war's rights in line with Geneva Conventions. Officials from Ukraine expressed hopes for prisoner exchanging and said that he would work to make sure the most powerful international forces were informed so they could help us save our troops. Oleksiy Goncharenko‚ a Ukrainian lawmaker‚ told the bbc he expressed hope that Russia would honour the exchange of prisoners. He said that although we are willing to exchange prisoners‚ they don't even remove the bodies from their officers and soldiers. Therefore‚ I am hopeful that we will exchange and that I can see my heroes at home and be able to save them. After leaving Mariupol's Azovstal steel factory‚ Ukrainian soldiers were sent to Olyonivka as a prison colony. Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP Vyacheslav Volodin (speaker of Russia's state Duma) said that Nazi criminals shouldn't be traded‚ in reference to Azovstal fighters. Humane treatment is given to those who have surrendered and were taken prisoner. Our position regarding Nazis should remain the same: They are war criminals and must be tried. The leader of separatist Donetsk said the same thing‚ Wednesday. He stated that a court will decide the fate of those Ukrainian soldiers who have surrendered. According to Denis Pushilin‚ the Russian state-run media‚ war criminals as well as nationalists should surrender their arms if the court decides their fate. News agency Tass.

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He added that if this was a Nazi criminal then it would be by a court martial. Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to legitimize Ukraine's invasion by declaring that Russia would de-Nazify Ukraine in February. Bodycam footage A famous medic recorded the horrific events that occurred inside Mariupol as the Russians took control of the area. Yuliia Paigevska recorded her team's attempts to rescue civilians and soldiers during a two-week period. Paievska is heard crying after her team failed to save the boy's life. One clip shows Paievska bandaging the head of the man who is bleeding. Yuliia Paigevska looks into the eyes of a child who was killed in Mariupol on February 26th. She captured the frantic attempts of her team to save people from certain death with a body cam. (Yuliia Paievska via AP) Paievska smuggled the data card that she kept in a tampon to Associated Press journalists‚ who were among the last people to depart in the March humanitarian convoy. Russian forces have since captured Paievska. Paievska with Serhiy her driver in Mariupol‚ March 9 On March 21‚ Paievska and her driver‚ Serhiy‚ were seen in a vehicle in Mariupol on March 9. (Yuliia Paievska via AP) _____

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