Martin Brundle feels George Russell got lucky in Lewis Hamilton

Monday, April 11, 2022
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Martin Brundle Feels George Russell Got Lucky In Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes

Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle feels George Russell was fortunate to win the 2018 British Grand Prix‚ citing the German driver's classy and faultless early-season performances. He also believes Mercedes are on the brink of challenging Ferrari for the constructors' title‚ but that Hamilton must change his driving style to challenge Max Verstappen. Whether or not this is the case will depend on the result of the race.

Martin Brundle thinks George Russell got lucky in Lewis Hamilton

In the Australian Grand Prix‚ George Russell finished ahead of Lewis Hamilton and is now second in the Drivers' Championship. Hamilton's Mercedes is lacking pace and has failed to challenge at the front of the grid. Max Verstappen retired early in Australia‚ leaving George Russell in third place. Hamilton was forced to pit for the weekend and George Russell went on to finish third. In the FIA drivers' championship‚ George Russell is second on the points table after a brilliant performance in the race. The McLaren MP4-18 was a tight-packed beauty‚ but it struggled in the final laps and fell behind the Mercedes-powered McLaren. Lewis Hamilton was pleased with the progress Mercedes made‚ and believes the team has significant latent potential. However‚ Brundle believes the Mercedes boys need to take advantage of every opportunity to grab the title. He thinks Hamilton can go on to be the next Lewis Hamilton. As for George Russell‚ he is confident the former Williams driver can flourish at Mercedes. Brundle compares George Russell to a gardener‚ and believes the young driver has all the qualities to become a world champion. After his impressive performances in two Formula One races for Mercedes‚ Russell now has the chance to compete for the title with Lewis Hamilton. Brundle uses an analogy of a garden to explain the new driver's development in F1. While the French Grand Prix was a big win for Hamilton‚ Brundle says George Russell is a moral winner. Hamilton crashed into a gravel wall while chasing Verstappen. But the Styrian Grand Prix saw him promoted to the tenth spot following a Yuki Tsunoda grid penalty. His first two laps were extremely fast‚ and he was able to gain two positions. He later went on to gain a further two places during the race.

He praises George Russell for his classy and fault-free early season performances

George Russell has been a revelation so far this season‚ securing top five finishes in three races. The former Williams driver joined Mercedes at the start of the season‚ and has already outperformed seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. Brundle has praised George for his classy and fault-free early season performances in Lewis Hamilton's McLaren. George Russell's podium finish in Melbourne was fortuitous‚ and his team-mate was delighted by it. The team had run behind the Mercedes-powered McLaren for the first half of the race‚ but the Safety Car period on lap 23 meant that the two cars were forced to slow down and George Russell emerged ahead of his team-mate on track.

He believes Mercedes are close to challenging Ferrari for the constructors' title

Lewis Hamilton has claimed that Mercedes will not compete for the constructors' title in 2014. However‚ his comments have been echoed by George Russell and Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft. Despite the new rule changes‚ Mercedes are in a strong position with eight consecutive constructors' titles and a number of drivers in the mix for the title. With Lewis Hamilton aiming for a record eighth drivers' title‚ Mercedes have a chance to go one better than their rivals this weekend. However‚ the Mercedes team have not had a particularly good start to the season‚ with budget caps and drastic changes to their car design having a detrimental effect on their pace. Brundle believes that Hamilton's motivation is enough to give Mercedes an edge over their rivals at the Australian Grand Prix‚ allowing them to challenge for the title. As for the future‚ the teams look very strong and will be competing in the same race in 2022. Red Bull are clearly the frontrunners in the constructors' standings‚ while Mercedes are still battling it out for third place. Brundle also thinks that Mercedes could be third in 2022 - which is quite a feat for a team that has won seven of the last eight championships. Although this season's results aren't the most encouraging for Mercedes‚ the German team is still in a strong position to challenge the Italian team for the constructors' title. They are 28 points ahead of Ferrari at the start of the season‚ and the team boss Toto Wolff has admitted that unless Mercedes' car improves this year‚ it will be a difficult task. Lewis Hamilton was third in the opening laps‚ but no one was faster than Charles Leclerc. Hamilton remained close to the Red Bulls for a longer time than at any other point in the season. The teammate's tyre management was another cause for concern. He had to pit early to replace two damaged tyres and was behind his teammate Jenson Russell when the safety car period was in place.

He says Lewis Hamilton needs to change his driving style to beat Max Verstappen

If the new regulations were implemented‚ Mercedes would have a chance to challenge Verstappen and win the championship‚ but for now‚ the Brit is left in the shade. He claims that Lewis must change his style of driving to be competitive against the Dutchman. Brundle cites an alleged brake test in Saudi Arabia‚ which he believes could have been an attempt by Verstappen to get a better car. In the 2021 championship‚ Hamilton and Verstappen fought tooth and nail‚ and while the Mercedes driver was ahead for most of the season‚ the Red Bull driver had the upper hand. Brundle compared Verstappen's aggressive style to that of Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. But even with their similarities‚ Hamilton needs to change his style if he wants to beat Verstappen. Hamilton has said he will not allow this to happen again. And although the Ferrari driver has been in the spotlight for the past year‚ he is clearly motivated. Andy Davidson thinks that Lewis Hamilton has to change his style of driving in order to beat Max Verstappen. Those are words to live by. In the meantime‚ he is preparing for a pivotal season for his team. Martin Brundle praised George Russell's early season performance. George Russell climbed to second in the Drivers' Championship with a podium finish in Melbourne. Brundle pointed out that Hamilton's aggressive driving style might not be enough to beat Verstappen in the next year. But he does think the world champion Mercedes driver is capable of winning. The Dutch driver took the lead in the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix‚ but he eventually lost the lead to Hamilton. The Dutch driver‚ who started from pole position‚ was forced to take evasive action through the run-off and rejoined the track with a narrow one-second advantage. But in the long run‚ it was Verstappen who clinched the title and won his first drivers' championship.