Mavericks vs. Suns Boban Marjanovic has to be held back after

Monday, May 16, 2022
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Boban Marjanovic Has to Be Held Out of Mavericks vs Suns Game 7

Mavericks vs Suns: Why Boban Marjanovic has to be held out of Game 7? Despite being the star player for two years, Marjanovic hasn't played well for Dallas since Rajon Rondo allegedly threatened a woman with a gun. He is out indefinitely, and the offense hasn't been able to get going.

Boban Marjanovic

The final play in the Mavericks'game against the Suns was the most bizarre moment of the game. As the final buzzer sounded, Aaron Holiday stole the ball from Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic. The Mavericks tried to pacify Marjanovic, but Holiday was able to steal the ball and knock down a meaningless three-pointer. Holiday will be playing against Steph Curry in the conference finals, and Marjanovic will be the big man who will have to sag in his place. Boban Marjanovic's performance against the Spurs'frontcourt was a season high, but he still can't stay on the court for long enough to add value. He will likely sit out the rest of the game, spectating instead. The Suns are already missing Kristaps Porzingis and will likely be without him in their next game. The Mavericks are in the Western Conference finals and have knocked off the Phoenix Suns in Game 7. Despite the lopsided score, the Mavericks showed great character, outplaying their opponents, and ultimately getting their team to the Western Conference finals. They had a chance to win the title this year, but they blew it. Doncic has responded to the questions about whether he needs superstar help. Williams was right to hold Bridges accountable for his defense on Doncic, and it was a perfect time to remove Paul from the court. Doncic is bigger and taller than Paul, so he'll have to be held back. Don't forget, though, that one loss will make rebounding tougher for him.

Rajon Rondo allegedly threatened a woman with a gun

The NBA is gathering more information about an incident involving NBA point guard Rajon Rondo and a woman in Louisville, Kentucky. The woman filed an emergency protection order against Rondo on Friday, alleging that he had ripped her game console out of the wall and smashed several objects around her home. She also claimed that she was unable to leave her home after Rondo had threatened her with a gun during the Mavericks vs. Suns game, and the NBA is gathering more information. According to the woman, the incident took place at the home of Ashley Bachelor, the mother of two of Rondo's children. She had asked her son to help her fold laundry, and when Rondo returned home with a gun, she was unable to stay at home. Rondo then started destroying items and threatening Ashley Bachelor, causing the mother to call the police. A protective order was issued after the incident, and Rondo reportedly went home with the gun. He reportedly threatened the woman with you're dead and demanded to see the woman's children. While holding the gun, Rondo yelled and beat the window of the home, smashed the woman's tea cup, and demanded to see her daughter.

Joel Embiid out indefinitely

If you watched the Sixers'playoff game against the Cavaliers on Monday night, you likely noticed that the 76ers went up 3-0. Unfortunately, they were unable to hold off Toronto in games four and five. They even lost game six against the Raptors because of injury issues. Embiid, who is currently out indefinitely, suffered an orbital fracture in game six. Unlike the injured Embiid, Marjanovic was able to score off the dribble and off the heels of opposing players. Philadelphia's backup center, 7-foot Boban Marjanovic, is expected to fill in for Embiid. The veteran center has been a cult hero in NBA circles since his debut in the 2017-18 season and has quickly become a Sixers hero. Marjanovic played 19 minutes against the Raptors on Saturday. He's averaged nine points, 6.4 boards, and 0.6 blocks in his last five games. He's been a factor on offense and has been a welcome addition to the bench. Despite the loss, Embiid still remains the team's best player, so any additional help he receives should be welcomed. The 76ers will now need to decide whether to hold him back in the meantime. If Joel Embiid doesn't return to the court, the team must decide on a replacement for Marjanovic.

Offense collapses in Game 7

In the fourth quarter, the Mavericks inserted reserve big man Boban Marjanovic into the game. Marjanovic was trying to run down the clock when Holiday stole the ball and knocked down a meaningless three-pointer. Holiday's three-pointer made the game-tying basket, but Marjanovic was unable to score. Holiday was ejected from the game, but the moment stayed with the Mavericks'fans. Despite this, the Suns'guards did intervene on Marjanovic's behalf. Aaron Holiday and Elfrid Payton showed the center up, and it was a humbling moment for the rookie. Marjanovic's usual affable demeanor did not make things any better. However, this was a rare occurrence. With the Suns'offense collapsed, Marjanovic's role as a scorer fell off. After the defense collapsed in Game 7, Marjanovic had to be held back to protect the rim. He lacks lateral quickness, and his slow feet make him vulnerable to pick and rolls. As a result, he's not a good help defender. His size also makes him tired easily, and the NBA's speed of play is a challenge for large bodies. The Clippers appeared to have figured out the game in the third quarter. The Clippers'defense finally got a handle on Luka Doncic, forcing him to floaters. The small lineup also affected Bob Marjanovic's ability to score around the basket. If the Mavericks want to win the series, they will have to adjust Marjanovic's role.

Embiid struggles with foul trouble

Embiid isn't the only star struggling with foul trouble in the Mavericks versus Suns game. Chris Paul is having a rough time, as well. The Phoenix Suns have already committed more turnovers than baskets this series, and Chris Paul hasn't been on his best form since his age turned 37 four days ago. After a 14-point first-half flurry in Game 2, he's struggled with foul trouble and exited the game early. Embiid is struggling to score, and the Sixers have to find a way to win without him. Phoenix has shot better than 50% in each of its eight playoff games, including a 64.5% mark in Game 2 against Dallas. Phoenix's Chris Paul has been particularly effective, shooting 67% from inside the three-point arc. Dallas'defense under Kidd is turning around and the Mavericks are the second best defense in the league. They ranked second in the regular season and have beaten the Jazz in six games. Embiid hasn't looked as convincing in Game 2, but the Mavericks are no pushovers. The Suns'offense hummed through the regular season, but it wasn't quite as efficient this time around. In fact, Philadelphia shot just 14-for-64 from three point range, and Lowry had a terrible night with foul trouble.

Offense pings ball around court

The Dallas Mavericks are headed to the Western Conference finals, after humiliating the Phoenix Suns in Game 7. The win was all but certain for most of the second half, but the celebration didn't come immediately. Boban Marjanovic was held back by his teammates after the final buzzer sounded. But he's always happy to offer useful tips, like the use of coasters on coffee tables. The Serbian guard stands at 7 feet, 10 inches tall and is capable of reaching the 10-foot NBA rim. He was raised by a single mother named Smilja Marjanovic. During the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest, Marjanovic held the ball for Jeremy Evans, earning a technical foul for taunting Jeremy Evans and raunting crowd cheers. The incident occurred during garbage time, when Boban Marjanovic was trying to dribble out the clock. Holiday intercepted the ball and knocked down a meaningless 3-pointer. During the time frame, the Mavericks were losing and Marjanovic's defense was being held back. Luckily, Holiday had his back. The resulting dribble was the difference in the game. The defense has been gelling well under the new coaching staff. The Spurs are already on track to be the best defensive team in NBA history, and Boban can use that time to develop himself. In addition, he is a highly efficient offensive weapon. He is on the right team with the right coaches, and he has the right mentality to be a valuable contributor.