Meetings are held to discuss the atypical spike in cases of monkeypox. Here's what we know

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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World Health Organization Confirmed Cases of Monkeypox

The World Health Organisation said it has confirmed cases of monkeypox in 19 countries. It is expected that the number of cases outside of Africa will continue to grow. While the outbreak is still largely contained‚ more countries have announced limited vaccination programs in an effort to help contain it. According to the WHO‚ monkeypox infections are usually mild and can be controlled by preventing outbreaks from spreading.

Friday's announcement by the World Health Organization indicated that it is intensifying efforts to combat monkeypox‚ as almost a dozen countries have begun investigating unusual outbreaks. According to the organization‚ this ongoing situation will be discussed in several meetings. About 80 cases have been confirmed so far and there are 50 ongoing investigations. The health agency released a press release saying that more cases will be reported as surveillance increases. Public health officials have been puzzled by the spike in monkeypox incidences in North America and Europe. This is because this rare disease can only be found in West Africa‚ and is considered to be uncommon. One case of monkeypox has been reported in the United States. On Wednesday‚ March 13‚ 2009 in Massachusetts This is a possible case that occurred in New York City Thursday. This list includes Australia‚ Belgium and Canada as well as France‚ Germany‚ Italy Portugal‚ Spain‚ Sweden‚ Spain and the United Kingdom. People who are close to someone with this mild illness may be at greatest risk. WHO stated that this includes household members‚ health workers and partners sexually. Experts say that the spread of the disease cannot be easily transmitted‚ and the number of reported cases is still low. According to Dr. Seth Blumberg of the University of California San Francisco‚ it doesn't have a high transmission rate. WATCH: massachusetts has a case of monkeypox USA TODAY was told by Dr. Anne W. Rimoin at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health that monkeypox rarely occurs globally. Rimoin has extensive experience in Central Africa's infectious diseases and monkeypox. While most people are able to recover‚ the virus can still be fatal. However‚ the majority of patients will survive. Dr. Aaron Glatt is a Fellow of the Infectious diseases Society of America. This is what you should know about this disease.

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox can be a rare form of smallpox. It is part of the same virus family as smallpox. In 1958‚ the virus was discovered in colonies in research monkeys. According to the CDC. In 1970‚ the Democratic Republic of the Congo was the first country to report a human case of the virus. The CDC stated that monkeypox is still prevalent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo‚ although the disease has been confirmed in many other countries. MONKEYPOX 101: the case has been confirmed in england however the risk for the public is very low

How does transmission occur?

Infected rodents or animals carry Monkeypox to humans. Transmission from one person to another is possible‚ but it's less frequent. The World Health Organization stated. You can spread the virus through infected materials. Although the main carrier of monkeypox remains unknown‚ experts believe that African rodents may be responsible for transmission. People can become infected by the virus when they are bitten or scratched by rodents or small mammals. They also have to be able to prepare wild game or come into contact with infected animals or products. Although the virus is not easily spread between individuals‚ it can be transmitted from one person to another through large droplets of respiratory fluid. The virus can travel only a few feet so it is necessary to contact people for a long time to spread the disease. According to the UK's Health Security Agency‚ recent cases of Monkeypox were primarily in homosexuals and bisexuals. According to the CDC‚ although monkeypox has not been confirmed to be sexually transmissible‚ it could spread by close contact to infected persons‚ bodily fluids or bedding. USA TODAY FACT CHECK: vaccination helped eradicate smallpox

How can you tell if your child has monkeypox

According to the CDC‚ Monkeypox usually begins with flu-like symptoms and swelling of lymph nodes. The symptoms of Monkeypox are similar to smallpox but more mild. Fever‚ muscle pains‚ fatigue‚ and chills are all common symptoms. A rash may develop in more severe cases. It can appear on the skin and genitals. Itchy‚ painful lesions may appear on the skin. They can eventually become scabs or fall off. The CDC stated that monkeypox patients usually experience symptoms between seven and 14 days after they are infected. The symptoms usually last several weeks.

How dangerous is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is usually treated in a matter of weeks. However‚ it can still be deadly. According to the World Health Organization. Two types of this virus have been identified by scientists: the West African and Congo Basin. With less severe cases‚ the West African clade causes less death. Only about 1% of all infections result in deaths. According to the World Health Organization‚ 1/10 people can die from the Congo Basin clade. Although data are preliminary‚ Rimoin believes that the outbreaks currently occurring may be linked to the West African Clade. Jimmy Whitworth is a professor of International Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He told Reuters the it is unlikely that virus will cause the same number of deaths and infections as covid-19 Whitworth stated that while this is unlikely to create a national epidemic as COVID did but it does indicate the seriousness of the outbreak. Rimoin warned against making comparisons with COVID-19‚ partly because monkeypox has not been extensively studied. Rimoin stated that monkeypox has a lower reproductive rate based upon previous outbreaks. This means rapid spread of the virus is unlikely. However‚ further research is necessary because spread can be affected by many conditions. NOT SEPARATE THINGS: study finds that climate change is causing animals to move raising the risk of pandemics

Can there be a monkeypox vaccine?

Yes. Yes. A monkeypox vaccine has been approved‚ as well as several other antivirals. According to the CDC there are no safe and proven treatments for monkeypox. Rimoin stated that smallpox elimination has made the world more vulnerable to other viruses like monkeypox. Because smallpox vaccines don't get distributed widely‚ there is no immune protection for millions of people around the world.

Are there any monkeypox cases in the US?

According to the CDC‚ monkeypox in America is rare. According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health‚ Wednesday's monkeypox outbreak in Massachusetts was the first of its kind this year. Texas‚ Maryland and Virginia each had a 2021 case of Nigerians who traveled. According to the CDC‚ in 2003 health professionals identified 47 cases and probables of monkeypox within six states - Illinois (Indiana)‚ Kansas‚ Missouri Missouri‚ Ohio‚ Wisconsin and Kansas. Officials traced these cases to the infected pet prairie dogs who were kept near small animals from Ghana. COVID CAES RETURN IN THE RISE there are 3 main reasons why Human monkeypox in 2003 was first reported from outside Africa. Rimoin stated that there were no deaths from the outbreak. According to Massachusetts Department of Public Health‚ Wednesday's incident poses no public health risk. Rimoin stated that the cases in recent weeks are a reminder of how an infection can be spread to any place. Contributing to The Associated Press Original publication: USA TODAY the monkeypox outbreak in 2022: what's it all about? how can you recognize the signs?