Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly fuel pregnancy rumors at Diddy

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Fuel Pregnancy Rumors at Diddy

If you've been following the couple for any length of time‚ you may have already heard about their PDA moments and dizzy's love for Ciroc vodka and Deleon tequila. But did you know that MGK's recent comments about Megan Fox could also fuel pregnancy rumors? Read on to learn more. We'll also look at the two artists' Deleon tequila and Ciroc vodka drinks.

Diddy's Deleon tequila

After attending the Billboard Music Awards with their respective entourages‚ Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have fuelled pregnancy rumors. The couple arrived at the VIP event in a pink stretch limo and immediately hit the dance floor. The two did not drink at the event‚ but guests were served free liquor. While Fox did not attend the event without a baby bump‚ her body language indicates that she is not drinking alcohol every night. While attending Diddy's after-party at the Tao in Las Vegas‚ Megan Fox did not consume any alcoholic drinks. She‚ however‚ did dance and posed for pictures. It was the only public appearance Megan Fox made all night‚ which further fuelled rumors of pregnancy. According to some reports‚ Fox did not drink alcohol the whole night‚ instead hitting the dance floor to celebrate her birthday. Machine Gun Kelly even dedicated a song to her unborn child.

Ciroc vodka

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were the stars of the afterparty at the Billboard Music Awards. The two hit the dance floor together‚ where Megan Fox wore a hot pink limo and began dancing immediately after arriving. While there are rumors of a baby bump‚ they didn't appear to have been drinking alcohol during the night. But perhaps‚ the pair were just joking around. The couple arrived in a hot pink stretch limo and immediately hit the dance floor. Ciroc vodka and Deleon tequila flowed for the VIPs‚ as did plenty of Deleon tequila. But there was no sign of baby bump rumors at the party‚ as Fox didn't drink at all. She is reportedly trying to avoid alcohol after being in the limelight last month for becoming belligerent at the Golden Globes.

PDA moments

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly sparked pregnancy rumors at the Billboard Music Awards. The pair arrived in a pink limousine and immediately fell down the track‚ sparking rumors about a possible pregnancy. Diddy didn't drink any alcohol throughout the night. It is unclear if he and Fox are still together. Machine Gun Kelly has never been known for being shy about his PDA. The pair were very touchy on the red carpet during the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. Although the pair had no alcohol during the Billboard Music Awards after party‚ they were still seen dancing at the Tao club in Las Vegas. Despite the fact that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are not pregnant‚ the rumors will continue to spread and be confirmed by new reports. Thirsty will keep you updated on the latest on the Fox-Kelly rumor. In 2022‚ the couple is expected to become parents‚ according to reports. Machine Gun Kelly's rumoured relationship with Megan Fox has been fueled by their public refusal to confirm the pregnancy. The couple began dating in 2020 and were engaged in January 2022. They recently released their sixth studio album‚ Mainstream Sellout. It features hits like Emo Girl and Maybe. It is unclear whether the couple will choose to have a baby or not.

MGK's comments on Megan Fox fuel pregnancy rumours

Earlier this week‚ Machine Gun Kelly‚ a well-known singer‚ made comments about Megan Fox that have added to the pregnancy rumors at Diddy. While refusing to address rumors of a marriage‚ Kelly did mention the idea that he and Megan were looking forward to having a baby together and dedicated a song to her unborn child. In the Billboard Music Awards‚ he also mentioned that he and Megan had made things official by drinking each other's blood. The Billboard Music Awards 2022 was a prestigious event for the music industry. But it was the after-party that reignited the rumors of a pregnancy. Diddy served Ciroc vodka and Deleon tequila at the event‚ while Fox did not drink alcohol all night. Megan Fox is known for quitting drinking and has not indulged in heavy alcohol since 2009‚ but MGK's comments on the singer do not help the pregnancy rumours.

Jennifer Lopez's rare green diamond

A rumor is circulating about the celebrity couple's rare green diamond engagement ring. According to Jennifer Lopez's newsletter‚ On the JLo‚ the stone is particularly symbolic‚ given its green hue. PEOPLE spoke to two diamond experts about the stone and its potential value. The two experts agree that the green stone may be worth $8 million. In addition‚ they say that green diamonds are relatively rare and super valuable. The singer has previously expressed her love for the color green‚ so it is likely that she received a ring that is worth a considerable amount of money. Affleck's second proposal to Jennifer Lopez sparked pregnancy rumors at Diddy‚ and the ring is a beautiful one. Despite the rumor‚ the couple hasn't publicly revealed the price tag on the ring. Many fans‚ however‚ pointed to the color as a possible symbol of pregnancy. However‚ they have not said whether it is worth $3 million‚ a figure that would make Jennifer Lopez's ring even more coveted. The couple previously had two children together‚ and separated in 2011 after five years of marriage. Before this‚ she married rapper Ojani Noa and had two children with him. Jennifer Lopez has been known to favor white diamonds over pink and green ones‚ but her unusual green engagement ring has fuelled pregnancy rumors at Diddy's label. The couple was engaged in July 2004 and separated in 2011‚ but the two decided to get back together in April 2021. The relationship did not last long‚ with the two divorced in 2014. While neither JLo nor Diddy have publicly confirmed their relationship‚ the two have been spotted together in many places‚ including a private jet and a beach house. However‚ despite the relationship rumor‚ they continue to maintain their friendship and appeared on Instagram together in 2017. Last year‚ the couple reunited at an event to support the Covid pandemic workers.