Megan Fox has a blood drinking ritual with Machine Gun Kelly and

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
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Megan Fox Has a Blood Drinking Ritual With Machine Gun Kelly

Recently‚ it was reported that Megan Fox has a blood drinking ritual. The two have both been spotted wearing vials of blood around their necks‚ much like Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton did in the early aughts. One of Thornton's sons claimed that Fox and Kelly are copycats‚ and he did not hesitate to share his disapproval.

Megan Fox believes she's been manifesting MGK since she was four

Actress Megan Fox believes she's been consciously attracting MGK since she was four. The actress says she has been dreaming about him ever since she was a child. I've been manifesting him since I was four years old‚ and he's just the man I want to marry‚ she said. Fox also believes she's been imbibing Machine Gun Kelly's DNA since she was a child. While she drinks MGK's blood‚ Fox does so for medical reasons. Kelly drinks blood haphazardly. He's also willing to cut himself open with broken glass to get at the contents of his chest. The actress also revealed that she's been drinking the ancient plant brew ayahuasca since she was a young girl‚ which some believe has a healing effect on past trauma and mental health conditions.

She believes she's been manifesting her partner since she was four

It's no secret that Megan Fox has been in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly‚ a controversial musician. She recently opened up about the relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. The pair dated after Fox's divorce from Brian Austin Green‚ and they met on the set of an Indie film called Midnight in the Switchgrass. Although the relationship is not publicized‚ Megan Fox is open about how she came to meet Machine Gun Kelly. The actress recently admitted that she has been manifesting her partner since she was a little girl. In an interview with Glamour UK‚ Fox confirmed that she and MGK share DNA and call each other their twin flames. Although the two are not yet officially engaged‚ Fox believes she's been manifesting her partner since she was four years old. But it might take a long time to find a soul mate. Interestingly‚ Megan Fox has previously claimed that she and Machine Gun Kelly have been dreaming about each other since they were kids. She even goes so far as to say that she made Machine Gun Kelly. The actress is now 32 years old‚ but she has a call for blood for her partner and has been manifesting him from an early age. While revealing her intentions for her upcoming marriage to Machine Gun Kelly‚ she also admitted that she was a decade ahead of the #MeToo movement. Kelly was hired to appear in Fox's music video. They've shared images of each other on Instagram and kissed at the Billboard Music Awards. Their romance has been a constant source of love for the couple and the two are truly a match made in heaven. She says she has been wishing for Kelly since she was four. And she's right! The relationship between Kelly and Fox is one that will continue for many years to come!

She believes she's been drinking each other's blood since she was four

Netizens have reacted to reports that Megan Fox has been drinking Machine Gun Kelly's blood since childhood‚ but many have doubts about the reality. It's not clear if the actress has been doing it for medical reasons or if she's simply drinking from broken glass. Despite the conflicting reports‚ the actress said she believes she has been drinking Machine Gun Kelly's blood for as long as she can remember. Megan Fox also shared an unusual episode in her life‚ saying that she's been dreaming about becoming a vampire since she was four. She claims to have made the character from childhood and has been drinking his blood since she was four. This may be a rite of passage as she is four years older than Machine Gun Kelly. However‚ the reason she believes she's been drinking Machine Gun Kelly's blood is unclear. The actress is a fan of astrology and meditation. She's also a friend of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. While her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly may not seem threatening‚ the two actors have shown strange couple behaviors in public. Both have been photographed with matching manicures and linked their fingernails together with delicate chains. Despite these strange practices‚ Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been married for nearly two years and have several children.

She believes she's been wearing vials of each other's blood around her neck

Megan Fox has been rumored to have been wearing a vial of each other's blood around her neck since her relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly ended in 2014. The two recently shared a photo of themselves on Instagram and one of Megan's captions revealed some weird details about her new partner. She claimed that she was a Foot Locker employee when she met him and that she had manifested his likeness at the age of four. Although MGK and Megan Fox are not exactly the first celebrities to use this technique‚ it does have some interesting symbolism. According to a recent article on the New York Post‚ Angelina Jolie also wore vials of their partner's blood around their necks. While MGK has denied the rumors‚ Megan Fox has admitted to drinking her partner's blood. Although the couple has a very similar relationship‚ it is important to remember that there are many similarities between their relationship and their children. Megan and Brian have even met the kids of Megan's ex-husband‚ Billy Bob Thornton. Though their relationship was not perfect from the beginning‚ the two have managed to co-parent their children in a healthy way. The couple reportedly got close while filming their movie Midnight in the Switchgrass together. However‚ the production was delayed for weeks as a result of the pandemic. When filming was halted‚ they were seen eating takeout and a few days later‚ rumors began to spread. Megan Fox's ex‚ Brian Austin Green‚ was quarantined separately.