Met Gala 2022 Theme 24 Celebrities Who Nailed It — See Photos

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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24 Celebrities Who Nailed the Met Gala 2022 Theme

The Met Gala is back on May 1‚ but the theme for 2022 is In America: An Anthology of Fashion. The previous year's theme was In America: A Lexicon of Style. As New York City is transforming into the Gilded Age‚ guests will be channeling that era in their attire. While the Met Gala does not reveal the complete guest list‚ here are 24 of the stars to watch.

Billie Eilish's Gucci gown

The actress wore a custom-made Gucci gown to the Met Gala 2022 in New York City‚ which sparked plenty of discussion. The gown featured green lace underlay sleeves‚ a deep square-cut neckline‚ and tulle floral applique work on the back. The dress was created with upcycled materials‚ including a lace corset. The singer teamed her gown with edgy jewelry‚ including a crystal-adorned black choker. The singer opted for sustainable fashion when choosing her gown for the Met Gala. Her Gucci gown featured a green lace underlay‚ a ruched ivory skirt‚ and a padded bustle. The dress also featured a floral arrangement cascading from the top of the gown's bodice and a tonal corsage at the bust. Eilish matched the dress with a black choker and diamond earrings. Another interesting fact about Eilish's dress: the upcycled materials she used were already available. Her Gucci gown was made of a blend of vegan and repurposed materials. The singer's hairstyle was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe‚ and the black choker she wore adorned her tresses with crystals. This year's theme‚ 'In America: Anthology of Fashion'‚ was interpreted through her gown. The singer was also known for her statement-making style. She made it clear she wanted to be as green as possible‚ and her gown was no exception. Eilish's gown was laced with green lace and adorned with colorful flowers. The star also completed her look with a black choker with embroidery and beige platform shoes. Billie Eilish is no stranger to memorable Met Gala looks. Last year‚ she wore a peach-colored dress by Oscar de la Renta. Her previous Met Gala appearance was a Marilyn Monroe-style dress.

Cynthia Erivo's Louis Vuitton gown

We've heard rumors about the designer's dress‚ but what's really the real story behind the actress's Louis Vuitton Met Gala dress? We spoke to Adam Glassman‚ who attended the gala to interview Cynthia Erivo. The 2022 Met Gala featured the Gilded Glamour theme‚ and the designer's design is definitely noteworthy. The actress and model wore a custom-designed Louis Vuitton gown for the event. The strapless red dress had an accompanying faux fur cape. It was embroidered with black‚ red‚ and silver crystals. Erivo's shoes were designed by Louis Vuitton. Erivo also wore Tiffany & Co. jewelry and a Roberto Coin necklace. The evening was one of the most fashionable nights in fashion. In the 2021 gala‚ the theme was In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. Erivo infused the Roaring '20s into the gilded glamour theme in a white Louis Vuitton gown. Erivo's headpiece was made of recycled Louis Vuitton fabric. The star was also wearing a Joseph Altuzarra dress. Unlike the original gown‚ this piece was embroidered with the names of American women. The actress admitted that she would have filled the entire dress if she had the budget. The actress has attended the Met Gala before‚ but she's never as a guest of Mr. Ford. She's likely spent too much time in costume at her work to worry about attending the gala. In addition to Cynthia Erivo‚ other stars attended the 2022 Met Gala. Kendall Jenner wore a Louis Vuitton dress‚ as did Kaia Gerber (daughter of Cindy Crawford). Another celebrity who attended the 2022 Met Gala was Megan Thee Stallion. She wore a custom up-cycled dress.

Alicia Key's Louis Vuitton gown

Alicia Key's Louis Vuittoon dress at the Met Gala 2022 will be her first public appearance in the French fashion house's fall collection. The singer's gown was inspired by Native American art‚ and it was designed by the acclaimed designer. The dress is a perfect example of Louis Vuitton's signature aesthetic. Moreover‚ it is an iconic design that will certainly turn heads. The dress code for the Alicia Key's Met Gala 2022 is inspired by the Costume Institute's In America: Anthology of Fashion‚ which spans the years 1870-1890. The theme of the event is 'Gilded Glamour.' Keys was also adorned with Tiffany & Co. jewelry and a star-studded lip. Alicia Key's dress at the Met Gala 2022 was adorned with a jeweled skyline. The Oscar-winning singer also donned a black Ralph Lauren design with a jeweled rendition of the New York City skyline. Other notable fashionistas included the Salvadoran-American designer Angelo Urrutia‚ who founded 4SDesigns. Another memorable appearance was made by singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill‚ who wore a royal-blue Miss Sohee gown that featured intricate floral embroidery. Alicia Key and Swizz perform during the 2022 Met Gala‚ which celebrates In America: An Anthology of Fashion. The event raises eight-figure funds for the Costume Institute and is considered a main budget-feeder for the institute. Amid the glamorous crowd‚ Alicia Key and Swizz are spotted at the after-party of the Standard Hotel in New York City. Alicia Key's Louis Vuittoun dress is a work of art‚ crafted from a contrasting mix of colors and materials. The jewel-encrusted hemline and beadwork create a stunning ensemble. The dress was made to be worn with a wig and headpiece. Moreover‚ the designer used eco-friendly materials in the creation of her frock.

Katy Perry's Louis Vuitton gown

The red carpet at the Met Gala is a moment to remember. The gowns on display at the upcoming event will reflect each designer's unique style‚ as well as the theme of the corresponding exhibition. This year's Met Gala theme is Gilded Glamour‚ which honors the second part of an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first part of the exhibition‚ In America: A Lexicon of Fashion‚ opened at the Anna Wintour Costume Center in September. Although the Met Gala has been postponed several times‚ it is expected to take place on the scheduled date. The Met Museum will close until further notice following two employees who became ill with the deadly Covid virus. A livestream of the show will be available at 10:30pm BST on May 19‚ while the event will be broadcasted on May 19. Although the Met Gala is the first major event of the year‚ Katy Perry has a history of attending. In the past‚ she's worn Versace‚ Maison Margiela‚ Prada‚ and CuteCircuit. The designer's name has become synonymous with high-end women's wear. The renowned actress also shares a daughter with Orlando Bloom‚ Daisy Dove Bloom. The Met Gala was held on May 2‚ 2022. The theme was In America: A Tribute to Fashion‚ and the dress code was Gilded Glamour. Mark Twain coined the term 'Gilded Age‚' which refers to the industrial period of the 1870s to 1890s. Fashion designers interpreted the shift in culture in New York by referring to rich fabrics and gold details.

Jared Leto's suit

Jared Leto wore a Gucci suit to the 2022 Met Gala. The actor teamed up with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele to wear a matching cream suit with a bright red tie. The actor accessorized with leather gloves and a red bow tie. This stylish ensemble was easy to pull off despite its attention-grabbing design. Aside from Leto's suit‚ other notable attendees at the Met Gala wore matching outfits as well. While Jared Leto is known for his extravagant style‚ his lookalike wore a similar one. Fans mistakenly thought Leto was the actor wearing a tuxedo‚ but in reality‚ the actor wore a suit designed by Alessandro Michele. Nevertheless‚ a pair of fans mistakenly posed in Leto's outfit to get a closer look. Despite his recent appearances at the Met Gala‚ Jared Leto has a history of wearing attention-grabbing outfits. He even carried his own head during the 2019 Gala‚ which created quite a stir. The actor's look at the event was complemented by his matching Gucci outfit with a head wax replica. Michele is a creative director at Gucci‚ so he was no stranger to the red carpet. A black-tie ensemble for the 2022 Met Gala was accompanied by a tie and a bow tie‚ and his hair matched his dress. A tuxedo is a classic Met Gala piece‚ and Leto looked dapper in a black and white tie. While Leto is well-known for his role as Gucci's fashion designer‚ his outfit at the Gala was a bit more daring.