Michael Bloomberg pledges $242 Million to combat climate change in developing nations

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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The Flaws of Michael Bloomberg's Philanthropy

While Bloomberg's philanthropy is a powerful force in the world‚ there are some significant flaws in his strategy that need to be considered. These shortcomings point to the larger failings of Big Philanthropy. Let's discuss each of these weaknesses one by one. Which one do you support? Which ones will Bloomberg and his organization do better? And what can you do to counteract these flaws?

Michael Bloomberg‚ a billionaire ex-mayor of New York City. Announcement of a program worth $242 Million The New York Times reports Tuesday that Obama will promote clean energy in 10 countries to help combat climate change. Bloomberg Philanthropies' spending will be directed at Bangladesh‚ Colombia‚ Kenya Mozambique Nigeria‚ Pakistan South Africa‚ Turkey‚ Vietnam‚ Mozambique and Mozambique. Bloomberg's nonprofit partner‚ the ClimateWorks Foundation‚ and Sustainable Energy for All will work with Bloomberg to develop plans for local and national government officials in order to best deploy funding. There are many possible approaches‚ including research‚ public education and clean energy pilot program buyouts. This will help close the coal plant sooner than expected. Michael Bloomberg‚ former New York City Mayor and Philanthropist. (Alastair Grant/Pool via Reuters) Helen Mountford‚ President of ClimateWorks told The Times that the best people to help each country determine which strategies work for them. Bloomberg pledged last year that he would help to phase out coal-fired power plants in 25 countries. He referred to coal at the time as his enemy number 1. He stated that coal was enemy No. 1 in the fight against climate change and noted that one-third global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by fossil fuels. The majority of efforts to shift the power sector towards clean energy sources such as solar and wind have focused on developing countries. These are the ones that consume the most energy and emit the largest amount of greenhouse gases. Bloomberg spends approximately $150 million annually to eliminate coal usage in America and Europe. He pledged $50 Million to the cause in 2011. Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign To retire one third of U.S. coal fleets by 2020. The fracking boom for natural gas and falling prices of renewable energy has led to a significant reduction in coal use.

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that goal was surpassed by 2017. However‚ with most of the world’s population living in poor countries‚ which often have fast-growing economies‚ future emission trends will depend on how the power sector develops in these nations. Antonio Guterres‚ Secretary General of the United Nations has called phasing out coal by the end of this decade‚ in developed countries as well as in rich countries. A international energy agency report june 2021 it was warned that in order to prevent catastrophic climate change‚ the amount of clean energy financing for developing countries must increase from $150 billion annually to $1 trillion by 2030. Bloomberg stated to the Times that the alternative would be to burn more coal in order meet rising energy demands. This could have devastating consequences for the public's health as well as the fight against climate change.