Michigan lawmaker for pro-trump sought to access voting machines

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Daire Rendon Donald Trump Unauthorized Access to Roscommon County Sheryl Tussy

This article is about Daire Rendon Donald Trump's unauthorized access to Roscommon County Sheryl Tussy. The Trump campaign has been defending Rendon as a hero of the people of Roscommon County. I hope you find it helpful. Please consider sharing this article with your friends. It will make your day. Let's make Roscommon County a better place.

By Nathan Layne MARKEY TOWNSHIP (Reuters) – The head of elections in this tiny Michigan town claimed she was contacted by an unusual phone call last March. An ex-Republican state legislator wanted to access voting machines. Daire Rendon was a prominent promoter of Trump’s baseless claims about widespread fraud in November's election. She said that in that call‚ she needed to conduct an audit‚ and had to have access to the ballot tabulator used by the town to process the ballots. Sheryl Tussey told Reuters. Tussey declined the request. This is the latest instance of Trump supporters trying to get unauthorized access into voting systems and spreading conspiracy theories about rigged machines. A Reuters investigation on April 28 revealed eight of these breaches and attempted breaches in five U.S. States. Since then many more have been revealed‚ including Markey's effort‚ a small town on the lake with about 2300 residents in Roscommon County. This conservative‚ thinly populated county overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2020. The Michigan State Police and Dana Nessel‚ the Michigan Attorney General‚ have been looking into incidents of unauthorized access in several counties within this critical swing state. This crucial state voted in Donald Trump and Democratic President Joe Biden. There are numerous attempts and breaches to gain access to vote tabulators. The false belief is that maintenance or upgrades of the voting system would eliminate evidence of fraud. Officials from the state election claim that these processes do not affect the ability of voting systems to store data from previous elections. Tussey stated that Rendon called her March 20‚ 2021. It didn't take me long to realize this. It was not my normal state of mind. Tussey said that he didn't believe it was right. Roscommon County clerks said they were also approached by Rendon in a similar manner. One of the clerks claimed she was contacted last year by Rendon. Rendon was photographed with a button that featured the letter Q as a symbol for a right-wing conspiracy theory group‚ according to Reuters. Uncertain if Rendon approached her‚ one of the clerks wouldn't confirm. Rendon's constituency also includes Roscommon County did not reply to our request for comment. Rendon‚ who was publicly open to the Big Lie about widespread election fraud that robbed Trump's victory in 2020‚ embraced Trump's defeat. Carol Asher is the Roscommon County Denton Township clerk. She said that she was puzzled by Rendon calling her Saturday morning on her mobile phone rather than during work hours. Asher stated that Rendon insisted that she be allowed access that weekend‚ as Rendon had other employees who were also in town. Asher said that if this were legitimate‚ they would bring a document from the Secretary or some other source. Asher is also a Republican. It seemed a bit strange to me‚ but it wasn't allowed. Detroit News first reported Rendons outreach for Asher. “INAPPROPRIATE ACCESS” Asher presented Reuters a copy a statement she had provided to Nessels' office on March 10‚ 2022. This document described Rendon's request to Nessels office in the weeks following the 2020 election for access to the Township Hall. According to the statement‚ Asher denies the request. Nessel and state police began their investigation at Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's request. Benson disclosed in February that an unidentified party had gained improper access to data drives and tabulation machines used in Richfield Township‚ Roscommon County. Benson did not provide details. Richfield Township officials refused to comment. Rendon made a statement on June 26th 2021 claiming that she had evidence of systematic fraud in Michigan's November 2020 elections. This evidence has not been disclosed by Rendon. Rendons statement came three days after a Republican-controlled Michigan state Senate committee released a long-awaited report confirming there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Trump made it clear that he wanted Republican lawmakers to act on Biden's behalf and overturn his defeat. His campaign lawyers also filed unsuccessful lawsuits in multiple states to show voter fraud. Carie Milburn of Roscommon Township said that she had been approached by someone wanting to see her voting tables. The individual was not named due to ongoing investigations‚ however she said that she had a question about why the person asked her for access to her Election Systems Software LLC equipment. Dominion Voting Systems was the company that manufactured the machines. She pointed out the conspiracy theories and rumors swirling around at the time. Both firms noted that voter fraud claims involving their machines has been consistently debunked. Milburn stated that I said well‚ but we don't have Dominion and we do have ES S. Milburn also recalled the response of the person was to say they were comparing the machines. Milburn claimed that she was contacted on the 20th of March 2021 by Rendon. Additional reporting by Peter Eisler. Jason Szep‚ David Gregorio did the editing.