Mick Schumacher crashes in qualifying, wont race in Saudi Arabia GP

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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Formula 1 driver Mick Schumacher has crashed in qualifying and will not race at the Saudi Arabia GP due to injuries sustained during the crash. The seven-time world champion‚ the son of Michael Schuamcher‚ was in the cockpit when the crash happened‚ and spoke to doctors and family members before being removed from the wrecked car and taken to hospital. A medical helicopter was sent to the scene to administer meds and check on the injured driver‚ but the incident was too traumatic to be covered with a blanket. After the crash‚ the ambulance that was waiting to take Schumacher to the hospital was called and he was flown to the hospital. He was released and walked away from the scene of the accident. However‚ the accident caused a long halt to the race. After the crash‚ Qualifying 2 was halted for several hours. According to Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft‚ Schumacher had been driving at over 170 mph at the time of the crash. Fortunately‚ he was not seriously injured. The crash happened during the first segment of the Saudi Arabia GP. Schumacher was trying to improve his speed‚ but lost control of his Haas car at the exit of turn 10. The car then snapped sideways and slammed into a barrier. He managed to come to a stop a long way from the point of impact. Because of the severity of the crash‚ the qualifying session was red-flagged while the medical team examined the driver. The crash is a massive blow to the F1 team. After a disastrous crash in Bahrain‚ safety upgrades and safety measures were introduced. Unfortunately‚ this hasn't happened in this race yet‚ but this shouldn't stop them from pursuing improvements. If the car's manufacturer does not make these improvements before 2022‚ it's unlikely Schumacher will ever race again. After a high-speed crash in Q1‚ the German driver was airlifted to a hospital in Jeddah and will not race in the Saudi Arabia GP. The crash is so severe that it halted Q2 for a long period. The accident left the track red-flagged for a prolonged time‚ and despite a resumption of the session‚ the GP continued without him. The governing body of Formula One has removed a marshal from the Saudi Arabia GP after he tweeted about Lewis Hamilton in Arabic. The unnamed marshal will not compete in the Saudi GP‚ but the driver's team says he is OK. Earlier‚ the FIA said he was not conscious after his crash. This is the first time in the season that a marshal has been sent to a race. The accident in the Saudi Arabia GP has caused widespread concern.

mick schumacher crashes in qualifying wont race saudi arabia gp
Image source : cdncnnco

Although Schumacher did not sustain major injuries‚ the team's chief engineer has apologised to the federation and to the Mercedes driver. The governing body has apologised to the Swiss and British drivers‚ and it also sounded a warning of impending problems. The event was delayed due to a security issue‚ which meant that the race was delayed for nearly an hour. A Saudi GP marshal has been removed after a tweet about Lewis Hamilton in Arabic. The unnamed marshal will not be racing at the GP this weekend‚ but he will be present for the team's media conference. Meanwhile‚ the 23-year-old Mick Schumacher will not be competing at the Saudi Arabia GP. It is not yet known if he will compete at the event. The German driver crashed in qualifying on Saturday and was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention. He is reportedly OK‚ but was unable to speak to his mother after the crash. He will not be able to race in the Saudi Arabia GP after he was taken to hospital. While the team had hoped to avoid further complications‚ the team would have still field a single car in the region.