Mick Schumacher taken to hospital after terrifying high-speed crash

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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After suffering a frightening high-speed crash during qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix‚ Mick Schumacher has been airlifted to hospital in Jeddah. The German driver‚ who was travelling with his father‚ had sustained severe head injuries in the incident. The race was held on the same day as a terrorist attack on a nearby oil plant‚ so it is unclear if Hamilton will participate in the race. It is unclear what caused the accident‚ but Schumacher's car was torn apart by a massive wall. Luckily‚ he was wearing a safety harness. Although he was in a critical condition‚ Michael Schumacher's car was unharmed in the collision. The incident was only minor‚ and the driver's car was able to be repaired. The Mercedes driver will start from 16th position on Sunday‚ the first since the Brazilian Grand Prix. Despite the severity of the crash‚ Schumacher is physically fine. He is being transported to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah. He is being treated for a suspected fractured bone in his spine‚ and has been given a blood transfusion. His medical condition will be assessed in the next 24 hours‚ but the team said he would be unable to race on Sunday. The German would have started the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 14th place if the accident had not occurred. The F1 race in Jeddah was delayed because of a horrific crash involving Mick Schumacher. His car was hit in the first sector by a heavy kerb and a kerb. The car split into two after the impact‚ but he remained conscious and was flown to the circuit's medical centre via helicopter. Once he was stable‚ he was able to go back to his hotel. After a traumatic crash during qualifying‚ Schumacher has been airlifted to hospital. He was in critical condition and was flown by helicopter to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital. He will not compete in the race on Sunday. Kevin Magnussen will take his place on the Haas after the crash. He has been out since the morning session. The race has been postponed for a few hours as the car is thoroughly cleaned. After the crash‚ the team have announced that Mick is fine. The team was surprised by the speed of the accident. The driver was unconscious for a few minutes before being taken to the hospital. The car was smashed into a kerb at 170mph. The car was damaged to the point that two wheels of the car were torn off. The Red flag was raised at the track for a few hours. The accident has forced the FIA to cancel Saturday's race‚ causing the driver to miss Sunday's race.

mick schumacher taken to hospital after terrifying high speed crash high speed
Image source : camovies

The team has confirmed that the German driver is 'physically okay' and that he was not injured. Despite the crash‚ he has yet to return to the track and will not participate in tomorrow's qualifying. In the meantime‚ the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be held as usual. The accident occurred during qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. At 170mph‚ the driver lost control of the car‚ crashing into the wall. The crash resulted in severe damage to the car‚ including a broken steering wheel and a blown out rear wing. The accident caused a red flag to be raised and the race was halted for about an hour. Despite the fact that the racing session was cancelled for the second time‚ Schumacher was reportedly conscious and speaking to his medical team. The F1 legend Mick Schumacher was sent to hospital after a terrifying high-speed crash during qualifying in Bahrain on Friday. Fortunately‚ his injuries were minor and his son Kevin Magnussen was not hurt‚ but the incident led to the first sector to be red-flagged again. The halt in the race halted qualifying for an hour. The track was repainted after the accident‚ causing the session to be red-flagged for a second time.