Mick Schumacher to miss Saudi Arabian GP after massive qualifying

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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Michael Schumacher‚ the son of the legendary F1 driver‚ has been forced to pull out of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after a huge qualifying crash. The German‚ who is currently driving for the Haas F1 team‚ crashed into a wall at high speed during a practice session. After the accident‚ he was airlifted to the hospital and was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. His car‚ which was damaged in the collision‚ was able to start the race‚ but he was not able to drive. The track was damaged so badly‚ that Michael Schumacher‚ who had not yet slowed down‚ was unable to drive his car properly‚ and suffered multiple broken bones. After the crash‚ Schumacher was airlifted to the hospital and was then subsequently unable to continue the race. He was conscious when extricated from the car and was flown to a nearby hospital for further examination. He is expected to be out of action for two weeks as he is recovering from his injuries. He is expected to miss the race and will not return until after the event. A massive crash in qualifying caused Michael Schumacher to crash his car multiple times. He was airlifted to a hospital and was later discharged. His teammate Kevin Magnussen was able to call his mother‚ but has since been transferred to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital. His condition remains unknown‚ but he was conscious enough to speak to his mother and contact his team. After a massive crash in Jeddah‚ the Haas F1 team will have only one car for the Saudi Arabian GP. Despite the injury‚ both cars will be running one car‚ but both drivers will be present at the race. He is expected to recover from his injuries in the coming days. The car will be repaired and raced as normal. Although the injury is severe‚ it was not a severe enough reason to pull out of the Saudi Arabian GP. The car suffered a massive crash in the Saudi GP. After being airlifted to the hospital‚ he was able to call his mother and spoke to the team. However‚ he is still being evaluated by doctors and will be out of the race. He will likely miss the event as the Saudi government and Formula 1 decided to field only one car. Earlier this week‚ there were fears that the accident could affect the team's reputation. The German driver's fate is in limbo after he crashed into the walls of the Jeddah Cornich Circuit during a Q1 session. During the session‚ Mick Stewart lost control of his car and hit the walls with high speed. Thankfully‚ the crash caused no serious injuries‚ but the race will be cancelled.

mick schumacher to miss saudi arabian gp after massive qualifying
Image source : news24com

It is unclear if he will return. During the second qualifying session‚ the German driver crashed into the wall‚ leaving his car scattered across the track. The damage to his car was so severe that it took almost an hour for the officials to clean up the wreckage. The resulting debris was piled up and he had to be rushed to hospital by helicopter. The crash also damaged the track‚ and the car had to be towed away by a rescue helicopter. A massive crash at the Jeddah circuit forced the Ferrari driver to stop and be airlifted to the hospital. The German was rushed to hospital and flown to the hospital‚ where he was treated by paramedics. After the crash‚ he spoke to his mother Corinna‚ and was airlifted to a medical facility for precautionary scans. The German has not returned to the race yet‚ but it will miss the Saudi Arabian GP. The accident on Saturday reportedly damaged his car and caused him to crash into a concrete barrier. He was rushed to hospital and was then flown back to his hotel. But he will not be in the car for the race. After a three-hour meeting‚ the government of the Saudi Arabian government and Formula 1 have both confirmed that he will not boycott the weekend.