Mike Bossy séteint à 65 ans

Friday, April 15, 2022
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Hockey Legend Mike Bossy Dies at 65 Years Old

If you love hockey‚ you'll know Mike Bossy. A goaltender for the New York Islanders from 1980 to 1984‚ he scored more than fifty goals in each of his first nine seasons. Bossy died of cancer of the poumon on July 6‚ and fans and players alike mourn his passing. One of the best francs-tirers of all time‚ he averaged 0.762 goals per game.

Mike Bossy a 65 ans

Hockey legend Mike Bossy‚ 65 years old‚ has passed away from cancer of the poumon. He retired last fall due to an injury to the poumon. In addition to his francs-tirer career‚ Bossy was also a television analyst for TVA Sports. TVA Sports employees were saddened by Bossy's death. They knew that he was a very kind man and a good friend. Bossy was a Montreal native who played junior hockey with the National de Laval in the LHJMQ. After the LHJMQ rejected him‚ the Islanders drafted him. Bossy's maux of dos caused him to be traded to the New York Islanders‚ who chose him for their first tour. A few years later‚ the Islanders drafted him again. Despite his age‚ Bossy was still able to dominate the game. He ranked fourth in points for a junior season in 1976 and won four Stanley Cups with the Islanders. The record still stands and no one has come close since‚ so he will be remembered for his skill and his heart. If he was still alive‚ he'd be a hockey hall of fame. Despite being in his prime‚ Mike Bossy had a difficult life. He battled lung cancer for more than six years and was considered one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history. The former NHLer also became a TV analyst for TVA Sports‚ and he resigned from his post last fall to focus on his health. In an open letter to the hockey world‚ Bossy said he would fight cancer with all his strength.

Mike Bossy played for the New York Islanders from 1980 to 1984

The New York Islanders were a team of legends during the eighties‚ and Bossy was a key member. In fact‚ he played for the team for 10 seasons‚ scoring at least 100 points seven times. Bossy carried his offensive play into the postseason‚ scoring 111 points in four Stanley Cup playoff series. While he never won the Hart Trophy or Art Ross Trophy‚ Bossy does have many accolades‚ including the first goal scored by a player in the postseason. Bossy was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1991 and his #22 jersey was retired by the Islanders in March 1992. In 1998‚ Bossy ranked 20th on The Hockey News' list of the 100 greatest players in NHL history. Although his career was cut short by injury‚ Bossy had some notable moments‚ including his eight consecutive 50-goal seasons. After retiring from hockey‚ Bossy worked for a hockey stick manufacturer‚ Titan. He also served as the team's broadcaster. In the early 1990s‚ he also signed deals with an insurance agency‚ Cumis. In addition‚ he played golf and delivered speeches. In 1994‚ Bossy broke into radio and displayed his comedic skills on Quebec talk radio. In his rookie season‚ Bossy set NHL records. He scored 50 goals in his first 50 games‚ becoming the fastest player to reach this mark. He also played in the playoffs‚ which helped him break the record that was previously held by Reggie Leach. Bossy is currently ranked 19th on the NHL's all-time goal scoring list. However‚ Bossy was a very erratic player who rarely played defense.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer

Legendary hockey player Mike Bossy has died of lung cancer. He was diagnosed with the illness in October 2021 and announced his diagnosis in an open letter to the hockey world. Bossy‚ a native of Montreal‚ was drafted 15th overall in the 1977 NHL Draft. During his career‚ he was a top scorer‚ twice leading the NHL with at least 50 goals. He also twice won the Calder Trophy. After a lengthy career in the NHL‚ Bossy was also a radio comedian and a vice president for Titan‚ a sports company that was owned by a family that he loved. His death comes as a shock to the entire Islanders organization‚ which has already lost three members of the 1979-80 team. Clark Gillies and Jean Potvin died in January and March‚ respectively. Bossy was one of the most beloved players in NHL history. He was the first player to be drafted by the Rangers in 1977 and played his entire 10-year NHL career for the New York Rangers. He was named rookie of the year three times and received the Lady Byng Trophy for gentlemanly conduct three times. Mike Bossy was a renowned hockey player. During his 10-year career‚ he led the Islanders to the Stanley Cup four times. He scored more than fifty goals in nine consecutive seasons and tied Maurice Rocket Richard's record of fifty goals in 50 games. Bossy was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1991. His ten-year NHL career was capped by injuries. He could not play in the NHL for his 11th season‚ but he won the league MVP award in 1982.

He scored 50 or more goals in each of his first nine seasons

Mike Bossy has scored 50 or more goals in each of his nine seasons in the NHL‚ the longest streak for an individual player. He scored more than one goal in 50 consecutive games two times‚ most recently in the 1980-81 season. Bossy‚ a native of New Jersey‚ scored five73 goals during his 10-year career‚ including two of those in the playoffs. During his career‚ he has twice been the league's top scorer‚ scoring 69 goals in 1978-79 and 68 goals in 1980-81. During this time‚ he also scored three overtime goals‚ making him a perennial favorite for the Maurice Richard Trophy. While he wasn't the most prolific goal scorer‚ Bossy's career will be remembered as one of the most memorable in NHL history. He led the Islanders to four consecutive Stanley Cups in the 1980s and was an eight-time All-Star. His ten seasons with the Islanders included the 1981-82 season‚ when he led the league in scoring and was named the Rookie of the Year. During his tenure with the Islanders‚ Bossy set a record by scoring 50 or more goals in each of his first 9 seasons. Bossy's 50-goal streak was the second longest in NHL history‚ with Maurice Richard reaching the feat in 1945. The only other player to score 50 or more goals in 50 consecutive games was Wayne Gretzky. Bossy's prolific scoring ability led to his selection as a first-team All-Star five times. In addition to the Calder Trophy‚ Bossy won the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy three times‚ for his outstanding sportsmanship. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991 and named one of the 100 Greatest NHL players in 2017.

He was one of the fastest players to reach 500 goals

The right winger of the New York Islanders became one of the fastest players to reach 500 goals on Sunday‚ scoring his 499th goal against the Boston Bruins. Bossy received a slipped pass from Bryan Trottier on the bottom right faceoff circle and scored his 500th goal with 17 seconds remaining. He has now become the 11th player in NHL history to reach the mark. He did so in 647 games‚ the fastest ever‚ in just eight and a half seasons. Another player who made the 500-goal plateau was Frank Mahovlich‚ who scored 405 goals during his career. He was traded from Detroit to Montreal midway through the 1970-71 season‚ and then led the team to another Stanley Cup. Mahovlich never scored 50 goals in a season‚ but he was the first player to score 40 or more in a single season. He is the oldest player in NHL history to reach this milestone. Bossy was also involved with the Montreal hockey community. He is considered a member of the Montreal hockey community and was very involved in the local community. Bossy was one of only five players to score 50 goals in 50 games‚ and remains the all-time leader in goals per game. He has scored 39 hat tricks. Aside from his career total‚ he was also the fastest player to reach 100 goals during the regular season. In addition to his five-year career‚ Bossy was a member of the Islanders' dynasty‚ winning four Stanley Cups in a row from 1980 to 1983. In addition‚ he was part of the 17-player group to win four straight Stanley Cups‚ and is the longest-serving Islander player to ever reach 500 goals. Bossy was inducted into the National Hockey League Hall of Fame in 1991 and was named one of the NHL's 100 greatest players in the same year.