Mike Mora, Kelis Husband, Dead at 37 After Battling Stage 4

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Video/image source : youtube, etonlinec
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The singer's husband Mike Mora has died at the age of 37 after battling stage four stomach cancer. He had recently revealed his condition on social media. According to a source‚ the musician had assumed the condition was the result of years of hard work on a California farm‚ which included blistering heat. However‚ he confirmed that he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer on Sept. 28‚ 2020. He and Kelis had two children together‚ a son named Shepherd and a daughter named Galilee. After six months of treatment‚ Mike Mora was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. He and Kelis had two children together. She has two daughters with Nas‚ while her husband has a son with the singer. They secretly married in 2014 and had two children together. Their oldest‚ Shepard‚ was born in November 2015 and the youngest is a baby girl‚ Galilee‚ was born in September. Their second child‚ Knight‚ was born in July 2014. The news came as a complete shock to the music world.

mike mora kelis husband dead at 37 after battling stage 4
Image source : etonlinec

The singer's husband‚ photographer Mike Mora‚ was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer just a year ago. He died on Sept. 17‚ 2019‚ and his family asked that the public respect his privacy. A rep for the artist's family has asked for privacy as the singer grieves. But despite the tragedy‚ the news that her husband was battling stage 4 stomach cancer is not a cause for celebration.