Mike Tyson repeatedly punches a passenger mid-flight, a video shows

Friday, April 22, 2022
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Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches a Passenger Mid Flight

In a shocking video‚ the former heavyweight champion repeatedly thwacks a man during a JetBlue flight. The man‚ who was not armed‚ was not the actual attacker. Instead‚ the fighter leaned over and unleashed a flurry of punches‚ according to a video of the incident. It's unclear why Tyson was so aggressive‚ but it's a very disturbing sight to watch.

Mike Tyson repeatedly punches a passenger on a flight

A video circulating on the internet appears to show the infamous boxer slamming a passenger on a plane repeatedly. The incident happened on a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles‚ and a video of the encounter shows two people involved getting into an altercation. The San Francisco Police Department said they responded to a report of a physical altercation on board an airplane. They detained two people and released one of them. One of the men suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at the hospital. The two subjects were released pending further investigation. The man was a JetBlue passenger seated directly behind Tyson. According to a source close to the fighter‚ the passenger was extremely drunk and did not stop harassing Tyson. After receiving several punches‚ the passenger was left bleeding and in need of medical attention. The video also shows a man with three or four bloody cuts on the right side of his face. The footage of the incident prompted outrage on social media‚ with many supporting the boxer on the other side. Jim Norton joked on Twitter that Tyson handled the unruly passenger on the flight in the manner he wants to be remembered for. Ice T‚ meanwhile‚ reflected on the JetBlue passenger's attitude in the video. Another observer joked about what most people would do if Tyson asked them to stop bugging him. While Tyson has not publicly addressed the incident‚ he has been busy promoting his T-shirt business on social media‚ and has attended a 4/20 event in San Francisco celebrating marijuana. In the ring‚ Tyson has been a legendary figure since the early 1980s. He has won 50 fights with six losses‚ with 44 knockouts. Despite his storied past‚ Tyson was convicted of rape and served three years in prison for it.

He remains silent

A new video has emerged of an airplane incident in which a man named Mike Tyson repeatedly punches a man in the face. The passenger was traveling on a JetBlue flight to Florida when the altercation occurred. Sources close to the fighter claimed that the man was extremely drunk and refused to stop provoking Tyson. The video shows the man bleeding profusely after he landed a number of punches to the face. Since retiring from the ring‚ Mike Tyson has turned his attention to other endeavors‚ including acting‚ podcasting‚ and cannabis entrepreneurship. In San Francisco‚ Tyson was attending the annual 420 cannabis festival to promote his new cannabis brand‚ Tyson 2.0. During his boxing career‚ Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. He won 50 professional fights‚ with 44 knockouts. He was once barred from boxing after biting Evander Holyfield during a 1997 fight.

He is in Miami to speak at a cannabis conference

A US airline is investigating a video showing boxing legend Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a passenger mid flight. The incident happened on a flight bound for Florida when a passenger‚ who was not identified‚ asked Tyson to take a selfie. The passenger's friend got in Tyson's way when she kept talking to him. According to sources close to Tyson‚ the passenger was intoxicated when the incident occurred. A source close to Tyson told the New York Post that he was extremely intoxicated when the incident happened‚ and the passenger continued to provoke him despite repeated requests to stop. The punches ended in bloody splatters‚ leaving the passenger battered. While many have condemned Tyson for letting the incident happen‚ others have expressed their support for the former heavyweight champ. The incident occurred on a JetBlue flight in New York City‚ according to the video shared by TMZ. According to the video‚ Tyson repeatedly punched the man‚ who had blood on his face. According to the witness‚ the man was identified as George and was bloodied on the right side of his head. Thankfully‚ the plane's representatives have issued an apology for the incident. Apparently‚ the incident was captured on video. Tyson and his friend were on a JetBlue flight headed to Florida when the passenger reportedly decided to talk to the boxer and started talking loudly over his seat. The video showed that Tyson's anger escalated to the point where he ended up punching the man in the face multiple times. The passenger was treated for non-life-threatening injuries‚ and Tyson was later released from the flight without charges.

He remained silent while a man challenged him to a fight

In a bizarre video posted to the internet‚ Mike Tyson appears to repeatedly punch a passenger mid flight‚ a source close to the boxer told TMZ. Tyson is seen repeatedly punching the man‚ who is unidentified‚ in the face‚ with a punching motion‚ as another passenger tries to push him off the passenger's chest. It is unclear if Tyson has been charged in this case‚ but the incident has earned Tyson plenty of headlines and sparked an investigation. The boxer has been in the headlines for other incidents involving violent conduct. In a recent event‚ a rowdy spectator reportedly interrupted Tyson's speech and challenged him to a fight. The rowdy man hugged the boxer and then pulled a loaded gun from his waistband. Audience members fled under tables and other seats in fear of being hit by Tyson. The unidentified passenger in the video is the same passenger who was harassed by Mike Tyson in the past. The passenger was allegedly harassing Tyson after he posed for a photo with him. He also allegedly made inappropriate remarks‚ which caused Tyson to react violently. A witness told TMZ that Tyson appeared to be cordial to the passenger when boarding the flight and told him to calm down. However‚ after a few minutes‚ the incident escalated to the point where Tyson walked off the plane. After retiring from boxing‚ Tyson has branched out into various fields‚ including acting‚ podcasting‚ and cannabis entrepreneur. During his trip to San Francisco for the annual 420 festival‚ Tyson was promoting his marijuana brand‚ Tyson 2.0. In 1987‚ Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history and compiled a record-breaking 50-fight career. Of these‚ 44 were knockouts. Tyson also served three years in prison for biting Evander Holyfield's ear during a 1997 fight.

He sat still while a man pulled out a gun

A video shows Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a passenger on a JetBlue flight in the middle of a heated altercation. According to a source close to Tyson‚ the man was extremely drunk‚ but refused to stop prodding Tyson. In the video‚ the victim is seen with several bloody cuts on his head and face. The incident is currently under investigation‚ and no other details about the suspect's legal status have been released. The incident took place last month when a rowdy passenger interrupted a comedian's performance on a JetBlue flight and challenged the boxer to a fight. The rowdy spectator then embraced Tyson and pulled a loaded gun from his waistband. As Tyson remained silent‚ the man was eventually arrested and put into jail. But the incident has ignited a raging debate over the role of social media and the stance of boxers. The incident has been described as a bizarre escalation of a violent altercation. According to a video obtained by TMZ‚ Tyson repeatedly punched the unidentified passenger while he was on a Jet Blue flight from Chicago to Florida. The passenger‚ meanwhile‚ irritated Tyson by talking to him and throwing a water bottle. After retiring from boxing‚ Tyson has been a successful podcaster‚ actor‚ and cannabis entrepreneur. Last year‚ he was in San Francisco for the annual 420 cannabis festival. In addition to promoting his new brand Tyson 2.0‚ Tyson was also a cannabis entrepreneur. And on Friday‚ the video of the incident surfaced on Twitter. As an athlete‚ Tyson is no stranger to controversy. But it's not his first public appearance.