Miley Cyrus Safe After Lightning Strikes Private Jet

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Miley Cyrus is safe after lightning strikes her private jet in South America. The singer tweeted to fans that she's fine and reassured them that she'll be fine. It's unclear where the plane landed after lightning struck the fuselage. It's unclear if it was a commercial flight or a private jet. The aircraft is built with conducting paths so that currents can be conducted. According to reports‚ Miley Cyrus was on her way to Paraguay for a concert. She was due to headline the second day of a music festival. The storm forced the festival's cancellation‚ but the pop star was unharmed. The lightning struck the plane's window‚ but Cyrus posted a picture of the damage it caused. The plane made an emergency landing‚ and she is now in safe condition. In the meantime‚ Miley Cyrus reassured fans that she was okay following her recent flight to Paraguay. The singer posted a video of a flash of lightning outside her plane's window. The plane was photographed with extensive damage‚ including a deep dent. The pop singer has been in the South American country during her recent tour. The event was cancelled due to the storm‚ but Cyrus reassured fans that she was safe. The lightning strike occurred as she was en route to perform at the Asuncionico music festival in Paraguay. She was scheduled to headline the second day of the festival‚ which was canceled due to flooding. The festival featured the Foo Fighters‚ Machine Gun Kelly‚ Doja Cat‚ and other popular artists. The ensuing storm led to the cancellation of all three. The singer and the musicians were stranded on the plane‚ but Cyrus posted a tweet about their safety. The pop star tweeted to thank her fans for their support. Her plane was struck by lightning‚ but Cyrus was not harmed. She uploaded a video of the incident on her Twitter account‚ reassuring her fans that she's safe and will be OK. The musician is currently on her way to perform at Asuncionico‚ one of the largest rock festivals in South America. It is unclear exactly what caused the storm‚ but it's important to remember that the stars were traveling to Paraguay and were not in danger. However‚ the star was stranded while in transit. The plane made an emergency landing‚ and she and her team are now safe. The music festival was cancelled due to the storm‚ and the singer shared the video on her Instagram page. The pop star was on her way to perform at a concert in Paraguay and Chile and she was wearing an electric blue catsuit.

miley cyrus safe after lightning strikes private jet
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The singer added a splash of blue eyeshadow to complete the look. The outfit was reminiscent of the 80s. The lightning strike was so powerful that it caused the plane to lose power‚ causing Miley Cyrus's flight to be forced to make an emergency landing. The pop star's plane was hit by lightning during her concert in Paraguay on Sunday. Thankfully‚ she was not harmed‚ but the plane did make an emergency landing and remained in the air. A video of the storm that hit her private jet showed the damage to the plane‚ but she tweeted that she was still safe after the storm. The tense situation was a result of lightning striking the aircraft. The artist's flight was canceled for a few hours and her flight had to be rerouted. After the incident‚ Cyrus tweeted about the lightning that struck her private plane in mid-air. The pop singer and her flight were on their way to perform at the Asuncionico music festival in Paraguay‚ but it had to make an emergency landing after being hit by lightning. The pop star posted a video and a photo of the damage to her Facebook page. She also urged fans to pray for her safe return and for her plane to remain on the air.