Minnesota Twins awaiting MRI results on Byron Buxton

Saturday, April 16, 2022
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Minnesota Twins Awaiting MRI Results on Byron Buxton's Knee

The Minnesota Twins are awaiting the results of an MRI on Byron Buxton's right knee. The left fielder slapped the ground in pain after sliding into second base‚ and the team is awaiting the results of the scan to determine the extent of the injury. According to reports‚ he suffered a fractured left hand‚ strained right hip‚ and a right knee sprain.

Byron Buxton slapped the ground in pain after a slide into second base

Byron Buxton left the game with a leg injury after sliding into second base during the first inning‚ and was eventually replaced by a pinch runner. The Minnesota Twins signed the right fielder to an incentive-laden $100 million contract last November‚ but he has struggled with injuries since. In July‚ he missed over two months with a hip strain‚ while in September‚ he was hit by a pitch and broke a finger. He has played in more than 92 games only twice this season‚ and in 2017‚ he hit a career-high 140 games. Byron Buxton started the game in the short left field and hustled feet-first into second base. However‚ he slapped the ground in pain after sliding into second base‚ a rare injury for a catcher. He was unable to finish the game‚ and walked off the field before being ejected from the game. Despite his injury‚ he still had a solid day for the Twins and had three home runs. Despite the pain‚ Buxton had an excellent game and finished with a solid 87-game total. Byron Buxton slapped the floor in pain after a slide into second base against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday. Buxton had just reached second base on a pop-up to shallow left field when he appeared to sustain the injury. Afterwards‚ he slapped his right fist on the ground in apparent pain. Neither the Red Sox nor the Twins immediately said whether he would need surgery or not. The Twins moved Buxton to the bench in the bottom of the inning‚ and he appeared to be limping. A high pop fly to center field by Josh Donaldson hit a foul line drive to left field‚ and Buxton felt it when he moved to second base. However‚ he bent his knee as he took a slide into second base‚ causing him to fall forward on his hands. His injury caused him to slap the ground in pain‚ and the manager immediately consulted with a doctor. The tests will determine what is wrong with Buxton and what will happen next.

Byron Buxton has a fractured left hand

Byron Buxton has suffered a broken pinky finger bone on his left hand. The Twins are awaiting the results of an MRI on him before determining the best course of treatment for him. Buxton has been plagued with injuries for most of his career. He has missed over 60 games last season due to groin‚ toe‚ and shoulder problems. Despite his promising start this year‚ Buxton has already suffered numerous injuries this season‚ including a fractured left hand. The team has placed Byron Buxton on the 60-day IL and moved Justin Dobnak to the DL. Buxton has a fractured left hand. A hamate bone fracture is very rare but can occur in the hand. Thankfully‚ the injury does not require surgery. Meanwhile‚ Alex Kirilloff and Trevor Larnach will remain on the disabled list. Although the MRI report indicated that no structural damage has occurred‚ owners should not expect a fast return. Similarly‚ Colina‚ a hard-throwing bullpen piece for the Twins‚ is still out indefinitely. The Twins will probably replace him with someone else in the bullpen‚ but he's unlikely to be ready before the All-Star Break. While the Twins haven't yet released a timeline‚ it's unlikely Byron Buxton will be playing for several more weeks. The center fielder's injury was caused by a fastball thrown by Red Sox pitcher Tyler Mahle. Buxton was able to play an inning and was replaced by Nick Gordon. Despite the injury‚ Byron Buxton is not expected to return until at least one more week. While Byron Buxton's hand will likely be a long way off from recovery‚ a healthy lineup and a good backup plan will ensure the Twins stay in the game. While the Twins' other options await the results of the MRI‚ Buxton's injury could have a long-term impact on the team's success.

Byron Buxton has a right hip strain

Byron Buxton has been on the disabled list since May 7‚ and his latest injury could be even worse. Previously‚ he suffered a broken left hand while getting hit by a pitch and injured his right hip running the bases. More recently‚ he also injured his left shoulder while hitting the Miami outfield wall. Additionally‚ he has strained his thumb‚ big toe‚ and groin. He will likely be out for two months or more. The Twins are currently waiting on the results of an MRI to determine the severity of Byron Buxton's injury. Buxton‚ a six-foot‚ 190-pound right fielder‚ signed a seven-year‚ $100 million stimulus contract this offseason. Although his recent struggles are concerning‚ he has not missed more than half of a Twins game. The Twins announced that Byron Buxton will miss at least ten days. However‚ he is making good progress in rehab. According to the Twins‚ he could be back in the lineup this weekend against the Texas Rangers. If he does return‚ he will miss around ten days. This injury is also a serious one for the Twins‚ but they have high hopes for their star. After a long layoff‚ Byron Buxton could be activated on June 28‚ 2021. He has been out since mid-April. His right hip has been affected by a coronavirus and the team has suspended one player for it. Although he has not played since mid-April‚ his injury is expected to affect his play for the rest of this season. While he may not be ready to return‚ he'll be able to start in center field and bat eighth in Miami. If he does return‚ he'll be a top option to replace Buxton. The Twins will be awaiting the results from his MRI. In addition to Buxton‚ the Twins also are looking for a replacement in the lineup for Chris Davis. The team is avoiding the rookie by playing safe and waiting for an MRI to see if it's a strain. They have also made a decision to rest Chris Davis‚ whose contract is a disaster. The team is giving him at least ten days to heal. But with the current rash of injuries‚ the rotation in Arizona looks even worse.

Byron Buxton has an MRI of his right knee

Byron Buxton has an MRI on his right knee‚ the team announced today. After leaving the game against the Red Sox due to soreness in his right knee‚ Buxton met with third base coach Tommy Watkins. It was unclear what was wrong with the player‚ but the Twins were worried. Byron Buxton has three home runs and three doubles through his first seven games. Earlier this week‚ he slapped the ground in frustration when he injured his leg while sliding into second base. During the game‚ Buxton was walking around‚ but he was unable to continue playing‚ and the team decided to send him to the hospital for an MRI. The MRI is the first step in the recovery process for Buxton‚ who signed a seven-year‚ $100 million extension with the Twins in November. Despite this contract‚ Buxton's injury history is not ideal. He has missed a total of 11 games since his debut in the majors in June 2015.