Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones quit as business partners amid

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones Quit As Business Partners amid Divorce Proceedings

It's been reported that actress Minnie Dlamini and her estranged husband‚ Quinton Jones‚ have quit as business partners amid divorce proceedings. Minnie recently reverted to her maiden name‚ which has sparked rumors about cheating. While Jones has a reputation for chasing women who are not worthy of his trust‚ there are few concrete facts about this relationship.

Minnie Dlamini's estranged husband Quinton Jones reportedly resigned from their production company amid divorce proceedings

In a shocking development‚ Quinton Jones has reportedly quit their production company Beautiful Day Production. He owns only a quarter of the company‚ while his ex-wife owns the remaining 75%. According to reports‚ Quinton is requesting that his lawyers file divorce papers‚ and he will give Minnie her Midrand home back to raise their child. However‚ it should be noted that the posts by Musa are rumored. They could be from a close friend‚ who is known to spread rumors. It should be noted that Minnie Dlamini has not reportedly resigned from her production company. However‚ all signs point to Quinton wanting to leave the marriage. His decision to quit the company also indicates that he has lost faith in the marriage. Quinton and Minnie are reportedly still wearing their wedding bands‚ which is a sign that the couple are separating. The news comes as a shock to South Africans. Minnie Dlamini reportedly grew cold towards Quinton Jones after his brother passed away. He then discovered that she was cheating on him and he filed for divorce - but she was reportedly refusing to sign the papers. The divorce announcement shocked South Africans‚ but she denied rumors of cheating and said that she and Quinton would share the parenting duties of their two-year-old son.

Minnie's decision to revert to her maiden name sparks speculation about cheating rumours

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Quinton Jones' bad luck of cheating women

After four years of marriage‚ Quinton and Minnie Dlamini announced their divorce on social media. However‚ their announcement has sparked controversy. While their marriage was stable in the beginning‚ things started to fall apart after Minnie cheated on Quinton with another man. The couple reportedly tried to save their relationship but were unable to rekindle the love. The couple blamed emotional stress for their divorce. Then‚ rumors about cheating sparked speculation and led to the divorce. The actress was cold toward Quinton Jones and quit their business partnership after discovering that Minnie had been cheating on him. Twitter users alleged that a man who loves too much will be cheated on‚ and dragged her ex-husband into the scandal. However‚ Musa Mthombeni has denied the rumors‚ and continues to love his wife boldly. The story of Quinton Jones' bad luck with cheating women is not new. The media personality was married to Quinton Jones in July 2017 but recently announced their divorce. Jones owns 25% of the business and Minnie owns the other 75%. Their divorce papers were signed on February 13‚ 2019‚ but Minnie Dlamini claimed the home was hers. The couple was married for two years but they have a son together. The relationship ended abruptly after Minnie's second marriage to Itu Khune‚ a former soccer goalie. Their divorce prompted social media users to condemn Minnie's ex-lover and the resulting separation. Many users turned to social media to express their anger at her‚ making various memes about her. Shona was pregnant when her business partner cheated on her‚ and she tried to conceal the affair from her husband by bleaching the baby's skin intensively. After she cheated on her husband‚ she and her business partner decided to split up. Their relationship did not survive the divorce. Thankfully‚ their two business partners are now friends. Somizi and Minnie's feud began when they were presenters on SABC 1's music show‚ LIVE. After Minnie won the presenter search and made her debut in 2010‚ Bonang wasn't impressed with the attention Minnie was getting. Queen B has always maintained that Bonang wasn't jealous of her‚ but the relationship became a public charade.