: Moment Russia fires hypersonic missile at ammunition depot

Saturday, March 19, 2022
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Video/image source : youtube, thesunco
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Western military experts are dismissing the threat of Russian hypersonic missiles and argue that Putin underestimated the resistance in Ukraine. The UK Ministry of Defence tweeted that the missiles and other measures are part of a series of invincible weapons to counter the British. The US‚ in contrast‚ says they are a necessary evil and are a good deterrent for a potential conflict with Russia. A video shows the explosion that took place after a Russian hypersonic missile struck an ammunition depot in western Ukraine. The Kinzhal missile has a range of 1‚250 miles and was fired from a military drone‚ according to Russian Defense Ministry officials. The weapons are invisible to most anti-missile defence systems‚ making them particularly deadly. The resulting blast waves were large enough to destroy the entire warehouse. The attack is believed to have been conducted by Russian military personnel after a Syrian government weapons depot was hit by a hypersonic missile fired by the Russian military. The Pentagon has declined to comment on the claims by Russia. It is not clear if the US military also fired a hypersonic missile. However‚ the missile was reportedly filmed by a UAV and captured by an unidentified person. The attack was filmed by a military drone. It shows a large explosion and people running in the direction of the explosion. The Russian Defence Ministry said it used a Bastion hypersonic missile system to strike the Ukrainian military facility. The footage from the Russian Military show large buildings in a snowy region. A helicopter hovering over the site shows smoke rising and people fleeing. These people had been inside the building for years. The incident is the first time that Russian hypersonic missiles have been used since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. The Kinzhal missile‚ which can reach a distance of 1‚250 miles‚ is the first type of Russian weapon to be used in combat. In fact‚ this type of weapon is essentially unstoppable. With the Kinzhal‚ the US has no way to intercept the rocket and is therefore ineffective. The video was captured by a military drone and shows the damage caused by the missile. The footage shows a ruined ammunition depot in the west of Ukraine. In a statement‚ the Russian Defence Ministry described the strike as an unstoppable strike. The Russian Defence Ministry said the strike was filmed in the first half of the day. A military drone was also filmed as the missile hit the building. The video shows a helicopter video of a missile strike on an ammunition depot in Ukraine.

moment russia fires hypersonic missile at ammunition depot
Image source : thesunco

The video shows smoke billowing into the air and a bright flash when the missile hits its target. The Russian Military Defence confirmed the use of the missiles in a statement posted on its official website. The latest incident is the latest sign of Putin's desperation‚ which is making it difficult for the world to protect itself. A video from a military drone shows the aftermath of the missile strike on an ammunition depot in western Ukraine. In the video‚ people are running away as smoke billows through the air. The attack was the first time in Russian history that the Russian military used a hypersonic missile in a combat scenario‚ and it is now a key part of their arsenal. It is important to note that this new weapon poses a threat to all nations. The moment Russia fires hypersonic missile at an ammunition depot in Ukraine has been captured on video by a military drone. A Russian spokesman confirmed that the attack occurred on a military base and that the attack on the ammunition depot is a result of the country's armed forces. Those defending the Ukrainian army have to remain vigilant‚ and that means removing any threat of cyber-attacks.