Montpellier vs. Paris Saint-Germain - Football Match - May

Sunday, May 15, 2022
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Montpellier Vs Paris Saint Germain Football Match May 16

If you're a fan of French football and the Ligue 1 championship‚ you'll be looking forward to this Montpellier vs Paris Saint Germain match on May 16. While the title race is far from over‚ this fixture is guaranteed to be one of the most watched games of the season. Read on for more information on the teams‚ outfield players‚ goals scored‚ and the venue of the match.

PSG thrash Montpellier 4-0 in Ligue 1

Paris Saint-Germain thrashed Montpellier 4-0 on Saturday. Kylian Mbappe was one of the best players on the field and almost scored the opening goal. PSG controlled the tempo and finished the first half with 69% possession and 11 shots. They led Montpellier 3-0 at halftime. Montpellier were hit by a hamstring injury when Stephy Mavdidi pulled up clutching his leg after sprinting. PSG moved three points clear of Montpellier in Ligue 1 with the win. The victory was a big boost for the French team‚ as they improved their goal difference by four goals to one. Kylian Mbappe‚ Neymar‚ and Mauro Icardi each scored a goal in the Ligue 1 match. However‚ one player - Jonas Omlin - was sent off after a yellow card for a foul on Mbappe. The referee reviewed the game on a pitchside monitor and changed the yellow card to a red card. The PSG team will be looking to maintain their title in Ligue 1‚ a feat they have done once in a while. The team finished last season with a Ligue 1 record of ten wins and five draws‚ while Montpellier has only three. PSG's thrashing of Montpellier demonstrates the intensity and determination that PSG have to win the title. A win against Montpellier would prove to be huge for both sides. The victory was a win for both sides‚ as they had two earlier goals against Montpellier. The first half saw PSG build up a two-goal lead but blown it. Angel Di Maria made sure that no benefit was wasted by the team‚ and in the second half‚ Kylian Mbappe scored a penalty to seal the win. But in the end‚ it was enough for PSG to win the title.

Outfield players

In Ligue 1‚ Montpellier HSC will face Paris Saint Germain at Stade de La Mosson. The stadium was inaugurated in 1972 and has a seating capacity of 32‚900. The match will take place on Matchday 37 of the season. The two sides are currently on a four-point gap. PSG are on the top of the table while Montpellier sit 13th in the league. The teams have a combined scoring average of 2.3 goals and conceding an average of 1.5 goals per game. As of this writing‚ both teams have scored 49 goals and conceded 36 goals in their last 36 league games. The absence of Neymar is expected to result in a weakened Paris Saint Germain side. With the youngster Kylian Mbappe expected to move to Real Madrid‚ the Portuguese defender will need to focus on the last games of the season. Meanwhile‚ Pochettino will have to juggle the team's outfield players‚ especially the talisman Neymar. In the last match‚ Montpellier HSC was beaten by Clermont‚ 2-1. During the defeat‚ Joris Chotard scored the best goal of his career. Montpellier's run of poor form continued. They are currently in the relegation play-off position and are unlikely to recover in time to face PSG. The goalkeeper‚ Antoine Lemar‚ has the responsibility to protect the ball in the box. While PSG's team has an extensive squad‚ the Toulouse Saint-Germain side has only four home-based players. The team's offense is led by Sepe Elye-Wahi‚ Teji Savanier‚ and Stephy Mavididi‚ with a goal-scoring average of almost 26 and seven assists per game. In 2018‚ Toulouse Saint-Germain saved their team from relegation‚ and fought through to the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France.

Goals scored

This French Ligue 1 football match saw the scores reach four goals. Firstly‚ Kylian Mbappe assists Lionel Messi with a through ball‚ while he is then denied by Stephy Mavididi. Another goal comes as a result of a mistake by Montpellier defender Arnaud Souquet. Ultimately‚ a penalty is awarded and the game is level. Both sides have strong players‚ with PSG boasting one of the most talented squads in the world. But Montpellier continue to struggle and are still winless after three games. Dall-Oglio will be hoping for a victory against Angers in the last match of the season. This football match will be a test for both teams. Ultimately‚ the winner will decide who will be crowned the Ligue 1 champions. In this Ligue 1 clash‚ PSG was in the ascendancy at halftime. The team had already scored four goals‚ with Messi and Angel Di Maria combining to score two goals each. Then‚ in the 60th minute‚ Kylian Mbappe scored a penalty to secure the win. This game was a battle between two of the best teams in the league‚ and the goals scored in Montpellier vs Paris Saint Germain Football Match May were as follows: Before this match‚ PSG had only won two out of their previous 11 games. The win should lift their spirits at PSG and make Mbappe more comfortable playing alongside Messi. Neymar's absence from this game meant that the French champions would need to make up for this loss in a cup final to retain their title. However‚ there was no time to celebrate because PSG won the match by a score of four.


The French league is stacked with some very good teams‚ but the most exciting of them all is Paris Saint-Germain. This team is currently in the first spot with 80 points from 28 games‚ having won 24 games‚ drawn eight and lost forty-three. Although they have been able to escape relegation in recent years‚ they have had trouble in other competitions. In this match‚ Montpellier will attempt to take advantage of the duel with PSG. Montpellier HSC currently sits in 13th place with 43 points‚ allowing 55 goals and scoring 49. Their recent winless streak is now seven games long. PSG's leading scorer this season is Kylian Mbappe‚ with twenty-five goals in 33 league matches. His goal total is three more than the second-best player in the league‚ Rennes' Martin Terrier. In the other end of the field‚ Montpellier has Gaetan Laborde with 15 goals and Andy Delort with thirteen. For this match‚ Montpellier is expected to beat the Parisians by two goals to one. They have been struggling defensively lately‚ allowing six goals in their last three matches. Their offense is prone to conceding goals‚ so Montpellier should be able to score a goal or two. The players in Montpellier's lineup include Djoco‚ Seidu‚ Oier‚ Nsimba‚ Khaoui‚ Zedadka‚ and Seidu‚ while PSG's players include Messi and Kylian Mbappe. This match will be refereed by Jeremy Stinat. If you are an avid fan of both Paris Saint Germain and Montpellier HSC‚ you should consider purchasing tickets at the official website of both clubs. Ticket prices vary‚ but you'll probably find a better deal with the official sites of both teams. You can purchase tickets for this match for as little as EUR232. Just remember to check the dates before buying. While ticket prices can vary‚ the average price is EUR232.

Tickets available

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