Mother of Young Thugs Son Shot and Killed After Bowling Ball

Saturday, March 19, 2022
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Atlanta police say they're close to arresting the suspect in the murder of the mother of one of the hottest hip hop artists in the world‚ Young Thug. In a press conference held on Wednesday‚ officers said they believe they've located the shooter and will make an arrest soon. The shooter is believed to be a man named LaKevia Jackson. In addition to being a mother‚ Jackson was also a rapper. Atlanta police have identified the suspect in the shooting as LaKevia Jackson. She was the mother of rapper Young Thug's 14-year-old son Kyvion Jackson. Authorities say they have not made a felony arrest yet‚ but they have ruled out foul play. They are still seeking a motive for the crime‚ but a recent TMZ report indicates the two were fighting over a bowling ball. The suspect is a man named Kevin Jackson‚ who is a member of the Atlanta Police Department. A witness to the murder-suicide told the station that the shooter approached Jackson and then opened fire. The suspect has not been identified yet‚ but the Atlanta Police Department is actively searching for him. If you know him‚ contact them. They are working hard to find him. The family is trying to keep the public informed of their situation. The murder of LaKevia Jackson‚ 31‚ is a tragedy for the Atlanta community and the hip hop community. She is the mother of Kyvion Jackson‚ the 14-year-old rapper. It is not clear if the two men were arguing over the ball. The shooting has left her family unsure of what happened. It is unclear how they will cope with her death. The mother of Young Thugs' son‚ Kyvion Jackson‚ has been shot and killed. The shooter's alleged motive was unclear‚ but police say the killing was not random. It was the mother of the rap artist's son‚ who was 14 at the time. The Atlanta Police Department says LaKevia Jackson was celebrating his birthday with her best friend when the shooting took place. According to the Atlanta Police Department‚ the shooting occurred at a bowling alley. A young Thug‚ who is 14 years old‚ and his girlfriend‚ LaKevia Jackson‚ 28‚ were in a dispute over a bowling ball. The suspect‚ a man‚ waited for her at the alley for 20 minutes before the fatal confrontation. The victims were both shot. The shooting happened outside of a bowling alley in Atlanta. LaKevia Jackson was the mother of the rapper Young Thug's 14-year-old son.

mother of young thugs son shot and killed after bowling ball
Image source : dailymail

The Atlanta Police Department did not reveal details about the suspected shooter‚ but said that she had a fight with another person and was shot and killed while leaving the alley. The cause of the shooting is unknown‚ but the suspect's death is an obvious victim of an ongoing feud between two people who loved each other. LaKevia Jackson was killed on March 17 after a bowling alley dispute. The suspect shot her son and her husband‚ and she died of her injuries. The two were friends and had a long history of fighting and were friends for years. The incident happened at a Metro Fun Center in Atlanta. LAKevia Jackson's murder was not the first time a rap star had a violent homicide. LAKevia Jackson‚ the mother of Young Thugs son Kyvion Jackson‚ was killed on Thursday night in a shooting incident outside a bowling alley in Atlanta. She was shot multiple times and had been battling with another man over a bowling ball before the shooting. She was 31 years old and had a son with the rap star‚ and the alleged shooter reportedly waited for her for 20 minutes before killing her.