Nadia Sawalha dons bikini fashioned out of poop bags and

Friday, May 20, 2022
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Nadia Sawalha Dons a Bikini Formed Out of Poop Bags and Cries

Nadia Sawalha's latest video is a spoof recreation of Kim Kardashian's recent fashion shoot. In it‚ she dons a black bikini fashioned out of poop bags and cries. It's a hilarious take on the reality star's look‚ and has already garnered over 1.7 million views.

Nadia Sawalha's spoof recreation of Kim Kardashian's recent fashion shoot

After Kim Kardashian appeared in the June issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit‚ many of her fans reacted with delight. Their reactions were largely hilarious‚ and Nadia Sawalha's spoof recreation sparked a number of memes. While Amanda Holden praised Sawalha for her outfit‚ others simply responded with laughing emojis. Nadia recreated the infamous yellow bikini look that Kim had worn for the June issue of the magazine‚ and she even mimicked the taco pose that Kim sported at the Met Gala. While Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon and a role model for countless other models‚ this spoof by the Loose Women panellist is particularly amusing. The spoof recreates the model's recent Met Gala appearance‚ which was accompanied by an extravagant makeup look. Nadia Sawalha wore a black bikini fashioned from an old dog muck bag and attached a motorbike helmet for added impact. In a hilarious spoof‚ Nadia Sawalha dressed up as Kim Kardashian and posed with a motorcycle helmet‚ mimicking the photo's famous backless-dress solution. The video garnered a wide following on YouTube‚ with fans loving it - but likely less so for Kim Kardashian's daughters. The spoof was not entirely without irony - Kim recently defended her SKIMS collection claiming that it will help new mommies stay comfortable and supported.

Her spoof video parodying Kylie Jenner's Met Gala outfit

A spoof video of Nadia Sawalha's homemade outfit at the Met Gala is making the internet rounds. The actress‚ who often posts impressions of Kim Kardashian‚ penned the funny video in mockery of Jenner's infamous Met Gala outfit. The clip mocks Kylie's elaborate white dress and backwards baseball cap and features Sawalha in a homemade version of the famous designer's famous outfit. Fans were outraged when Kimmie Kardashian admitted that Kylie Jenner had a depressing look in her Met Gala outfit. Despite Kimmie's apparent intention to deceive her followers‚ Kylie Jenner actually came through on her promise to attend the Met Gala. In response‚ fans took to social media to react with anger and disappointment.

Her spoof recreation of Kylie Jenner's Met Gala outfit

In a playful way‚ the Loose Women star poked fun at Kylie Jenner's ridiculous Met Gala look and wedding dress. The actress shared a video of herself wearing an off-the-rack replica of Jenner's wedding dress. It's a fun way to poke fun at the supermodel's style and snarky comments. As a fan of the Kardashians‚ Nadia Sawalha parodied the model's dress in a recent Instagram post. She wore a homemade black bikini and pulled a smirk on her face and held a motorbike helmet. The caption also included a snarky remark about the model's scrunched-up face.