Nasa concludes moon rocket testing; fix launch date

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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NASA Astronauts on the Moon Dress Rehearsal

The first Nasa astronauts on the moon mission is less than a week away. Despite the long wait‚ we now know how the astronauts will land on the moon in the coming months. Nasa conducted a dress rehearsal of its Orion rocket in April‚ but there were some setbacks‚ including a hydrogen leak and a stuck valve. The upcoming dress rehearsal will fill the main stages with fuel and test the rocket's ground equipment and communications. If all goes well‚ the astronauts will launch into space in August on the Artemis 1 mission. The spacecraft will loop around the moon for 25 days‚ landing 62 miles from the surface.

CAPE CANAVERAL (Fla.) -- Nasa announced Thursday that it had completed testing of its massive moon rocket‚ and it will return to the launch site in late August. The space agency stated that the date of the first flight will be determined after the leak discovered during dress rehearsal has been fixed. Earlier this week‚. Nasa was the fueling agent for the space launch system's 30-story rocket for the first time‚ he continued with the critical countdown test even though there was a fuel leak. Technical issues prevented previous attempts from succeeding. The Orion crew capsule will not be able to climb atop rockets that take it to the moon. Astronauts will follow the initial flight in 2024 and loop around the moon twice more. A third mission‚ which would aim to place astronauts on the Moon no later than 2025 (more than half a century after NASA's Apollo moonshots)‚ will be undertaken. ___ Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Department of Science Education provides support to the Associated Press Health and Science Department. All content is the sole responsibility of the Associated Press.