NATO agrees to bolster eastern flank, increase aid to Ukraine

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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As the Russian military continues its campaign in Ukraine‚ NATO has agreed to beef up its presence in the region. The U.S. and the European Union have already increased their own military presence in the country‚ so Stoltenberg expects NATO leaders to make more contributions in the coming months. The extra assistance will likely include cybersecurity support and equipment to protect against biological‚ chemical‚ and radiological threats. In addition‚ the heads of state will speak on China's response to the war. They will call on China to honor its obligations as a U.N. Security Council member and stop allowing the conflict in Ukraine to escalate. The United States and European countries agreed to double the number of battlegroups in the eastern flank of the Alliance. The new deployments will include combat-ready troops to Central and Eastern Europe. Allies are expected to commit to a substantial increase in force levels in the region over the coming years. During the summit in Brussels‚ President Biden is scheduled to discuss the military build-up in Eastern Europe. At the summit‚ he is expected to reiterate his call for unlimited NATO aid. The new deployments will include advanced anti-tank air defence systems and drones‚ as well as monetary and humanitarian aid. Operational details of the new stance will be decided at the next NATO summit in Madrid in June. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed the group and asked for an unlimited amount of assistance. A few weeks ago‚ Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected Zelenskyy's offer to discuss the issue of neutral status with NATO. The NATO leaders have agreed to increase military aid to Ukraine to deter Russian invasions and to defend its members against chemical attacks. While the U.S. has said that it won't send troops to the region‚ Zelenskyy has stated that he needs more than just Western allies. It's an important step to show that the United States is committed to helping the region. The NATO summit will also agree to significantly bolster its troop presence in Ukraine's eastern flank. This means major increases in air‚ land‚ and sea. Since October‚ the U.S. and the EU have been sending thousands of troops to the east. The agreement was reached on October 24. The agreement will continue through the rest of this year. In the meantime‚ the U.S. and the European Union will continue to support the Ukrainian government and its people. The agreement between the two sides will ensure that Ukraine's military has the capacity to fend off any Russian attack.

nato agrees to bolster eastern flank increase aid ukraine
Image source : sabcnews

The deal will also help the country improve its defenses against any other military threat. The armed forces of the U.S. and the European Union will be deployed to the region to help keep the peace. Aside from the air defence systems‚ the NATO allies will be able to send warships and other heavy weapons to the region. The agreement also includes the military aid. While the U.S. will not send troops to Ukraine‚ the U.S. will continue to provide arms and equipment to the country. It will not take any further action to assist the Ukrainian government‚ but it will support the nation's democratic process and resolve the conflict. There are no plans to launch a military operation against Russia. However‚ it is possible to deploy troops to the region to protect the region. The alliance has also decided to bolster its eastern flank in a way that can prevent Russia from invading its member countries. In addition to this‚ the alliance will also provide assistance in the form of military equipment and personnel. Some NATO member countries are even considering sending troops to the country's borders. But the Ukrainian government will likely not be able to accept such a move. This will be a good sign for the European Union and its allies.