NBA Playoffs Grizzlies stun the Timberwolves in Game 3 104-95

Friday, April 22, 2022
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NBA Playoffs - Grizzlies Stun Timberwolves in Game 3 104 95

In Game 3‚ the Grizzlies have made a historic comeback after falling behind by 26 points. The Grizzlies' defense plays well and they attack Towns and Morant early and often. Game 4 will be in Minneapolis on Saturday. Below are the three key factors that helped the Grizzlies defeat the Timberwolves. Read on to see why the Grizzlies are now favored to win the series.

Grizzlies erase 26-point deficit

The Memphis Grizzlies have roared back to clinch the series against the Minnesota Timberwolves‚ beating the Wolves 104-95 in a Game 3 shootout. Although the Grizzlies were down by 26 points in the second quarter‚ they battled back to win the game 104-95. While this was the biggest comeback in NBA playoff history‚ Memphis still needs to play its best game in the series to advance to the next round. The Grizzlies have a reputation as cocky young teams‚ and the win against Minnesota's squad was no exception. They were down 12-0 at one point in the second quarter‚ sending early double-teams at Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns. However‚ they failed to account for the rest of Minnesota's attack‚ leading to a game-winning run by the Grizzlies. Towns was a big problem for the Wolves‚ as they struggled to play a clean game. They fouled him five times‚ and he spent most of the fourth quarter on the bench. Towns had only scored eight points in Game 3‚ and his defense was largely ineffective‚ causing him to commit four fouls. The Grizzlies had the upper hand in the rebounding game‚ but they couldn't finish the job. The Grizzlies are a deep team. Steven Adams has been key all season‚ but the Grizzlies have multiple options for his position. Xavier Tillman was key in Game 2‚ while Brandon Clarke was the best all-around player in Game 3.

Grizzlies attack Morant early and often

The Grizzlies will need to keep their center‚ Ja Morant‚ off the floor early and often to stop the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves started the game on an 12-0 run that allowed them to build an 18-point lead. In the second half‚ the Grizzlies cut it to six points‚ but they struggled to get the ball down the court and forced overtime. Ja Morant has been an excellent addition to the Grizzlies this season‚ averaging more than 20 points per game. Memphis is playing their best basketball of his career‚ with a top-four seed‚ and they are ready to advance further. On Saturday‚ they will host the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-104‚ but a Grizzlies win is possible. Memphis has a young and cocky lineup‚ and this is an ideal situation for Morant to get a few extra minutes. The Grizzlies' star can score in the lane‚ but it can be tough to protect him from his own teammates. After all‚ a healthy Morant can make up for the rest of a lost game with a hot hand in the paint. Despite the fact that Ja Morant struggled against the Timberwolves in the final three games‚ the Grizzlies offense became more efficient. With Morant out of the equation‚ the Grizzlies scored 112.1 points per 100 possessions‚ which is almost as many points as the Heat's 12th-ranked defense. The Grizzlies will need to do the same in Game 4 in Minnesota‚ as the Grizzlies won the largest comeback in NBA Playoff history. And if you want to follow the game‚ check out the Grizzlies on Twitter!

Grizzlies defense performs well

While Memphis has not been a good offensive team in recent years‚ the Grizzlies have been one of the league's best defenses. The team's margin of success has not been large enough to put them in the elite group of the Western Conference. But this game will be different. The Grizzlies' defense is going to be the key to this series. Here are a few things to keep in mind when watching Game 3: First‚ the Grizzlies have a lot of young talent. There are several big names who have emerged in recent years‚ including Tyson Chandler and Rudy Gay. However‚ the team's young players will not be able to compete with the superstars of the past. Memphis has to make sure that they can replace Morant with a proven veteran. The Grizzlies have the talent to do this‚ and it is not just about talent. Memphis' defense can limit Towns and Anthony Edwards. But Minnesota's bench depth can't match the Grizzlies. In Game 2‚ head coach Taylor Jenkins went with eight men. And this won't help the Wolves' chances of advancing to the conference finals. With that said‚ the Grizzlies are a good team. Just as they did in Game 2‚ they need to play well on defense to advance in the series. The Grizzlies' defensive effort has been consistent this season. After all‚ the Grizzlies are a small team. So‚ the Timberwolves must go big on the offensive end to counter them. They should use their bigs‚ such as Karl-Anthony Towns. But they need to play decisively and step through swarming double teams. They can also move Karl-Adams to the perimeter to help them defend Towns.

Grizzlies attack Towns

In the first round‚ the Grizzlies were without Ja Morant‚ and the Timberwolves were unable to take advantage of it. Despite playing without the X-Factor that he was‚ Ja Morant was still able to make high-percentage shots around the rim. While not as effective as in his younger years‚ the Michigan State product is a reliable free-throw shooter. He will be the primary playmaker for the Grizzlies‚ but that is not the only difference between this game and the next one. Memphis is a team that oozes energy and is ready to put up big numbers. While the Timberwolves look more comfortable playing the big stage against the Grizzlies‚ they do have their flaws. While they play well in stretches‚ they are too slow and too physical to defend the Grizzlies' star‚ Towns. Memphis also won 56 games this season‚ which is an advantage in the postseason. Despite his limited minutes‚ Towns has been a force on defense. He averaged 15.2 points per game against the Rockets in 2018‚ but that was largely due to the Rockets' small lineup. He has only played 24 minutes in this series‚ and his teammates are largely playing the role of centers‚ with Jarren Jackson Jr.‚ Brandon Clarke‚ and Xavier Tillman all contributing to the offense. The Grizzlies have plenty of depth. They started Steven Adams all year‚ but had multiple backups who can contribute in big moments. Xavier Tillman‚ a stout‚ was necessary in Game 2 to counteract the Thunder's foul trouble. And the Grizzlies' best all-around player was Brandon Clarke‚ who scored 20 points and grabbed eight rebounds in Game 3.

Grizzlies beat Timberwolves

The Memphis Grizzlies have won Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs‚ defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves 104-95. D'Angelo Russell led the Timberwolves with 22 points on 9-of-21 shooting. He also added eight rebounds. Patrick Beverley and Anthony Edwards each scored 19 points for Minnesota. Desmond Bane and Brandon Clarke each added 20 points. Karl Towns helped the Grizzlies' victory by tossing T-shirts into the crowd during the fourth quarter. Karl-Anthony Towns had an underwhelming performance in the third quarter. Despite foul trouble‚ the young star had no answers for the Timberwolves' attack. He finished with only eight points‚ five rebounds and five blocks in 33 minutes. Towns cut off a reporter when asked about low shots and referenced Kevin Garnett. The head coach of the Timberwolves said that the team needed to get Towns more shots. Memphis has come from a 26-point deficit to win the Game three against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Grizzlies outscored the Timberwolves 37-12 in the fourth quarter to earn a win. The victory gives the Grizzlies a 2-1 series lead. The Grizzlies will have the opportunity to clinch a playoff berth with a win against the Timberwolves in Game four on Saturday. It's not uncommon for teams that take the lead in the series to lose. In fact‚ in 2002‚ the Celtics came back from a 26-point deficit and won the game against the Nets‚ while the Clippers' 31-point turnaround against the Warriors ended in a defeat. Despite their struggles‚ the Timberwolves have a chance to win Game 4 and tie the series.