NBA scoring onslaught continues as Kyrie Irving erupts for Nets

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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After his dunk against the Charlotte Hornets‚ Kyrie Irving continued his onslaught against the Celtics on Tuesday‚ scoring 60 points in just 35 minutes to set a new franchise record. He finished the game 20 for 31 from the field‚ eight for twelve from beyond the arc‚ and 12-for-13 from the free throw line. He also added six rebounds and four assists to his score. The Nets swept the Knicks in New York last night‚ but Irving missed his game in Charlotte because of the pandemic. The Nets initially resisted the point guard due to cohesion reasons‚ but a recent health mandate forced them to move Irving to the sidelines. This left them with no choice but to sign three players on 10-day contracts to take his place. After falling to the Celtics in TD Garden on Sunday‚ Irving said he had to step up his game and show more energy.

nba scoring onslaught continues as kyrie irving erupts for nets
Image source : oltnewsco