New Heights and Old Grudges as Turkey Crowns Its Champion

Saturday, May 14, 2022
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New Heights and Old Grudges as Turkey Crowns Its Champion

Trabzonspor's Turkish Super League title‚ clashes with Fenerbahce and the turf at the two teams' Senol Gnes Stadium are just a few of the topics that are on everyone's mind following the tournament. We take a closer look at these topics and more in our article below. Also‚ find out how Trabzonspor came out on top after two weeks of bitter rivalry.

Trabzonspor's Turkish Super League title

For decades‚ Istanbul clubs have dominated local football‚ collectively winning more than 55 Turkish Super League titles. But‚ in 1975-1976‚ Trabzonspor took the title for the first time. That title capped a remarkable run of success for the small club. During this period‚ Trabzonspor were the top-tier club in Turkey‚ challenging Istanbul clubs seven times. Today‚ they sit proudly at the top of the table. The club's title is a remarkable achievement given its short history. In recent years‚ the club has suffered several key flash points. Fans can be notoriously irate‚ with some fans even locking club officials in the dressing room until 4am. In 2015‚ President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the release of the team officials. The incident led to a heated debate and a riot in Istanbul. Since its formation in 1967‚ Trabzonspor has finished second nine times. Its history of second-place finishes has depleted its following among younger fans. To entice young fans‚ the club has to win the championship to keep them interested. The club's captain‚ Ugurcan Cakir‚ and rising star goalkeeper Andreas Cornelius are embraced as heroes by the fans‚ including 34-year-old midfielder Marek Hamsik. It took 38 years for the team to win the Turkish league‚ but a 2-2 draw against Antalyaspor in Istanbul on Saturday secured the title. The result took the Istanbul club nine points clear of second-placed Fenerbahce. The victory triggered a wave of joy and celebration from Trabzonspor fans‚ who stormed the stadium pitch and filled the city streets in unison.

Trabzonspor's clashes with Fenerbahce

In the last few years‚ Istanbul giants Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor have been battling for the national soccer championship. The three teams have won 57 national titles between them‚ and there have been several instances of dangerous blood. Trabzonspor supporters have long considered themselves outsiders‚ and their matches against Istanbul rivals have been marked by crowd scuffles. The two clubs are now just nine points apart. While Trabzonspor are the defending champions‚ Fenerbahce have been on a losing streak this season and have changed manager several times. Trabzonspor have always been the better team‚ but the last couple of years have seen the turkish giants struggle. The clashes between the two teams this season have been some of the tightest games in the Super Lig. On Saturday‚ Trabzonspor took the lead by winning at Kayserispor and a 2-1 win against Fenerbahce at the Kasimpasa stadium. The win puts Fenerbahce within three points of table-top Besiktas. The two teams had previously clashed - Fenerbahce won the last encounter 1-0‚ while Trabzonspor lost 1-0 a season ago. While Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor are battling for the championship‚ they are chasing the same prize - the Turkish Super Lig title. While they have two games to play for the title‚ Trabzonspor's clashes with Fenerbahce are key points for both teams. They will play in Istanbul on Friday‚ while Galatasaray and Konyaspor will play at Vodafone Park. While the two clubs are competing for the championship‚ Fenerbahce is the only Turkish team to win European titles. In 2009 and 2010‚ Fenerbahce won the Turkish League‚ and a year later‚ they won the European championship for the first time in the club's history. Fenerbahce's history is impressive; they won the European championship on their first year and were crowned champion again in 2013.

Trabzonspor's siege mentality

Istanbul's Trabzonspor has celebrated its title for more than a week. Rallies‚ celebrations‚ and impromptu gatherings have been held around Istanbul to mark the title. Fans have travelled as far as Munich and London to celebrate the victory. In fact‚ the Turkish soccer federation has delivered the championship trophy to the club's home stadium in Trabzon. Trabzonspor fans have long considered themselves a separate community from the dominating Istanbul teams. Istanbul's three giants have won 57 of Turkey's national championships between them. There have been frequent bouts of bad blood among the fans of both Istanbul and Trabzon. But the team's recent success has fueled its siege mentality. They're now in contention for the championship again. The victory made Trabzonspor the Turkish champion for the first time since 1984. Thousands of Trabzonspor fans flooded the field before the final whistle sounded. After the game‚ the crowds erupted in a raucous celebration. Even the referee was hounded by the raucous crowd. A tense final in Istanbul saw many fans attack Trabzonspor's bus as it departed. The attacker managed to shoot through the bus' windshield‚ injuring the bus driver.

Trabzonspor's turf at the teams Senol Gnes Stadium damaged

The ground at the Trabzonspor stadium in Istanbul has been severely damaged following the latest match between the two sides. The team's official said the problem stemmed from the people who got onto the field during the last match. A video showed a woman‚ Shireen Abu Aqleh‚ dying in the incident. The incident was captured on video by Turkish television. The Medical Park Arena was built on artificial land in the west of the city. This stadium is 8 km west of the city centre and has a capacity of 40‚782 spectators. It was opened to the public on 18 December 2016‚ replacing the Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium. The stadium also has interactive monitors that show live streaming and advertising. There are also displays for players and information about their careers. Istanbul's three giants have dominated Turkish football for years‚ but this is no longer the case. The three teams have won 57 of Turkey's national titles between them. That said‚ the rivalry between Istanbul teams has sometimes boiled over and resulted in an ugly situation. This time‚ the clubs' officials locked the referee inside the stadium after a late penalty kick. It took Erdogan's intervention to free the referee. In the meantime‚ the Trabzonspor's new stadium is being built on land that had previously been reclaimed from the Black Sea. The stadium was designed by a German architecture firm‚ ASP Architekten‚ and the new Trabzonspor stadium will seat 42‚000 fans. Construction of the new stadium cost TL 230 million. In total‚ the new stadium will have a capacity of 42‚000 spectators.

Trabzonspor's tensions with Turkey

After 38 years‚ Trabzonspor won the Turkish championship on Sunday. But their fans aren't done celebrating. They're still upset that Istanbul clubs have long dominated Turkish soccer. Tensions have boiled over on more than one occasion. In one incident‚ Trabzonspor officials locked the referee inside the stadium after a late penalty kick. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stepped in to free the referee. Istanbul's three giants have combined to win 57 of the 66 national championships in Turkey. That means there's a lot of bad blood in the region. While Istanbul's teams are arguably the most dominant in the world‚ fans of Trabzon have always felt like they lived in a different neighborhood. As such‚ it's no surprise that the rivalry has been strained from time to time. The game has a raucous atmosphere. Fans of the Turkish champion team are wildly enthusiastic. The crowds at the game were raucous and violent. The fans at the stadium chanted 'Trabzon‚ Trabzon' in Turkish and chanted their chants at the final whistle. But the tensions between the two teams have continued despite the incident. The competition was particularly intense this season. Fenerbahce‚ which had been crowned champion in the 2010/11 season‚ was unable to challenge Trabzonspor and ended up winning the league on goal difference. As a result‚ Fenerbahce's match-fixing scandal has continued to loom over Turkish football. As a result‚ Trabzonspor is now the defending champion of the Turkish league.