New research shows that most children in child care facilities don't get enough exercise

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Benefits of Physical Activity Day Care Centers

During their preschool years‚ the majority of U.S. preschoolers spend a significant amount of time at physical activity day care centers. Outdoor play and other forms of physical activity are especially important for these young children‚ who are often deprived of active time at home. Daycares have several options to increase the amount of physical activity time for their young clients. Here are a few of them. Keep reading for more information about the benefits of physical activity daycare centers.

New research shows that 43% children in U.S. preschools did not meet the doctor's recommendations for adequate outdoor activity. This is in spite of a growing obesity epidemic. Day care centers are home to 60% preschool children in the United States. They provide approximately 30 hours of childcare per week‚ while parents work or go to school. These child care centers are the main source of physical activity for many kids. Researchers conducted the nation's first study on this kind. They observed 227 classrooms and 96 child-care centres‚ as well as 131 physical activity programs. Seventy-four percent of the participants met the national guidelines for adequate outdoor activities‚ while 50% adhered to the one hour physical activity guideline. Only 43% facilities met the standard. Research suggests that the weather or staff not participating in outdoor play could have contributed to the decrease in physical activity. Professor of Pediatrics Kristen Copeland was a committee member of American Association of Pediatrics. She helped create the guidelines for adequate physical activity. Copeland stated that children younger than six years should have opportunities to exercise regularly and at least two times a week‚ with the exception of those who are outdoors. Children should also be allowed to engage in physical activities for at least one hour every four hours that they spend with their caregivers. Experts believe that habits learned as a child set the tone for adulthood. Health outcomes later in life. Studies have shown that obesity rates and other obesity-related diseases such as diabetes‚ heart disease and hypertension are linked to insufficient physical activity. These health effects can impact everything‚ from academic performance and success in later life. Parents should consider the long-term health effects of choosing child care facilities that emphasize physical activity. Experts recommend that parents ask their child care provider about their daily exercise schedule. Make sure they have outdoor play areas and‚ if not‚ a designated area indoors for children to play in. Copeland stated that physical activity is essential for the development of the body and mind and] it is linked with healthy weight gain and better mood‚ attention‚ and improved learning outcomes and academic performance. Jelissa MoYin‚ an Internal Medicine resident at the University of California Riverside and contributing writer for the ABC News Medical Unit‚ is Dr. new research shows that most children in child care facilities don't get enough exercise originally appeared on goodmorningamericacom