Nicola Spurrier spared from giving evidence in COVID vaccine

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Nicola Spurrier Spared From Giving Evidence in COVID Case

The chief health officer of South Australia has been served with a disgrace after avoiding giving evidence in the COVID vaccine case. She was surrounded by police as she left the court and was hurled abuse by anti-vaxxers. One protestor even shouted an anti-gay slur at her. This article will explain why this was wrong and why Spurrier's actions are a disgrace.

Nicola Spurrier spared from giving evidence in COVID vaccine case

Professor Nicola Spurrier‚ South Australia's Chief Public Health Officer‚ has been surrounded by anti-vaccine protestors as she left the Adelaide Supreme Court yesterday. Anti-vaxxers shouted abuse and slurs at her and even filmed her leaving. South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas slammed the anti-vaccine protestors. Spurrier has been looking after the interests of the people of her state through this pandemic. COVID-19 is a virus that is caused by an infection. In Australia‚ there are currently 6‚091 new cases of the disease. In the latest reporting period‚ three people died of COVID-19. It's extremely contagious. COVID vaccine is the only proven preventative measure. While the current COVID vaccine is effective against the virus‚ it's not entirely effective. Grant Stevens‚ Police Commissioner and Emergency Coordinator‚ was ill. He was not expected to appear in court today and is unlikely to do so tomorrow. The two nurses who represent Spurrier in the case are represented by Simon Ower QC. According to Mr Ower‚ the challenge wasn't about the wisdom of the mandate but about the abuse of power. Commissioner Stevens abused his powers‚ he said.

Nicola Spurrier served her authorities with favoritism

Nicola Spurrier‚ the chief public health officer in South Australia‚ has been surrounded by protesters calling for the COVID vaccine mandate to be overturned. Despite the protesters' demands‚ she was spared from giving evidence to overturn the mandate. The South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas and Health Minister Chris Picton both condemned Spurrier's treatment‚ and stated that she had done an outstanding job protecting the interests of her countrymen and women. The decision to introduce the COVID vaccine was made under the guidance of the UK government‚ and spurned by the European Medicines Agency. Nicola Spurrier served her authorities with favouritism in the development of the vaccine. The result is that the population at large is a much lower risk for the disease. This is contrary to what the medical establishment claims.

Nicola Spurrier's actions are a disgrace

Anti-vaccine activists are attempting to intimidate the chief health officer of South Australia by threatening her with violence. Protesters gathered outside the courthouse and shouted shame at Professor Spurrier when she arrived for her court bid. Anti-vaxxers were pushing and shouting abuse at Professor Spurrier as she left the courthouse. One protester even shouted an anti-gay slur at her. The chief health officer was booed by the crowd when she left court‚ and a group of people holding a sign that said‚ Vaccines are not risk-free formed a path to the judge. There is no doubt the case is still moving forward‚ but it is disgraceful that Spurrier is now in jail. The court will hear arguments from both sides and decide if the case will proceed.

South Australia's chief health officer avoided giving evidence in COVID vaccine case

The South Australian chief health officer has pleaded not guilty to the charge of negligence and breach of a duty of confidence‚ but the judge rejected the application‚ saying Professor Spurrier's cross-examination would be conducted in utmost courtesy. The judge's reasons for her decision will be given later in the proceedings. The case against the chief health officer is not the first time a senior government official has resisted giving evidence‚ but it is certainly a precedent-setting case. The anti-vaccine mob in Adelaide gathered outside the court building‚ shouting shame and calling for Prof Spurrier to be prosecuted. However‚ the police guarded Professor Spurrier as she walked out of the court. Anti-vaccine protesters hurled abuse‚ shouted 'run' and even shouted an anti-gay slur at the health official. Ms Varnhagen lost her nursing jobs as a result of the mandate and now works as a casual labourer. She is not receiving nursing shifts‚ but has been a labourer since November 2021 because of her refusal to take the COVID vaccine. The Crows' response has been to shift her to an inactive list‚ and she has yet to be able to resume her nursing role. When COVID-19 is found in humans‚ quarantine is required. A person in quarantine must wait at least seven days before they can return to work. Those who have a medical exemption from the vaccination must follow ATAGI guidelines. If you are a child under 12 years of age‚ you can visit the SA Government website for more information about the vaccine. It's important to note that South Australia's chief health officer avoided giving evidence in the COVID vaccine case because she was afraid of the media's reaction.