North Korea's covid-19 suspect caseload reaches 2 Million

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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North Korea's Kim Jong-un Weeps at Hyon Chol-Hae's Funeral

The latest news out of North Korea is that Kim Jong-un attended the funeral of a senior official and helped carry the coffin. In a photo released by the state media‚ Kim Jong-un wept as he toured the mourning station for Hyon Chol-hae‚ a relative of Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-un also appeared to weep while visiting Hyon's funeral station‚ which is largely mask-free.

North Korea has reported that 2.24 million North Koreans have been sickened by fever since Thursday night. This is a significant increase from the last week‚ when North Korea was publicly acknowledged. Its first cases suspected of COVID-19. The North Korean state-run Korean Central News Agency does not refer to COVID-19 as it was in the past. This is likely due to the lack of diagnostic kits. South Korean analysts have observed the North closely over the past few decades. They believe that the North's daily tally may be inaccurate due to the lack of testing capability. Philo Kim‚ an associate professor at Seoul National Universitys Institute for Peace and Unification Studies said Thursday night that there is no evidence North Korea uses PCR tests kits to diagnose COVID-19 sufferers. MORE: North Korea's Kim is determined to maintain military power amid the COVID crisis North Korea is now completely isolated from the rest of the world since 2020's coronavirus pandemic. This was done to prevent the virus entering the country. Except for a handful of Chinese doctors‚ no international organisation has been allowed to access the country in order to determine its healthcare environment. Analysts predict that Pyongyang will remain akin to China's totalitarian pandemic approach‚ with more isolation and tight lockdowns. This leaves them little choice but to seek collective immunization. Most concerning is the possibility of so many deaths. This is something that Dr. Kim Singon from Korea Universitys College of Medicine‚ Seoul told ABC News Thursday night. Dr. Jihocha‚ the professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technologys Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy‚ Daejeon agreed. Cha said that it will take some time for herd immunity to be achieved either by vaccinations or COVID. He also stated on Thursday night ABC News that a conservative number would be around 200‚000 deaths. More: North Korea's new President for South Korea The World Health Organization's global vaccine-sharing program COVAX offered North Korea nearly 3‚000‚000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. It was made by Sinovac‚ a Chinese biopharmaceutical firm. North Korea was later given 250‚000 additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine‚ which Novavax (an American biotechnology company) developed. Pyongyang refused both of these offers‚ and instead kept its borders closed. Last week‚ south korean president yoon seuk-yeol he stated that he would provide COVID-19 vaccinations and other medical supplies for North Korea with the approval of the United States. Pyongyang‚ however‚ has not yet responded. Choi Gyubin (research fellow at Korea Institute for National Unification‚ Seoul) said that they don't want any aid workers coming in to monitor them. Foreigners should not be allowed to decide who receives the first vaccinations and in what areas. MORE: North Korea is still unvaccinated two years after pandemic. Experts in North Korea said that the country is most likely to adhere to its founder philosophy of self-reliance‚ although its leader may change. Kim Jong Un It is imperative that they make an important decision quickly. COVID-19 was a result of North Korea's huge military parade‚ which saw tens and thousands of people from all over the country attend. Kim had earlier this week reprimanded some officers who failed to manage the first phase of the epidemic professionally and successfully. Kim Jong Un should not be blamed for being late in dealing with this crisis‚ Kim Sook (executive director of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future‚ Seoul) said Thursday during a panel discussion held at California's Stanford University. Kim Jong Un placed a poor bet -- very poorly‚ according to Siegfried Hecker who is a well-known expert on North Korea's nuclear program and currently works with Stanford University. Experts believe that the current state of North Korea's health‚ in which the majority suffers from malnutrition and there are almost no vaccines available‚ could have dangerous repercussions on its regime. Cha stated that North Korea is facing a rise in pandemic patients despite being forced into isolation for two years. They won't have the ability to stop most of their people from contracting COVID-19 even though they make additional lockdowns. This report was contributed by Hyerim Lee and ABC News Eunseo Na. north korea's covid-19 suspect caseload exceeds 2000000 originally appeared on abcnewsgocom