Officials warn that distracted putin could lead to a new bloodbath

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Erdogan Threatens War in Syria If NATO Summit Does Not Reach Agreement

The upcoming NATO summit in Madrid will mark a pivotal moment for Erdogan. He wants meetings with world leaders and photo-ops to bolster his image at home. In the event that the summit fails to reach an agreement‚ Erdogan could offer an ultimatum in Spain or a war in Syria in exchange for the lifting of defence sanctions. But Turkish Officials say they will not change their stance until all terrorist organizations are shut down or until the government of Turkey and Russia sign a binding treaty.

Photo illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty ISTANBUL--Russian distraction about the. War in ukraine according to Syrian opposition officials‚ the decrease in military presence has resulted in a reduction of its presence in certain areas which may be subject to a Turkish attack. Officials‚ including those in the opposition Syrian National Army(SNA)‚ stated that Moscow had withdrawn from many areas of northwestern Russia. Syria Near the Turkish border is Tal Rifaat where Ankara stated it will carry out a military action to defeat the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units. (YPG)‚ Turkey regards as a terrorist organization. According to Yusuf Hammoud (an officer and ex-spokesperson for the SNA)‚ the SNA is a coalition made up of rebel groups that are backed by Turkey. Hammoud is located in northeastern Afrin in Syria and said that Russia has reduced its presence around Aleppo‚ Tal Rifaat‚ and other areas. Hammoud stated that it will be easier for Turkey win the war. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He stated that the country would conduct a military operation near the Turkish border in northern cities Tal Rifaat‚ Manbij and Manbij to establish a zone of safety for 1 million Syrian refugees. « Pain in the Neck »: NATO's Most Worried Member Revealed Tensions have been increasing between Syrian refugees in Turkey and Turkish locals. This has put domestic pressure on Erdogan‚ who is experiencing a decline in popularity amid an economic crisis that comes a year ahead of the next national elections. These areas could be taken by NATO members Turkey or Russia-allied groups. A conflict may be fought with several armies‚ but an incursion can also cause heavy humanitarian damage‚ resulting in the displacement or death of those who've been through eleven years of civil war in Syria. The syrian observatory for human rights according to reports‚ the 2019 Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces of the northeast resulted in more than 150‚000 people being displaced. Erdogan did not specify when the offensive would begin. As I say every night‚ they will be thrown to the ground one day. According to t‚ at the end May the Turkish President stated that we had to. Ankara claims that the YPG has supported the U.S. against ISIS and is an offshoot from the Kurdistan Workers Party. This group has been fighting a long-running insurgency within Turkey for decades‚ resulting in tens to thousands of deaths. Turkey‚ the U.S.‚ and the EU regard the PKK as a terrorist organisation. Ankara was responsible for four incursions in Syria previously‚ one of which was against the YPG. Turkey's presence has placed Ankara in conflict with both its NATO allies as well as powerful rivals‚ such Putin and Russia‚ which back Bashar al-Assad. During the Victory Day Parade in Syria's northern city Aleppo‚ May 9th 2022‚ a Russian soldier was awarded the medal Participant in Military Operations In Syria. During the Victory Day Parade in Syria's northern city Aleppo‚ May 9th 2022‚ a Russian soldier was awarded the medal Participant in Military Operations In Syria. Erdogan continues to support rebel groups but he must also placate Russia's competing interests. Russia is a nuclear power nearby and provides vital energy and tourism for Turkey. Moscow imposed economic sanctions against Turkey after it downed a fighter plane in 2015. Ankara claimed that the aircraft had violated its airspace. Russia later said Erdogan had apologised for the incident. The Kremlin could now accept a Turkish invasion in areas that it and its allies control. This would be a signal of Russia's weakness and its inability to enforce its interests and those of its allies against countries with lesser geopolitical and military weight. The Daily Beast asked the Turkish government for comments on this possible operation but they did not reply. Ned Price‚ spokesperson for the U.S. State Department‚ expressed concerns about the operation. He stated that it could undermine regional stability and place US troops in danger. Moscow's Syria Envoy said that Russia tried to persuade Turkey to halt the military operation. Russia's state news agency Tass reported. However‚ Kerim Has‚ a Moscow-based analyst who studies Turkish-Russian relations said Russia might give Turkey permission to start an offensive‚ in spite of its public statements. Has said that if Turkey or other groups backs Tal Rifaat's control‚ it could result in an attempt to seize Aleppo controlled by Russia's ally‚ Assad. Has feels that Russia's aggression in Ukraine has made Moscow dependent more on Ankara. Ankara is a NATO member who hasn't imposed sanctions against Russia‚ and could be a good option for the Kremlin by delaying NATO membership for Sweden or Finland. Has stated that Mr. Edrdgan is now more confident in Russia than he was four months ago. He said that Russia wanted Erdogan to win this election and Moscow might allow an incursion to increase the popularity of Erdogan among his nationist base. Hammoud with the SNA stated that Iranian forces are taking control of some areas where the Russians had withdrawn. Ahmad Misto is a northwestern Syrian civil leader with a brigade of the SNA. He stated that Iranian forces had taken control over areas in Aleppo and Idlib‚ where Russia has since withdrawn. Misto stated that while the Russians retain political control over [Syrian]'s regime‚ the Iranians hold it militarily on the frontlines. He said that Russian forces pulled back about one to one and a half months following Moscow's invasion. Mohammad Ismail (a leading leader in the Kurdish National Council based in Qamishli northeastern Syria) said that the increasing presence of Iranian forces would give Turkey more reason to launch an offensive. Some areas have seen a Russian withdrawal‚ but it was quickly filled with Iranian troops. He said that if Iran increases their influence then Turkey must also get in. Turkey and Iran have been longtime adversaries. They fight for regional influence and take opposing sides when it comes to Syria‚ where Tehran supports President Bashar al-Assad. Putin's Bloody Past is Back with a Vengeance: The Ghosts of Putin Are Coming Back Ismail said that Russia was less present than a month back‚ in particular in the Tal Rifaat area‚ which is to the west of Euphrates. Erdogan soon announced that the military operation in Tal Rifaat would take place along with Manbij. Ismail thinks Kurdish forces will hand territory over to the Syrian regime in exchange for protection from a Turkish invasion. If Ankara makes an incursion‚ the Syrian Democratic Forces may work with Damascus. Ankara could use this as a motivation to launch an operation‚ since civilians who fear Assad may move towards the border. This could lead to additional refugees in Turkey. Ismail said that civilians in Syria are also afraid of Turkey and its allies. A UN expert on war crimes stated in 2020 that the SNA could have committed war crimes torture and looting in northern Syria. Ismail said that there is no clear war. All ground matters will be decided by international forces. Read more at The Daily Beast. Receive the Daily Beast's most shocking scoops right in your email. Register now Keep up-to-date and have unlimited access to Daily Beasts' unrivaled reporting. Sign up now