Oli McBurnie is asked to attend a meeting with Nottinghamshire

Friday, May 20, 2022
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Oli McBurnie to Attend a Meeting With Nottinghamshire Police

After being accused of stamping on a Nottingham Forest fan‚ Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie has been told to appear at a meeting with Nottinghamshire police. The player denies the charge and has since turned himself in to police. However‚ he claims his actions were filmed and taken out of context. It is unknown if McBurnie will attend the meeting or not.

Sheffield United's Oli McBurnie accused of stamping on a Nottingham Forest fan

The footage of Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie allegedly stamping on a Nottingham Forest supporter has gone viral after the Championship play-off match in Leeds on Wednesday. The Scotland international was pictured appearing to stamp on the fan in question after the Forest fan attempted to shove United's Rhian Brewster. Afterwards‚ a chaotic fracas erupted‚ and both parties fell to the ground. The incident is under investigation by the Football Association and the police. After the match‚ fans of both teams poured onto the pitch and the Blades captain Billy Sharp was attacked. The man‚ who was not identified‚ was later arrested by Nottinghamshire Police. After the game‚ police arrested the man‚ who had previously headbutted Nottingham Forest's Billy Sharp. It is unclear if the fan was the culprit or not‚ but McBurnie appeared to be chasing the fan. He then retreated back to his teammate‚ who had spotted him. A video has emerged of Sheffield United's Oli McBurnie allegedly stamping on a Forest supporter. The incident happened during the Championship play-off semi-final between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United. Police are now investigating the video and the incident. Sheffield United declined to comment. They are still investigating whether or not it was a case of deliberate assault. If it is‚ the incident has to be dealt with quickly.

Sheffield United striker denies stamping on fan

In a video circulating online‚ Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie appears to stamp on a Nottingham Forest supporter and denies any wrongdoing. The footage has prompted the police to launch an investigation into the incident. A source at the club said McBurnie acted in self defence. However‚ Sheffield United have yet to comment on the incident. A club spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. On Twitter‚ the Scotland international denied stamping on a Nottingham Forest supporter. He also appeared to step over the fan. The fan is pictured on the video gradually returning to his feet at the end of the clip. The Football Association has also launched an investigation into the incident‚ which appears to show Oli McBurnie stepping on a Nottingham Forest fan. If McBurnie fails to attend the police meeting‚ he will be arrested. A video emerged of Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie seemingly stamping on a Nottingham Forest supporter in the City Ground. Sheffield United lost the Championship play-off semi-final to Huddersfield on penalties after a shootout. McBurnie was fined PS 29‚000 after a DUI and was also filmed headbutting a fan. After a penalty shootout win‚ the Blades' fans flooded the pitch.

McBurnie turns himself into police after headbutting striker

After being sent to prison for a year and a half for a violent incident with a Nottingham Forest supporter‚ Sheffield United's Oli McBurnie has turned himself in to the police. The video has gone viral and McBurnie has been charged with a public order offence. He was banned from the road for 16 months in 2020 and handed a warning by the FA. The incident took place at the away end of a match against Swansea City in the South Wales derby. In March‚ a video of the headbutting was circulated on social media. The video of the incident was taken on March 31‚ and a few days later‚ McBurnie turned himself in to the police. The video was then posted on Instagram and McBurnie has since sent a message to the victim accusing him of being a After the match‚ Nottingham Forest's supporters invaded the pitch‚ with footage showing the striker stepping on one of them. Nottingham police have now asked McBurnie to clarify the incident. However‚ he has denied that he was stomping on the fan‚ and says that he was only trying to step over him. Police have banned the fan for ten years‚ but the Sheffield United player has not replied to these allegations directly.

McBurnie protests innocence after fan claims video is taken out of context

Despite being accused of stamping on a Nottingham Forest fan‚ Sheffield United midfielder Oli McBurnie is adamant of his innocence. The 24-second video appears to show McBurnie stepping on the fan's foot while wearing his club tracksuit top and bottoms. In a tweet to Sky Sports News‚ McBurnie claims he was simply trying to step over the fan and he has been fined PS30‚000. In a ring with Sky Sports‚ the striker apologised for his remarks‚ claiming that the incident had been 'taken out of context' and was simply having a joke. Scotland coach Steve Clarke said he would look into the matter and if he could‚ the striker would be available to play in the Nation's League. The Scotland captain has been struggling for first-team action‚ but McBurnie‚ who has made just nine Scotland appearances so far‚ has impressed in club football. Oli McBurnie had some experience with videotaping. In the past‚ a Sheffield United media team filmed him in a dressing room and posted the video online without any context. McBurnie appeared to criticise the Scottish international set-up‚ but he was speaking in an English accent. He also apologised for the 'inaccuracy' of his tweet.

Biggs charged with assault

After a shocking incident in which he allegedly stamped on a Nottingham Forest fan‚ striker Oli McBurnie is set to face police. He will likely be arrested if he refuses to attend a meeting with police. However‚ it is far from the first time a Scottish international has been involved in such an incident. After a similar incident‚ the Scottish international was recently convicted of head-butting Manchester United captain Billy Sharp. It comes after an angry video of Oli McBurnie‚ who allegedly stamped a Nottingham Forest fan. The incident was captured by a Sky Sports camera. The video shows the striker head-butting a supporter on the ground‚ and a jubilant home fan rushed onto the pitch to celebrate. However‚ after the game‚ the video showed another shocking incident‚ where a Forest fan was head-butted by a Forest supporter. This resulted in the former Forest player being jailed for 24 weeks and banned from football for 10 years. According to the report‚ the incident took place on Sunday evening‚ when a Nottingham Forest fan head-butted Sheffield's Billy Sharp. The incident was captured on camera by a Nottingham Forest fan‚ Robert Biggs‚ who is a 30 year old electrical engineer from Church View‚ Ilkeston. Afterwards‚ McBurnie replied by using an emoji of a hundred‚ which means '100'. This has caused outrage on social media‚ and Nottinghamshire Police have been alerted to the video.

McBurnie endorses tweet with '100' emoji

A fan alleged Oli McBurnie had stamped on him‚ but the star denied the allegations and claimed he had stepped over him. He also issued an emoji with a '100' sign to endorse the tweet. Following the incident‚ he has been invited to the polis to discuss his case. But what exactly did he mean by the '100' emoji? The emoji is often used to mean '100%' on social media. The Sheffield United star‚ 25‚ was accused of stamping on a Nottingham Forest fan after a match against Nottingham Forest on Thursday. Sky Sports News and the Football Association were made aware of the footage and contacted various sources to confirm if the player was involved. McBurnie was subsequently suspended for the incident. The Sheffield United striker has denied stamping on a Nottingham Forest supporter. The incident occurred on the pitch of the City Ground after Forest had won on penalties. Forest fans had invaded the pitch after the game and had been celebrating. However‚ footage captured by Sky Sports showed another fan headbutting a Blades fan. The player denied the attack and has since been suspended by the Football Association.