On Jan. 6, Sen. Ron Johnson wanted to deliver fake electors votes directly to Mike Pence. Texts reveal

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Ron Johnson and Mike Pence Submitted False Presidential Electors

On Jan. 6‚ 2021‚ Johnson's aide texted Pence staffer Chris Hodgson asking to send him an alternate slate of electors. Hodgson said don't give him that. Johnson's staff may have broken the law if they submitted false electors to Pence. After all‚ overturning a legitimate election would be a violation of the law.

WASHINGTON -- Minutes before Congress set to start certification of Joe Biden's win on January 6‚ 2021 by Congress‚ an aide was present. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson spoke to former Vice President Mike Pences' staff Johnson was willing to deliver to Pence votes from Republicans of Wisconsin and Michigan‚ who were pretending to be Donald Trump's presidential electors. According to testimony presented by Tuesday's House select committee‚ Johnson must hand something to VPOTUS. It is what? Hodgson‚ a former legislative affairs director for Pence‚ replied. Riley sent Riley back an alternate slate of electors in MI and WI‚ as Riley didn't get them. Hodgson told Riley then: Don't give it to him. Descriptions of threats by election workers: a spotlight will be placed on the two election workers that faced trump and his aides at the jan 6 hearing Jan. 6 hearing takeaways: false claims by trump led to threats which turned people's lives around This exchange gives us a glimpse at Trump's involvement in the Oshkosh Republican campaign to block certification of 2020 elections. It was a campaign to reverse the results of the 2016 election that was fueled by Trumps fraudulent claims of election fraud‚ which triggered an uprising at the U.S. Capitol. Tuesday's evidence Once again‚ it was clear that Wisconsin‚ one of the seven states Biden won when groups of Republicans assembled as fake presidential electors‚ was the centre of attempts to reverse the election. Johnson‚ through a spokesperson‚ stated that he didn't try to reach out to Pence. He said that this is an entirely non-story.

Johnson claims that he was unaware of the situation.

In a separate interview.

Johnson stated that he didn't know about Pences team contact at his office. It was staff-to-staff communication... Someone delivered it to our office‚ and Johnson asked Johnson to give it to him. An alternate slate was not something I participated in. This was not something I knew. My chief of staff was right to contact the vice-presidents' staff. He added. We didn't give it because they didn't want it. Johnson answered the question‚ "Why did his office offer the envelope to Pences without first checking it?". Johnson said that his team had offered it again to Vice President and the vice presidency declined. Someone from the House or a staff intern said that Johnson needs it.

Outside the Capitol. I was not involved. They didn't tell me what I heard. Alexa Henning was a Johnson spokeswoman. She claimed Johnson did not participate in creating an alternative slate of electors‚ and that she had no prior knowledge of the fact it would be delivered to her office. It was an exchange of staff between the two.

. The Vice President's Office was contacted by his new Chief of Staff. We did not receive it from the Vice President's Office. No further actions were taken. That was the end of it. After U.S. Senator Ron Johnson's final words at the 2022 state Republican Party convention‚ Middleton on Saturday May 21st 2022‚ a supporter raised his fist. This year's convention is all about Fighting for Freedom. Johnson had planned to continue his effort to defeat Wisconsin's voters on Jan. 6‚ but he changed his mind after the U.S. Capitol was attacked by a mob with the same goals. After a one-year stint with Trump‚ Riley began working at Johnson's headquarters in 2015. He was promoted to chief of staff in January 2021. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reached out to Riley for an interview but he did not reply. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) stated that her Republican counterparts' actions were direct support for Trumps plot to overturn Wisconsin's will.

Ron Johnson on Jan. 6

Johnson was reported to have been in the hospital two days prior to the attack on Jan. 6‚ 2021. A group of GOP senators attended the meeting. Mike Lindell‚ chief executive of MyPillow. This included claims of electoral fraud. Johnson had planned to object on the floor to Wisconsin's elected officials before the certification vote. Johnson signed on to the Arizona formal objection vote‚ which was held before the attack. He then voted for the Arizona slate‚ following the insurrection. Johnson met later in 2021 with Wisconsin lawmakers at the State Capitol. Discuss the possibility of the Legislature taking control of federal and presidential elections Dismantling and reorganizing the State Elections Commission. Johnson met with GOP legislator leaders privately in the Capitol of the State in November. This was just weeks before Johnson launched his reelection campaign. The meeting came as Johnson's Republican base demanded more attention to the 2020 election. Evidence and testimony presented Tuesday suggested that state GOP officials weren't fully informed about the motives of this scheme to persuade Congress to approve a fake slate of presidential electors. Andrew Hitt (ex-chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin)‚ submitted paperwork to claim to be Trump elector.

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He told the Jan.6 committee that he would only agree to this if the paper was used to challenge the outcome of the Trump legal challenges. These would not count if there was a ruling in our favor. That would be using our electors. Hitt stated Tuesday that our electors would have been used in ways we were not told and that we would not have supported. Also Tuesday‚ a text message sent by Mark Jefferson‚ the state GOP executive director indicated that Trump's campaign wanted to have his voter paperwork flown from Washington D.C. The Trump-obsessed idiots are looking for someone to take original voter papers to the Senate President. Jefferson said that they would call Jefferson to find out what is really going on.

Democrats respond to Johnson's involvement

Democrats immediately reacted to the revelations that Johnson tried to deliver Trump another term by assisting with his election. Ron Johnson was actively trying to subvert this democracy. He tried to give Mike Pence a list of fake voters‚ Mandela Barnes (Wisconsin's lieutenant governor‚ and leading Democratic candidate for Johnsons Senate Seat)‚ literally.

. Barnes sent in a letter requesting that he resign.

. Alex Lasry and Tom Nelson‚ both Democratic Senate candidates‚ similarly criticised Johnson. Trump and MAGA allies organized‚ funded‚ and paid for a conspiracy to reverse an election that they had lost.

. Ron Johnson tried to bring it to DC with a silver platter. Godlewski stated in a statement that Ron Johnson poses a danger to democracy and cannot continue to serve in the United States Senate. Nelson recommended that the Department of Justice further investigate Johnson's role. Johnson shouldn't just resign but be put under oath. All signs indicate that Johnson committed a crime which the U.S. Department of Justice has an obligation to investigate. He said. Lawrence Andrea or Molly Beck can be reached [email protected] and [email protected] Original publication: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel january 6 hearing: Ron Johnson wanted pence to receive fake electors