Oracle's ellison joins the nov 2020 call concerning contesting defeat of trumps

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Named Among Callers Against Trump's True the Vote Campaign

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was named among the callers in a recent lawsuit against the nonprofit organization True the Vote‚ which has ties to the Donald Trump campaign. The lawsuit‚ filed in late 2020‚ was filed by Fair Fight Inc.‚ a political action committee headed by Stacey Abrams and former Democratic presidential candidate Jay Sekulow. While it's unclear if Ellison was among the callers‚ the email claims that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was included in the list.

By Jan Wolfe WASHINGTON‚ (Reuters) – Larry Ellison was a billionaire chairman of Oracle Corp and co-founder. The call was focused on strategies to defeat former President Donald Trump‚ according an email that was revealed by a court filing. First reported by The Washington Post on Nov. 14‚ 2020‚ the phone conversation was the first time that a leader in the technology industry joined Trump allies to plan how they would contest the election results. Catherine Engelbrecht (a conservative activist) sent an email on Nov. 14‚ 2020 that described the phone call. Fair Fight Inc submitted a court file this week revealing Engelbrecht's email. Fair Fight Inc was founded in 2018 and is run by Stacey Abrams‚ a voting rights activist who also happens to be a politician in the Democratic Party. Fair Fight sued Engelbrecht's conservative voter-monitoring group True The Vote in late 2020. The lawsuit remains pending. Engelbrechts email states that Ellison was joined by Senator Lindsey Graham‚ Jay Sekulow (longtime Trump legal advisor)‚ and other Trump allies. A spokeswoman for Oracle did not respond immediately to our request for comment. Ellison was one of the few technology leaders to support Trump in open support during his 2020 campaign. According to The Desert Sun‚ he held a fundraiser at Rancho Mirage in California for Trump's former President. Ellison has recently pledged $1 billion to finance his friend Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter Inc. The final deal for Musk's $44 billion purchase of the social media company is not yet known. Reporting by Jan Wolfe‚ editing by Andy Sullivan & David Gregorio