Orsk landing ship Ukrainians claim to have destroyed large Russian

Friday, March 25, 2022
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Video footage shows a burning ship in the port of Berdyansk‚ the Russian-occupied territory in the Sea of Azov. Amateur video footage shows a plume of smoke rising from the dock‚ as well as a big explosion‚ but it is unclear if the Orsk was one of the ships. Neither Russia nor Ukraine have confirmed or denied the reports. According to the news reports‚ the Ukrainian navy incorrectly identified the ship as Orsk‚ a large Russian vessel part of the Black Sea Fleet. Images shared by the Ukrainian navy showed the alleged occupier ship before it exploded‚ and fires that were visible in the footage. The following day‚ Ukraine's general staff of armed forces said that the 370-foot tank carrier was destroyed. In a follow-up Facebook post‚ it was clarified that the two ships were completely destroyed. The incident occurred about a month ago‚ and is still ongoing‚ although the conflict has now reached its one month mark. The latest news report also noted that the armed forces of the Ukraine have seized Berdyansk. Earlier‚ in July‚ the Russian military launched an amphibious assault on the city. In the same month‚ the armed forces of Ukraine have taken Mariupol‚ but they are still in control of it. The destruction of the Orsk could have dire implications for Russia's amphibious capabilities in the region. The Dardanelles have been closed to prevent warships from entering the Black Sea. This means that the Orsk may have been the main target of the Russian forces in the area. In fact‚ it is possible that the fire could have spread to the other ships‚ an ammunition depot‚ and a fuel terminal. Meanwhile‚ the situation in Mariupol remains dire‚ with Russian troops blocking the evacuation of 100‚000 civilians. The Orsk was a large Russian landing ship in the Berdyansk port. The Russians had occupied the port of Berdiansk‚ which had several Russian warships. The explosions after dawn were so powerful that videos of the fires in the dockside were widely shared on social media. Reuters could not verify the footage‚ but the blast was loud enough to be heard throughout the city. The Orsk is the largest Russian amphibious ship. It can carry about 400 troops and 20 tanks. The fire later spread to other vessels‚ an ammunition depot‚ and a fuel terminal. The situation in Mariupol remains grave‚ as Russian troops have blocked attempts to evacuate about 100‚000 civilians. The Ukraine government is calling for international assistance to stop the violence in the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian navy claimed to have sunk the Orsk on February 27‚ which served as a key landing site for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

orsk landing ship ukrainians claim to have destroyed large russian
Image source : cdncnnco

In response‚ the 'Orsk' was one of two Alligator-class landing ships operated by the Russian Navy. It can carry between 300-400 troops and up to 20 tanks and armored vehicles. In the meantime‚ the situation in Mariupol remains dire. A video of the Orsk landing ship being destroyed was published by Russian state-owned media. The footage was shot at the port of Berdyansk. The video did not show the Orsk itself‚ but did show the two other boats docked at the port. The Ukrainians have also claimed to have captured the Orsk on film. They say it was a successful operation. The 'Orsk' is a large Russian ship. Its destruction is being reported by the Ukrainian military. Its crew claimed to have shot and captured the 'Oregon'. In addition to the Orsk‚ the 'Orsk is also destroying two other ships in the area. The United States has concluded that the attack was a success. In the end‚ the Orsk was destroyed in the Russian-occupied areas of the Ukraine.